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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Extreme Cold Car Care Tips - Lauren Fix

Extreme Cold Car Care Tips - Lauren Fix

Jan 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lots of car engines are groaning as they're being turned over this morning Lauren fix the current coaches with us on the WB a live line Lauren good morning. Good morning it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what a lot of if if your car is not up to snuff you'll find out this week with these temperatures right. Right if you've been waiting and Albania batteries that are in trouble started a car reading this week. Now did -- did and probably started in general particularly you know it's your carpet out side. These extreme temperatures are going to let you know loud and clear that the metal rubber and plastics. Very danger breaking -- cracking. And all that -- might not -- your engineer I'm not perfect. Eric Eckhart and -- what what's working what's not working well a battery is going to really. -- case -- Lee met. -- -- -- -- many of us still have battery problems no amount vote. But my right battery technology. Really has advanced a great deal you don't hear it. There's many people you know meowing about dead batteries as you do many many years ago. Well bred and there former -- -- are what ED cart bet they'll that they. Slowly creeping forward but it art technology it batters in that -- help. And a lot of technology involved. But you know it's no matter what are your -- you're supposed to believe it -- not replace your battery every year. And and if -- got at least people are thinking about it bad about it but when you can't start your car. That team and -- bill is going to be hacked you now leasing company that dealership you. So if you're having trouble starting your car. And these are things that I want to let you know you probably gonna call roadside service. By the way you've got to bring -- cart probably included. Going to your glove -- -- owners may help everything from Kiev the Mercedes and anything in between. They have their own -- -- -- but of course. You know AAA at all unless the companies that are out there. There's a lot of things you can do better and things you shouldn't do. So keep that in mind don't just figured it jumped -- little teeny small car I gigantic trucks. Sometime around battery cable you can -- -- -- causing. I have a big issue that that would actually expecting Arctic where people because it looked up jumper cables that correctly. Oh the most important if you don't know you're doing please can someone do it correctly phrase that you don't find yourself without bigger expense or potentially very serious situation. Can't leave it to the experts you know what some other winter maintenance we should be thinking about it. Rap -- and I haven't kicking tires and wipers. Yep absolutely. We used to -- who we are -- bit like -- rubber coating over the movement of the blade. And it really important execute the late outclassed. That one the most important you know I try gripping look at a lot and it released. And I wind -- do you not I know Jack you mentioned it before they do that. Let out water from your house that you'll cracked the windshield. You lose pop Warner -- lives have moved warm water lurks. -- okay -- I'm not recommend it because it is just a little bit too quiet and back into the crowd irritated debt temperature. -- and you around the water. It's too hot in more aerial cracked it wind -- in the quick with a lovely building you have to -- You can create an op art he wouldn't really cool thing that could grab bag and it windshield and talked and in fact. The door closed -- according to take crap and it got all right now comes with that. I'll throw a lot. Program lot. And he entered the best way to go you -- -- before -- actually an -- character for you as well doesn't. That -- -- -- dryer used to plug in excellent trouble and I yeah -- netlogic special court for Christmas tree and drag it. -- know you just go to my blown into the bottle Crown -- -- What are you never make it to work the fact that at what I loved one -- Quick question because -- also -- time Lawrence. The smirk choose the windshield fluid that we put in the car first of all it is it defies common sense you know -- my gallon of the stuff. When -- poured in you have a couple of when all the make these containers so they'll take the whole gallon but that's said. Will that work when it's 510. We we won't freeze. -- actually there -- it it to watcher related something I'll orange green already -- that which may picture except. And you I'd prefer -- -- -- walk would detect here that we when he spree across went and that he's right back up. Unfortunately. I don't -- -- -- -- Whitney because you're right -- in the top left. So why you know we got a -- bottle Gator actually remember about the -- that at this point in what you really have to go to a lot of the irony here. Make sure that you really have cleaned up -- -- you really can you -- you're doing out there because. Everything's going to be slow moving to pay act mr. Karr but the mechanics of the cart itself. But the car warm up where you decide to pick up he left wondering damage or ensure the vehicle itself. -- good stuff thanks for joining us this morning we needed it. And fix up the car coach.

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