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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tuition for illegal immigrants!?

Tuition for illegal immigrants!?

Jan 23, 2013|

Sandy talks about a proposed plan that would see New York State taxpayers footing the bill for illegal immigrants that want to attend college.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So why has thought it was posting this today he got big computer out and he wrote Shelton's over and the Albany brain -- want you want to provide financial assistance to college bound illegals. And then strangely enough after he -- that on the computer itself. Three letters WTF. You said WT after Tony didn't hide WTO it's just that and I think we should say WTF because. WT -- it's called the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act I think anybody. For Western New York in our delegation to woods Albany did votes in his -- I -- Albany don't even come home. Do even come back. Just stay there get a Roman just stayed there so what your friends in Albany because I'm sick and tired you come back and then using -- easily excuses as to why -- this and didn't have enough time to read that. Blob blob blob -- -- crap. It's all crap since when do what -- We don't get any representation. Does the last thing I was the last time Albany did anything for you. Not unless you're illegal a minority. Or somebody they're trying to groom. -- vote for them for the rest your life. Those are the only ones they care about if you're a tax paying. A citizen who provides the revenue for all of these cockamamie programs. And all of these outreach programs designed to increase their role membership and their political party why don't you get anything. Why don't I get anything -- one day. Outside of fire and police protection. You know it's which is a given just I think what I get from the government. -- can't think of many things I really can't. Let the people they're trying to to groom and everything from the government paid for by you. So while you are writing that tuition check for your son or daughter. Write another one for an illegal somebody who came here illegally shouldn't be here at all you're paying higher education. With the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act sounds pretty pretty -- problem doesn't it -- Jordan know what we have for a more poles as -- a lot from today and -- it says this is all BS three boys. Emblem will be college down another year my husband and I don't make enough money for three college educations. Our country needs to take care of its own first machine that my kids apparently not worthy of help illegals are. That's exactly right clot that if there was only some way. In some alternate universe that you can make yourself and your kids illegal get a free ride isn't that lovely. Another one please Albany Angeles uses -- take anymore this crap I didn't have the opportunity to Dakota colleges -- It worked full time to support myself from age sixteen -- never or asked for assistance ever. And that's that's a well written thing. We as we grow up we tried to do the best we can -- our allies we try to be fair to other people around us certainly none of us would have a problem giving somebody a little helping hand. Over a bumpy a part of their their lives if they need food stamps for short time fine in the unemployment for a short time that's fine -- whatever. These various programs but they've gone crazy. They've gone crazy they've taken a life of their own because they they build up. A support group around each of these programs and suddenly everybody's got another job. In order to. Sustain these programs in the more funding. And here's the kicker there's no incentive -- a nationally or statewide. To get rid of the problem because the root of the problem you get rid of your own job. We saw that we have the food stamps. We -- with food stamps of the country actually gone down on its use of food stamps and that's a good run. Thing alone now that's not a good thing if you work in the food stamp. And they were advertising for more people now -- at the highest level we've ever given food stamps for it ever since the program started and that's the way it's going. It's going to implode. It is going to implode. Mattel is something when am I gonna have prologue. Listen in my commercial -- to 445. Or 544. It's about a gold -- -- -- not just giving a client of -- my beard an idea all right Jordan and other. Out to go to Bonnie next leases held all these people are illegal low. Illegal deal that means it means they've broken alive that we wanna go reward them by paying for college tuition that's crazy. And it's working both sides of street. We've paying. To have our borders. And border laws enforced we have the Border Patrol right we've paid their money some of them. Give up their lives in order to. Enforce the laws are supposed to enforce so we pay for border protection. And we pay if you're here illegally so we -- you pay -- keep you out. But then again and we're gonna pay your true. -- Does that make any sense to any money. No except in the alternate universe of politics. I'm just telling it. I'm we're gonna keep an eagle diocese who votes for this thing I don't know when it's gonna come up for vote. The story amusing. Develop on Friday. And we we as is that we don't know. But anybody in our delegation of votes for this state that -- Albany don't ever come back stay there. And a B a little girlie man like Brian Higgins during obamacare Horry hit away in his office. Probably whimpering Emma sleeping behind the stole hoping that the at the natives from the -- his home state they'll get too angry women.

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