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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tourney Update - Lisa Texido

Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tourney Update - Lisa Texido

Jan 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lisa Texaco is the associate brand manager for Labatt blue. And fingers have been crossed for a while for the look at pound hockey tournament set for next month in buffalo. Lisa we welcome you to the WB in my line and we're wondering first what's the latest on whether there will be enough -- are not finesse to be pulled off. Well thanks for bringing me out were wondering if there's going to be enough I -- while they are certainly. Cautiously optimistic with the cold -- -- -- -- having. So we need at least ten inches of ice for our field of play on the time so we're working very closely without popular department of public works. To monitor late in the condition alienated articulate people long range forecast changing. Team how the weather is today and how it's looking for a couple of days straight at. Whether or not we're going to have to ice who need. I haven't seeing the Erie basin marina and a few weeks Lisa. Is there -- solid right now. There is ice so we currently have I can't juxtapose -- comfort -- Pebble cart path so it's it's a positive sign up the lake temperature electric part but I got it dropped about two degrees. Over one night -- also encouraging. So every day you'll have a team out there that's monitoring the water temperature at the what what a -- -- really. Just trying to keep us abreast of what's happening with what the formation I'm not I'm Alina. Well this extreme cold has got to be. Good news for you but now what about prolonged the the extended forecast what you know about that. I look at next week I mean obviously you know -- -- to watch as the becomes global weather brings by. I think it encouraging it looks like will still get from -- -- good -- farm patient and I think it was one -- next week it was a little bit Mormon and they don't like to see by. You know at this point we're just really remaining focused. And a watching all the conditions and I was saying -- and hoping that we look at that changes that would need to get prayer out of every 990. -- you say when it released him -- -- the -- on the harbor proposal with thought it was a foot but you say ten. Another tournament has less than twenty days away. And you also have to factor in the time it takes to prepare the -- -- for skating I mean we're skating well excuse the expression tonight's hero when he. He we are we act. Body nor really fortunate where are secured our turn now. This is the -- -- or certainly in this precarious a situation by. We have a great team and played the Haiti is a wonderful partner and the black and -- and what actions should be getting so. They're really well suited and allows skilled -- helping -- kind of get what ever conditions we have ready for that -- play. I'm very quickly and very efficiently. Extract you know we will. Over the next week ourselves really be watching because they will have to make it this year in. Before the term and obviously what -- shipped by. We have learning some restoration to the street hockey we're very well it -- street hockey this year that's gonna probably do so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there a cut off day -- -- deciding. -- hardy. -- they're talking every eighteen. I think the conditions over -- really hectic pace my sage insight into next week is really sort of the critical period because. While return -- capital during nine there will need a couple of your leash she used black achievement now you know give -- action. Outlet and -- -- -- -- took to vacation to street hockey club and I think a different track so it won't be a situation where the 84 or making it official certain rule. Like to change no I'm an Internet date but in terms about heart to heart gate at this point kind we don't have a -- and caricature of the theatrical. How many teams are registered. We had 9016 registered let more than six and two players. I'm really excited about the turnout at all the -- so we had opened -- we're taking and this year. A lot of it being handled from the players a lot of great communication between -- and -- major actor -- they know. Players they're very excited about the event coming up and there optional luck and you do need all the putts I have a -- DIA. -- at a Cornell for a great event. Lisa will keep our fingers crossed for you thanks for the update this morning. Oh okay that's Lisa -- the associate brand manager for Labatt blue.

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