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Jan 22, 2013|

Sandy and Ken Hamilton discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More than ever. We must do these things together. As one nation. And one people. That was the applause line. As I like four or collaborate. Anyway yeah that's the a president in the inaugural address Ken Hamilton has joined us from the US navy and I'm sandy beach. -- welcome them back again and congratulations. It's a day after holding remembered it's a Tuesday Allie -- and I just never support and congratulations via. Big question today because yesterday was inauguration day and also Martin Luther King Jr. days same day so. -- history judges having the greater impact on the United States Martin Luther King Jr. or Barack Obama can be positive can be negative -- like your thoughts also you're inauguration thoughts and comments. -- now this be a little unfair -- set up the question like this because I have great admiration for marketing. And almost no admiration for the presidents give me your. -- Recently -- policy community activist. You have a community accuracy you can be president. Tell you -- sandy and let me answer your question first. What was the question which we'll have the greater impact according to historians when all is said and done. -- it definitely will be Martin Luther King Jr. I believe that Barack Obama's transitional. President. That. He. You know one of the things that we as black folks here in America don't seem to recognize that. Barack Obama is truly an African American who really have not had the black experience that. That most of us -- head and therefore he does not understand. Howell he's the rock star status that he gets amongst people. Who are in the inner city you know he's he's he's he strongly inspires people in the inner city African Americans particularly here. Classical African Americans particularly. If not on hears me she's in her eighties. Anything that is not glowing about Iraq about him and it really animal was taken -- replaced -- Tomorrow I forgot what -- -- But because of the experiences through his they have gone over all of these years in Haiti be in if yours or thereabouts she's. She's saying all of those things mystery to assure the water -- and everything else. And slow he has the Ike. Success. Based on their own life's experiences. It I'm -- from another generation I remember Martin Luther King remember watching him on television and lie. Sure and all of those things I've gone through much of what -- on fiscal. But my experience through -- was much younger -- much different because of my age. When you are having loving caring family. In the conditions that exist outside the home really don't impact you as they would if you did that have sites. But I go back to two things when your caller says that this transitional president -- where Barack Obama. Is causing division and racism or racism. Out there and what he spots assaulting. The it comes down to this and grandmotherly woman she's a preacher she says once says if you want to know what's in the -- and just staring up. If you're giving staring some racism. Is not because anybody put in -- in there were already there and is good that she can purge those things. And let them out so that you can expressed -- what they are deal with them just plain get rid of them. The other things this. One day. He's not precluding any good African American from running for the presidency and being elected in the future. -- -- to take that off the table. The next one has got to be better as enemy that's rice I have no problem the first black president I -- -- this guy. As the first absolutely and the and I say this I get disagreement from a you know there's a lot of people out there that like oh Barack Obama and there are a lot of people out of them love Barack Obama there are many people men and women. Who are in love with Barack Obama. But if his name was not -- bomb he was the same person same -- saying everything. -- his name was Roscoe Jones are now those traditional. Or what we can't consider -- southern traditional names. He would not have been elected I mean this because the conditions and our country are still as such it was a perfect storm. How things coming together to get him elected without Martin Luther King would do Barack Obama be here now or would've just legally. It would be delayed eventually would get -- -- and eventually within the black president eventually -- a woman press tour eventually would get it in Asian. President. -- that it sped it up all whole life. And eventually we'll get good presidents to us just like we've had good white president's embattled and we're gonna here's a pretty bad black -- pretty bad Asians and some pretty bad moment I think eagerly debug version of -- regard. It is not a farm peanuts and Jimmy Jimmy was something else I have to say Barack is better than Jimmy and that's one of the problems he has. Let's go do Madonna Madonna you're on WB I. Always good talking hero akin to what -- got our estimate on how -- done. I'm happy the -- thank you very much which. I'm glad Colin -- I think it's an entry is very useful question. It makes us think about these two individuals were important to our history in one way or another but I really strongly feel that -- with the change. It's more important that the chill. And that history I shall see him as the greens -- positive force in the twentieth century. And now that we're in the 21 century I think Barack Obama drops the ball for people of color and for. We're all really think people because I don't think is. And the top -- I you know I and I most people would tend to. Well historically most people likely. Agree with you if you put the three and most influential African Americans who have ever had you know worldwide fame. In this country than he would be third after Martin Luther King it. You know something Mohammed finally has more -- Martin Luther King that's all. I impact and at one time it was the most recognizable face on the planet I was Muqtada. Like. Oprah went and I would -- A power over the media and those people black churches inspired people and those silly you. Have a good point because but people forget is Barack. I'm always already candidate but he wasn't going forward until that one weekend where she said she would make three appearances. For him at the campaign and what it did is it brought reporters that that campaign and they started reporting and that's when the wheels start turning. I think truly without Oprah. I don't think he would have gotten a nomination and now for me to do that for him he needs to do that for Oprah because ratings are full at the -- we're going to agree -- monopolies. Well I'd do what I -- they but I think that we there's a lot of good -- measures are which we can charge presidents. There's a lot of scientific -- we can get really you know. Turkey about this -- Most all the reasons but when it comes to Martin Luther King instead of Barack Obama. I think our hearts where we're at age and I think he moved our country in a very good direction -- easily I don't think it was up to pursue simple rules. But yes I believe many many years later Barack Obama did that message from. What we as a country -- unfortunately. Jimmy and I wanna say that's. It's almost hard to remember the assassination challenged Kennedy. It's -- mart can argue later are almost I'd like and then two months after that -- essence of our president's brother that's a terrible time. Awful awful job I remembered. -- I out of -- don't add up for saying that we're going to cut you off right now and drop you like god that today. Thanks Madonna that you. We'll be back tomorrow -- company and -- Hamilton and his regiment third BBN.

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