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Bauerle: Civil Disobedience

Jan 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So -- just nothing happened I was gonna mess and nothing happened at all on the gun front party thing like out of the freedom -- Boy what a week to be off. Thank god at least right was in the Third World I can at least give Fox News -- at least I was able to catch up on. On some of what was happening even though they didn't offer a lot of a Buffalo, New York coverage except when they show the weather maps. So what we have a lot of back catching up that well but I wanna do today and hopefully you'll be along with me for via for the right. Now one of the things we're gonna do Chris is a good interview they did Jon and Susan today with Cathy Marshall in the a state senator. -- replay that during the 9 o'clock hour because this is very very important this is an on line citizen's petition. To repeal what Governor Cuomo has ostentatiously. And king like lord -- like sign into law which is absolutely. Ridiculous and folks -- I've told this before and tell us again. There is gonna come a time when you men and women in uniform I don't care what uniformity you Wear. You are gonna have to face a choice. Because I know where this is -- I know where it's heading I can see it like I can see -- train at the end of the tunnel. -- you men and women in uniform we're gonna have to face a choice will you follow orders or will you follow the constitution. You men and women in uniform where the cops or whether -- military argue they shoot your fellow citizens. Or are you going to follow the constitution. Because your orders will be to put down a civil insurrection. However founded the insurrection may be unconstitutional principles. Are you -- follow those orders or are you gonna follow the constitution of the United States. Folks mark my words it's coming down to that. I'm hearing people. I never thought. The political. Way shape -- Finally waking up. Finally given yet. These silent majority is Richard Nixon used to call. The bulk of the American people who were not in the streets who were not professional lobbyists were not professional protesters -- from city to city to scream and rail. Against common cents. People are getting pissed off. I don't know what kind of insular world Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama. In half but it is not the world I -- ahead. And folks. It is very rare. Bad you go on vacation somewhere. And you hear political talk. Especially where I go on vacation. Political talk is LP. It really isn't that entered via the conversation all that much this time however was different. I heard more. Political talk this vacation. A long way away from the United States and a long way away from Buffalo, New York. A lot of political discussion it was really interest that there was no middle ground. There -- the people who could not stand. The direction in which this country is heading. And there were equal number of people who were -- real world. With President Obama and people like Andrew global. And it was again it was it was split it was the word is polarized. -- what's really really fascinating to me again. Is I'm hearing this stuff talked about where I never thought I would -- walked about. I'm hearing people who have -- who basically had their head in the stands for years. Finally saying you know there's something happening to hear what it is ain't exactly clear. In the words of Stephen Stills Buffalo Springfield 1966. -- -- type finds that musical reference -- very enlightening. There is something happening. And I'll play exactly what it gets and you guys what I wanna hear there's kind of some view it sounds like a oven -- crack on vacation. Well not true. No. No no no crack on vacation. I'll tell you what it's. It's something you have not experienced before in your lifetime. Not even in the 1960s ladies and gentlemen. You are experiencing. A wide spread. Feeling. Of rebellion. In the air of this country. I am not overstating my case. People. Who don't live in Cuomo's world Obama's world. Day by day are feeling as -- little by little. Their constitutional. Rights are being taken away from them. The obamacare thing did nothing to help that but it's not just Obama year. It's still well I'd say it's the little things but other issues. Like the Second Amendment Governor Cuomo has no constitutional authority I conceit. To sign an unconstitutional. The local sent a state senators. And assemblyman who voted in favor of this. Need to be run out of town on a rail. I know they never will be. Because. Once your in York in and you're never gonna lose. That's what's very discouraging to me. You can vote. Against the good of the people. Every day of your political life. Yet when you want reelection you'll get reelection because you've got the power of the incumbency all the freebie mailings to come when. Folks I think I ended one of the shows before I left. I'm kind of the same note. Are you also. Detecting that same feeling it's a smell. It's like there's this smell in the year and I I don't quite know how to describe it other than. There is a smell of rebellion brewing in the -- -- I don't think Cuomo I don't think Obama get that I don't think they understand that. And again they come to take your guns or my guns. I may die but I am not giving them up and you damn well better believe I'm shooting back. Without apology I think it's my duty as an American citizen. To uphold the principles for which our forefathers died. And four which under the declaration of independence from Great Britain our forefathers had that knots. To risk their lives. Their fortunes and their sacred honor. What I see happening right now in the United States. Is very much what I saw happening in Sinclair lewis' book it can't happen he year. I remember reading that in college. It was a story about how no. In America we all think that despotism and tyranny dictatorships can happen in America. We'll Sinclair Lewis who who it was a socialist evil things he knew very very well. That it can't happen here it being despotism. It being tyranny being dictatorship. You think that the German people in the 1920s and thirties were budget bloodthirsty savages. Now they were led by this messianic figure who spoke with great sound bites and great. Passion and to -- images of himself everywhere that's sounds familiar. All right stay with us on that news radio 930 -- 7107 point seven at them WBE. And I'll play this American is sick and tired of the way things are going. Unfortunately. With the electoral process that we have right now in the United States with the widespread voter fraud. Early voting. I don't see how this is gonna change. Because the fact of the matter is spokes people who think like you do and like I do we're outnumbered in a four out. If we're not outnumbered in reality we will be outnumbered by fraud. And you're gonna continue to lose your rights you're gonna continue to lose your freedoms you're gonna lose your ability to current you're gonna lose your ability to support your family you're gonna see your paycheck continue to go down and down and down and more money going into the collective. Which is -- Stalinist. So leninist so Trotsky right. Wake up people many of you already have and it's about freaking time.

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