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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Winterfest On Hiatus - Drew Cerza

Winterfest On Hiatus - Drew Cerza

Jan 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We were pretty surprised this morning to hear that winter fast and the how to take festival have been canceled this year. When we have winter let's check Kim withdrew serves -- the organizers this morning hey true good morning. -- I was doing what's the story that's. -- with top decision. We're just you know we didn't have one up from two felt some of the 2010 because there was -- know. And -- -- -- the last three years we have really are true all about Iraq are part of the city. And the goal has been really got the outside world the expert in this you have access to the first part senator. -- the canal will people buy it and and the it's really -- be great area of the festival -- and unfortunate with the hot streak this year. We couldn't really care except for the arena and we could make her -- and we started that had to wait to step back where we do with the -- -- we're -- one. In the right area don't some outlook there could be a great for the future. Well how how much of the activity is so what percentage. Of what are festival potter kind of festival is held. Inside the confines of first Niagara center. What we have yet that there were so talk to them that you actually try to mix it up 5050. Because the problem is you know last year we -- temperature like today. We had wind chills below the single digits which struck -- it's really shouldn't be outside Chicago Weber so you need that you want to its side. Your book or that we also had fifty degree temperature when we go to festival would know -- -- -- try to divide it up about 5050 so it's yet to call the letter or no snow. -- -- withstood some point stopped and I didn't with the -- going to and it's our senator and first buyers are happy place but -- what we do so which are activities. -- is fear on the waterfront then it would be better even if the weather's uncooperative because you have in some of these things like skating in such. Yeah you know -- -- you are critical mass could become aren't -- with those who held on line. I was extra hockey rink is going to be a lot of activity and really try to capitalize on that the critical mass and yet it's a very very typical approach to -- the weather because you really need to sweet spot. The -- have too cold in -- -- -- so you know he's our wears a burglary were adequately. -- my promoters. And vendors drew anybody losing money here. They'll -- they really are. It's a free event. So there really is a lot of money being made. The imperial but he figures are worried stressed to all this week and Delaware park there's a we're faster query so we took that into account to the fact there are other which are such that you go line by -- we got a lot repertory but he. So ever want to look forward to -- a year from now on the waterfront. I think -- Euro got -- you're -- the city with poppy extraordinarily movies don't -- optional side I think -- aware are stronger can be great opportunity at first it because as you know it's. So pretty people downloaded the time of the year you normally don't see a lot of folks. And it also -- the opportunity to promote I'll try to region to bring people are -- -- I was -- and economic impact corporation. -- -- do it you can. Thanks true okay. But it's a troop surge that organizer of winter fast and the -- -- festival which is taking a little bit of a hiatus this went --

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