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Bauerle with Dave DiPietro Hour 2

Jan 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- In 1942 there are a 1101000. Japanese American citizens in good standing law abiding people. Who were thrown into internment camps simply because their parents were born in the wrong country that's all they did wrong had no right to a lawyer. A right to a fair trial a right to a jury of their peers no right to due process of any kind. The only right they had right this way. Into the internment camps just -- these American citizens needed their rights the most they're government. Took them away. And rights -- rights of someone can take -- away their privileges that's all we've ever had in this country is a bill of temporary. Privileges and if you read the New Zealand badly you know that every year let's get shorter and shorter and shorter. The great George Carlin and finally got to bet on my FaceBook page as well. Before I take calls -- also promised to let you know what's going on in traffic as far as via. Major accident happening. And I've got to 33 to Kensington westbound. Heading into buffalo on the 33 there's an accident past -- The right lane is closed at last word. Also the ramp that will take you from the 29 the west to the 19 -- cell. The left lane is closed on that -- And that would be like you know if you're heading on the eight to ninety west and you've got the cemetery in the old church up on your left then. -- your -- -- passed prettiest -- is -- -- if you know that I would need to go into but you're you're heading into your head in toward either Grand Island or downtown buffalo if you take one mighty self and you're gonna go past the Dunlop plant that Winamp that will take you from the united to -- 190. The left lane is closed. And please use your winter driving skills as it is that this slippery and it's not on the doorknob snow. This morning. As promised what we take some calls for. Assemblyman David DiPietro. Who is as angry as I am. About what is happening to our rights in particular our Second Amendment Rights but folks when you have a governor. When you have a governor who is willing to propose. That the police. Can come into your hole without a war based on probable cause. If one of your neighbors. Or perhaps eight jilted ex girlfriend or boyfriend says. You have a gun you shouldn't have. They could declare you an imminent threat to public safety. And use the execute circumstances document to circumvent the need for a war based upon probable cause signed by a judge that is some scary crap folks. The injuries were so much calls. It all right let's go to drew right now who is in buffalo hi drew you're on WB Ian. I'm obviously pokes are getting very bad. And -- they should be it's that this stuff it is in fact true. But in general and we say. You know -- -- says sexuality and second source. And I haven't heard from our mister DiPietro referred to any. I think documents or and it politicians that are put their names are these ideas what it looked at what issues. What is his back -- how do we know that. I'm actually he just keeps saying they didn't want to take done without without a warrant -- extra -- of compass. Aren't and I thank you for the call -- but you're pretty clear when you said Governor Cuomo but I may be on drugs David. Yeah I would I'll tell you straight up time personally talked to a promised anonymity. That person would get stripped the ball privileges. Of everything in their conference if if if if anything was put out I literally could not hold the document. It was just social community able to read it. Because they were pretty upset with that but they again. They were not allowed to it -- to draft they had couldn't go anywhere it was very. It was very it was only like two pages because it was just outlined. That they had been given that discussed so they were talking points to discuss. On the original bill this is what they would like to put in the bill. And and that was that was the templates and. When you say today you're talking about governor Cuomo's office gave these talking points to the Democrat leadership in Albany. Yes there was -- the map toward toward. I don't know how to say a tour like mammals in the order. Talking points on what what they originally again when they got together. This was original if you remember you or -- on when he told you there was a lot of stock put in that bill originally which he got taken out. Once they got to see that -- have been watered down. Once that the Republican senate -- and actually see the beginning -- -- been watered down. Well and by the way the the confiscation. That was in the national news and I don't know exactly what kind of journalism the caller wants -- to referenced by the there were articles referencing. Andrew Cuomo and confiscation of guns all you have to do -- look it up on the Internet you'll find all the sources you want on that moreover the proof is in the pudding. What just passed and how much of that step is at this -- the next step would be like. -- time just. The listener can just listen to you to go to YouTube and listen to some of the democrats' speeches on the floor and remind you. That they were told by Shelly silver. Because they wanted to believe that they didn't wanna get into a twelve or 24 hours straight to date to sit on their hands they had the votes so don't don't. Engage in debate but you want to cuddle up and and talk about. The what they loved about this new go to law just YouTube but we shall -- yourself this is not this is not a secret this is not something that. That that's a conspiracy that develop there in the senate. All right let's take more calls take Chris and Joseph just you know I cannot see the name of the person on line five for some reason the computers said it didn't like that name. So your member who that might have been. Jeff are let's go to Jeff online five next in line and Jeff you're a WB and with assemblyman Dave DiPietro staunch defender of the Second Amendment. I'm not holding my breath for anything to be repealed might do or BK is a patient. Well what it -- they began the process -- -- BCC. From New York State. There's precedent or that they asked -- Why can't we get them all separate upstate New York. -- New York City Albany. -- Virginia West Virginia are -- I can answer that Tom. You won't that won't happen in New York State we -- looked into a little bit and it looked into years past the best thing we can hope for. Seriously which which would have maybe the same effect. Is home rule. Give each county the whole rule law. That way when the state like. State passes a law we have the option of opting out of that. To say no you know what we don't wanna -- and abide by that law will go moral weight pulled rule is part world have to go to -- from the state. Okay battle that's gonna work. Dave what -- my missing every lawmaker has to swear an oath that they will uphold the constitution of the United States last I checked. The second and Fourth Amendment were big parts of the constitution of the United States what part of all don't they understand. Well I'll give you another 12 count you know when you when you -- -- world. That the going to be able to says so help you god. Okay you have the option when I came up here couple weeks ago. Are they say OK you have the option if you want to judge to say that or not you can have that taken out a number of my. Well people appear to have that taken out but you know so what did you say so help you you'd swear the -- this result you've got they take that. Well that's that's a personal decision of conscience I cannot argue with somebody spiritual views I think that is a question that has to be resolved the Monday somebody. That's an individual choice I mean if we want freedom we have to extend freedom to those who don't believe. To understand. It I didn't take it out I firmly believe what. And I wouldn't be so it's like I would ban anybody from saying but I also wouldn't say somebody shouldn't say it I mean it's it's -- is that your your faith your religion your soul at the personal matter to. I mean there's FYI. Sixteen minutes after ten news radio 9:30 AM seven point seven FM WBE and we're talking with -- assemblyman Dave DiPietro. And you're calls I'm talking with -- now for over an hour he's he's he's witness for his long pants and this is. This you know folks that like people. The station's port here but these shows were doing right now I happen to think are some of the most important radio shows I have ever done. In thirty years doing this for a living. Because what I see happening is almost like I was placed here for this very reason so I can tell you guys look at -- into what I was reading. When you're outspoken wheat and have a good time I can tap into might geeky past and try to relate the past two events happening in the present. And folks freedom. Is not something that just automatically -- do you as a birthright you've got to fight sports and you've got to be willing to take a stand for it it doesn't just happen. You've got to have the balls to want it 1021 Dave DiPietro is whether this member of the new York state assembly and he finds himself surrounded in HC. Absolute ignorance. In it. Albany people who not only don't care about the constitution. They don't understand that. And frankly page took an oath to uphold something. In which they really believed which appliances. Is there is set commentary now again folks we of people to all the time like I just wanna run through. The original Cuomo proposals. Quickly on -- DiPietro. Has seen tees. Okay he has seen them they were shared with him. 82 -- per household limit. No grand -- up collectible guns the immediate outlawing of semi automatic weapons. Almost machine guns right no it isn't you need to figure out nomenclature firearms and then get back to. The immediate registration of all guns outlawing handguns after five years and the police with the ability to search your whole. Without war if they have information however nebulous that you may have. And is eager gun in your whole director contravention of the Fourth Amendment of our constitution but -- what were about. Little things like the American constitution it obviously doesn't mean squat in 2013. -- -- victory for more calls Durham came before we take him Davis a petition up to repeal the Cuomo gone paranoia laws. And if you wanna sign it go to my FaceBook page Tom hourly WBE and you can sign that petition. And beyond your way too well we'll see what happens again my my thoughts on petitions are pretty well known but maybe I'll be wrong for once in my. Here's Dennis cellphone on WB -- with Dave DiPietro Dennis. The -- gentlemen -- echo your sentiments. And Portuguese side about the governor virtual ball pretty scary. -- -- government also as well or collateral damage. All the controllers -- -- Islam brought the Napoli who control while -- investments. For retirement system. It is officially -- the freeze solid attachments are there any commercial. Arm manufacturer. Who stuck it publicly traded at. Bad. Job -- to make more people to retirement system. And this is collateral damage and it looks like judicial Britain. All all all locked up front -- it's really become as governor or dictator. But wherever you wanna call it off the style. Where exactly right he did -- the regular -- in New York statement sector any idea how much money that's costing retirement system. No I don't come -- to a number out but I don't -- -- I don't know I'd be right or not but it was in the millions. Did he could get some advice from that great moral authority in at all Alan Hevesi. -- let's not get back to the calls guys the computer just doing these wacky things like -- to outline for. -- Wage that's the way. -- -- -- week with David DT April member of the new York state assembly. Well. -- except mister DiPietro and academics and not the cure your -- togetherness. The -- What about our impeached not the cards for the governor but I think after an army should they got to -- -- that they represent the people. Not themselves. I -- -- -- -- -- that -- steps I know that there's -- groups out there that are looking into that I haven't looked into any of that term I don't know. How that works. So you're you're not sure what if any mechanism that people of New York State have. For removing those people from office who are derelict in their duties to uphold the constitution. There are people talking about a doctor -- I don't know anything about it I'd be remiss if I should. I even mentioned I think that not that hasn't been brought to me and it hasn't been much focus. Yup understood enemy look I know better and well I don't as well as anybody that that you can only keep your fingers and so many pies before you start to lose focus. I said pies that here's my Grand Island on WB and I'm like. Very very door and have a statement and that of course -- mr. deeply HO I was in the military. Retired from the military. And I don't care what looked to governors him as a -- with the president's famous. We were there in my time. To defend the constitution. And that sort of care about today defending the constitution. Not the individuals then of course. Anybody who's legally. Citizens of this country. Now my question is don't understand we can't succeed or -- so mister DiPietro would vote. Repealing the New York State constitution. What. Do something to help. Us in further and further some kind of government -- act in the gulf from. You know what I I hate to be the fly in the ointment here but what does the constitution if lawmakers just on a whim changes according to the vicissitudes. Of the time and taking advantage of crises. But I agree with -- 100% -- do we need some parallel. Afford things get crazy luckiest. Oh they're back there. I can't even tell you how crazy I think they're gonna give assemblyman know your thoughts. Yeah I don't think that's good at this that's gonna happen I think I agree with -- Tom this is they're running roughshod over the constitution I don't think changing the constitution repeal it it's gonna doing thing. You know and you know what happens what does bill which is just. Gets my blood or is it makes criminals time out of law abiding citizens even veterans. And the police officers are gonna become criminals accountable and a quick story here but when they passed the bill we're sitting there at midnight and hours until about 1 in the morning while -- are our great step in the NRA people and the looking over the eighty pages of the bill. They come up and and within an hour they give us -- copied to -- a briefing of all there's 57 defects that they found in forty minutes in this bill. One of the defects. Is that any police officer right now as we speak any police officer. That goes on a school grounds with more than seven bullets in this clip is a classy solid. They just literally just forgot to take that out of the bill. OK -- they went to rush to get to seven clip. Implement. So now police officer today if someone wants to I don't know what court would. Would actually criminalize the -- so that we social school grow more seven at a clip he's a classy talent so. This is that bill and now they're saying all we're gonna get to a world sixties you know instead of letting the air this out in daylight. In looking at just built in light every one way and a -- to every other bill they pushed it to order -- to true. And and these are some of the defects and it's it is just a crazy situation here -- quick clicks single up by your house. And almost fifty dog you know we're -- 50000 dollars in repairs but just keep my house and then you know I'll get -- a couple montella optics on the -- fictional story Sharon well. We've entered the my cop we've entered this a real let's go to a Mike in older on WB on Mike you're out would they DiPietro. Well gentlemen. This is getting really got to and the reverend Leo I'm a veteran and you guys any -- -- -- that I'm -- patriot guard lot of them are -- Norton and honors and stuff like that. And they're back but it just -- roll over we never when we appealed to join the military a date yet. Protecting constitutions. And the so. We're still protecting our constitution. We really don't care what they're doing probably because they've -- so. Well a -- Amen thank you Mike for your service and four you were -- belief in well what we used to call America and and -- might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we need to take a break in the we'll be right back here with your phone calls assemblyman -- the PGA pro is with us and where we're trying to get as many signatures for what I don't know. For his petition. To repeal the small ball. Knee jerk paranoia. Gun laws on news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WBA buffalo -- French Sean Hannity don't forget listen to my show seven -- ten on the voice of buffalo WBE. Yen. She's. It's. And I. It's. It's. Game. And -- doesn't taste as I'm done now owns around. This. Yeah. This. London. It's okay. You dad. Don't thrilled at thirty assemblyman Dave the EPA pro is -- this email I played some of -- on the other based on recent that's The Beatles. It's from the white album happiness is a warm gone. And at the beginning the layered guitar work. Master. All right we're talking as I said with assemblyman Dave DiPietro. David -- just don't say a conspiracy theory off you wanna play. I'm in a -- You probably -- aware this but that I cannot stand Barack Obama I cannot stand Andrew Cuomo I cannot stand where they wanna take this country. I cannot even find the words because they would be too. X global to say on the radio and we get in trouble with the FCC but suffice it to say I am not a fans. Now one of a Barack Obama is good friends although he denies. It. Is the American terrorist Bill Ayers who before Osama bin Laden tried to blow up the Pentagon. And Bill Ayers is on the record as saying. That 25. Million Americans. May have to be. Eliminated. If they refused to be re educated in to the new America and the new way of thinking partly wonders. The gun legislation. Is this one away to isolate. Those of us who refused to be re educated so that we might be. Illuminated so that happiness and goal paved streets and tranquility. Can come to America. I'd have to agree -- -- -- and let me let me go -- ticket to the steps. Why. Would any media don't wanna published. Gun owners'. Names and addresses. -- it's the same time unfortunately. There are people on -- and the other side Tom who don't have the same mindset is just in and it's it's pretty scary their mindset in my view. Well -- and -- for those people who say well you can. Really leave what Bill Ayers its head because he just being Bill Ayers he doesn't really mean it. I would just like to remind people that all Hitler's mein comp. Was another book that. Most people. All ignored and those who -- Hitler was simply. Exaggerating. He was artistic license to describe what he wanted to do for Germany. And the world around to its -- that what you wrote he actually. They have told us already what they wanted to know most. And Americans are too wrapped up in the air -- and talent shows on TV either its contest on TV and every other distraction. That they just don't get a look I'm all about taking a break I'm all about relaxation I love going to the movies that while watching TV but you know what there's also a time for serious introspection as Americans on where the hell this country is going. And I'll tell you something about the the love and reading of history has been the motive force of my life. And what I see happening right now is a repeat of every other totalitarian. Regime that his disk -- the world. Since the beginning of time. Some I agree with you and people say. Okay they're living in their own -- they don't see it and I'm trying to tell people it's happening because I would have believed that six months ago. But I'm -- witnessing it first hand on a daily basis appear. And if it happens in these people but it confiscation. Is on the agenda. And we have to draw a line in the scene and to end this because it's not going away and that means we have to divide it up. Where we are on this we have to do it. I'm -- -- them being very honest here. That's not stopping people think -- got this gun bill passed okay we can move on that's not -- you're seeing that with the president of the United States. You're seeing that they're trying. To put this in in our in our inner cabinet try to take these so fundamental rights entrusted to us by our founding fathers. And we let the road. They're there were trying to row the foundational document of the nation that we let that happen. They're gonna take it and we're gonna wake up very shortly angle what happened and then it's too late you know I draw the line in the stand today. You know I'm mention -- and I wanted to get right Specter calls I'm sorry but I mentioned how this has been the motive force of my life and -- It once again -- I guess I need to thank one of the greatest teachers and mentors I've ever had in my life from a Benjamin Franklin junior high school back in the 1970s. -- a hole HO OHL. He was just a magnificent -- I have no idea what his politics were but my. Goodness did he give me some great insight. And that he steer me in the right direction in terms of -- logical thought and being prepared and all of those things and also I was privileged to take a class with the Holocaust expert Bill Allen. Who wrote extensively about the Nazi seizure of power in Germany and I've done an interview with our -- By Eastman Klein who wrote the book all my life a holocaust survivor. And for those who think that governments really care about you and protect the rights of the innocent. May I suggest you read all my life by again about vice month climbed. Really get back to the calls I just folks I feel very passionate about freedom here Sean in Hamburg. On WB Ian thanks for holding John. Good morning -- -- mortgages. What are the legality and the possibility of New York State splitting into two cents basically since I've been alive. And everyone west of Albany New York City has basically just been ignored. They do talk about that it's not gonna happen but they -- talk about that in Illinois they talk about it in California they talk about it in Georgia. They talk about it and a lot of places. -- -- New York's state. The we've looked into the law it's it's it's it's a monster would be it'd be the toughest thing to do and number one you have to have. All legislators go along with -- religious simply won't I think what I said earlier of the best way to approach this which won't happen overnight. But but actually appeals to even the other side of the aisle is home rule. This home rule home rule. They won't give us every telling the option of opting out of any state laws passed in beat West Coast of the New York City people go right now New York City. Switches over about six to eight billion dollars a year to the other to upstate New York it would allow them not to fund. To keep that money and that sort of caveat the station on the and a blind. To those people down in that part of the state to say you know what if you had home rule. You don't keep a lot more your money also. And with that I think you'll Daniel fundamentally change social state. Well sandy -- they're great show yesterday about the New York State wanting people like you and me and everybody listening struggling to put their all the kids through college. Now we're gonna have to pay to put the children of illegals. Through college. Wait that. My. I'm I'm Tom I'm shorter but I'm so much hotter than -- BB she might differ with -- 1047 in his radio 9:30 AM 17 point seven FM WBE NIC Randy bush over there rent is they're breaking news now aren't I thought there might have a all computer issues. Right dig his -- if you lot. He's willing to help -- bush over because without Randy we wouldn't date DiPietro on the show that one hand washes the other oaks. All right let's get back to the calls with Dave DiPietro and say hello to him -- -- well. -- yeah -- good morning. It seems like term memory or bear and skirt from your Karl Marx spoke. It seems like this systematic dumbing down of America has really taken group I caromed to just what you term that -- history is becoming -- the driving -- for like the last twenty years as a middle aged adult only because -- to become aware of the impact the politics. Has done in my life personally. And most people live in their bubble. It is simply go to work and they come home they have no real light effect of what politics could have under lights. And what would. My biggest problem is -- hours because of the lack of transparency in the government and this spying that has taken place in the eradication of personal freedoms. And personal rights of the people. Only leads me to wondered -- -- picked up all of my weapons even more so because of the Second Amendment. And you know things like JFK in the Watergate in the weapons of mass destruction that was never -- direct. I'm mark conspiracy theorists about what happened in 9/11. In open -- he would have been a big cavity -- You know there's just did it -- it leads you to believe that the political process is all but debt. Aside from the low level. I -- that it just seems like Tibet or democracy dies in the another agenda has taken place like with society getting voted in it after all the and though what I don't understand is like how -- -- have confidence in the that the democracy process of getting these this gun law overturned. When I think it Thursday bigger agenda which you just got done stating that he didn't get to see the -- so that there was dirty past. Well that's awfully familiar held here. It sounds like something right out of something he's been Hitler had done and every other terror he history is done and -- -- as a disinterested I'm at to a point where. I want to. Overthrow the government on purpose so they're not upholding the constitution and the reason why we're able to bear arms is to go in. Clean opera house and start over what the constitution. Kirk you all help nick Kurt and will -- mentioned. You're not alone appear either there's. You know obviously go to deep into personally dot com. And you can go to YouTube and look at a number of other assembly people up here who were defending. You're constitutional rights and with with a lot of action in firmly believe it but effective little bit in this state. Were outnumbered. It and anything that they put up here get passed automatically as long as Shelly says it does and that's that's the problem. So any bill that comes up and that's where we have to start getting very active because -- not to not maybe we can. Change some -- these money to these people but we sit on our hands and upset and again at W you're preaching to the quarter to it we don't take action. We are going to wake up. And find out. Very shortly that our right to defend ourselves our freedoms. Have been taken away in remember this this Second Amendment goes to the core of our basic principles of freedom for all the constitution. This is that -- camera not just First Amendment. -- the constitution everything. Our freedoms everything was based on the Second Amendment right to bear arms. That is what the founding fathers meant by saying this is how we protect. Our freedoms. And we take that away and I can't say that not a new -- at a time when you take that away or atomic don't like they are here even a little bit. You weaken the law abiding citizens and that's a travesty well. And again David one of the point seven trying to make on the show and I'm gonna keep you on longer you up to what you have -- coffee -- Kathleen good I don't. Do I have that I have my a -- -- probably talent. Declared a state which is this is really important. I usually don't keep people on for three hours but I told that Tim -- our program director did you were going to be on and he was excited because. My my take on this because I don't wanna I wanna turn the hourly show in two. Weeks ago. On because I think that would suck however. This is about more then guns folks if they can. Can take the Second Amendment and flush it down the toilet after closing their -- talks win that. -- the same thing with freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom of the people to peaceably assemble they can do the same thing with the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure they can do the same with the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination. They can take the entire bill of rights and say you know but this was just the budget or really -- -- temporary privileges. And that. Is the point. Let's get back to the calls here by the way in which the caller earlier who you know talked about you know journalism journalism journalism. I think this question was and be puts up out of my FaceBook page you know boy aren't up on the awfully fast one over all calls along pretty fast and a number one number two drew. I don't have time to spoon feed people. You've obviously got a computer is a little bit to researchers self OK I can't sit there with Gerber is and say okay this is what happened on December 22 opened her mouth. I I don't have time. Here is and folks from the bottom line is the proof is in the -- are we becoming a freer spirit or we're becoming more restrictive -- Hello. All right let's go to rose. WB and -- They I don't have an exact question. I know. There's a lot of controversy grows logical and I think it -- honor our face later. Analog Biden got older I want Charlotte courses I got -- eight Utah got -- Oregon -- Pennsylvania permits. Does that hold up anything -- -- stranded take our guns here even know I am legally. You know. Able to carry my weapon just about all press United States and you know absolutely and -- It'll be you'll be it'll be just a criminal. Means nothing other states permits means nothing to New York State. -- -- had with -- -- lost this gun laws for New York State if you're not abiding by your criminal. You know you've got a Pennsylvania permit at number of people have boast. It does leave if -- doesn't matter when you come to New York State doesn't -- do you -- doesn't supersede New York State law. Okay I do hope that answer your questions her. You know we can say we get. I live in in the West Coast you know in -- wintertime and in the summertime relive air. I'm particularly good result there. Lot of people are. Right thank you thank you very much or did it work. Jack good luck -- -- 8030930. At news radio 9:30 AM one of seven point seven upn WB and David DiPietro how many people so far have signed York petition. Worked well today and Lebanon what you term. I think close to 800 just -- the time -- -- -- the -- -- we're getting close to 5000. And well -- I'm very anxious to see how many you're able again. Let's check in with FaceBook Jeff Hagar on FaceBook says you cannot be more Sid Vicious than this man. Include me -- that too by the way how come no progressive reporter or journalist asks if you disagree with the fundamentals of the United States so fervently. Why don't you emigrate to a place more agreeable with your version of wonderful. -- -- The problem is we. In our constitution. Should be the land of the free but when -- elected officials. Violate your constitution. What the -- is supposed to say yes let me bend over giving it. In a few inches -- -- constituted that way. All the Alan all I got it you know I hate everybody named Alan. This man is sickening I can barely stand to listen to his crap hey Allan Allan Roth my radio has an off switch. I know you're liberal but you'll find it.

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