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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bitter Cold Claiming Cars - AAA's Steve Pacer

Bitter Cold Claiming Cars - AAA's Steve Pacer

Jan 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While where under mother nature's icy grip this morning we haven't had winter weather like this in awhile so with that said. Let's check in with Steve pacer spokesman for the tripling of western and central New York morning Steve. Good morning to and are you doing great how busy are you guys this morning. Well we are pretty busy you know we -- kind of lucky Lester we haven't didn't he temperature like this so right now on the buffalo metro area we have about a hundred active calls and no surprise the majority of those calls are the people who need jumpstart to the batteries so. You know Steve we mentioned this to an earlier guest is a dollar imagination or in the past few years. Are wishing fewer incidents of very weak or dead batteries because. Battery technology has improved no one is though the worst culprit when it comes to a battery. A guy like me not taking care of his battery for the very cold weather. You know it could be a combination of both I think people need to realize -- average battery life and about three or four years and the past couple years seeking technology increased where. Art like service vehicle can actually tester better for you at any point throughout the year. And call you give us we contested for you -- you can see. Okay this. -- gonna -- to bring much longer do need to replace that or this is that need to replace -- today and we had a battery is right on our trucks so I think people are kind of realizing that they can. Perhaps solve the problem reports starts you know your battery is. Getting that getting to that age and might be time to get tested and get it replaced and I think unfortunately a lot of people might be getting to that point this morning. And so -- my what you're saying is you can actually test the -- to see how much life -- remaining on. Absolutely because a lot of people you know -- -- leave on -- dome light or leave on the radio early on something that drain the battery but the battery itself just need to be recharged and it is. Hey okay. We have a battery tester that conservative -- you have got a battery that. Rhonda diagnostic report pretty much -- -- tell you how many am so blessed and and you should now located need to be replaced or this is just a fluke accident and I should know better. Not believe that light on overnight. What about the southern tier where the lake snows have been pounding the problems are you guys encountering there. That mainly is where we're seeing that that is college definitely people. Whether there's Stockard told -- so obviously nothing like -- buffalo metro -- we -- -- that's -- Out here but down there that's definitely where -- -- -- yesterday and obviously that's for the biggest problem like this morning. There we were also talking about wind chill of fluids this morning. Now they have this stuff that has a anti freezing agent in us. And it comes in different colors but what about the blues stuff that inexpensive blue. Of fluid does that free is at a certain temperatures Steve. That's a good question I think it all depends on what may -- Molly your car is obviously. I'm not and I'm not an expert and in the windshield wiper fluid but I think having that person having nothing. Is the way to go if you wanna spend a little bit more money if you do it in the southern tier might be something that you want to spend money on but I think. People just should have even the blue windshield wiper -- Person nothing because. Back in the attic when you don't have that we've all been there. -- we -- have aren't they you're probably gonna be in for a busy week too badly when you look at the forecast. That's right yeah you know we've kind of prepared for yesterday we knew that there was going to be called this weekend it's gonna continue to be called -- We're here were ready and taking you just give us a call. What's Syria response time like. About now. About now in the southern here it's about. 69 -- And obviously in Western New York it's a little bit. Smaller than that so were trying to get there as fast as we can of course that the road conditions with a little hard to get to those people in the area ports knowing yourself. Despair with that and we tend to. You know you're stuck on the side of the road we're gonna go go to you first whether you're sitting in your house quitting you're part of the job so we we do that based on taking heat as well. All right great stuff Steve thank you is always for joining us thank you to stay warm round. Are you -- Steve pacers spokesman for the tripling of western and central New York.

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