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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Lake Snow Warnings; Bitter Wind Chills - Meteorologist Bill Hibbert

Lake Snow Warnings; Bitter Wind Chills - Meteorologist Bill Hibbert

Jan 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll go right to the airport weather station on check in with National Weather Service meteorologist bill Herbert. Hey bill good morning thank you for joining us good morning the storm. Pound little way of the south Thompson's southern tier of big time. Last evening late yesterday -- afternoon and evening give us a rundown of some snow totals and problems associated with the storm. Well it's no totals are the highest belong there should talk originated in England should talk -- northern western -- -- discovery. Right up into southern nearly right -- Wanda. And but there are some of the quick demo here we've had. Put this -- -- -- -- And -- isn't Harrisburg. I'm sure that. From what we have last night we can probably had half that much you -- war on top because it's been just been going constantly on that area all night long. And what's so what's the outlook for today. Outlook for today is more -- than -- -- adding the united we chill advisory and up everything now expanded up. All across Western New York to include buffalo Niagara Falls. Looking at windows and we have minus twelve right now I'm sure others out there minus fifteen even colder. As the wind right now is we have the airport. Earlier. Point four miles an hour. -- the lakeshore looking at 38 mile an hour wind gusts. So the concrete canyons of downtown buffalo are going to be frozen. OK but generally. In the sun metro buffalo assault Melissa Leo driving -- should not be that bad. If you get Carter -- cut that yes yes -- is not really affecting the city of buffalo so much maybe getting up from the -- -- to be driving. From a snowy conditions into the -- wrote that the city. If you're going farther north though north of Niagara Falls into the Lake Ontario shore. And we be looking at some still dropping down later on today and causing problems on that northern part of our metro area. Now blowing snow -- could be an issue especially obsolete. Today right. -- travel along the -- from -- up to buffalo especially from -- to Dunkirk is going to be very treacherous but here's some of the through cams. At -- right now I feel whole block of trucks just stopped. Waiting for conditions to improve. And can -- those wins and with winds of Dunkirk right now. Gusting at 38 miles an hour as well. We're seeing blowing and drifting snow and properly whiteout conditions. For some of our listeners who might be traveling whether the driving were there truck drivers. Heading towards suddenly York an open letter annually in for a there. East of Lake Ontario it's even worse. North of Syracuse in -- -- there's a band setup right around. Old plant guy. Off of Lake Ontario and we're looking at built already there and two to four inches an hour and fifteen an hour after hour through the night so they're. An absolute played out there because I'm sure there's no traffic will be back and forth up and down 81. Point winner sure has gotten down to business ends and. It has in the of the coldest is that we week it may not have this in recent memory more than three years as -- have -- not seen anything different times and -- cold. And intensity of lake effect and also this is. A -- reminder that the winner is what it is -- off. Any idea bill of what the Lake -- water temperature is right now. We were -- 35 I'm sure that it's been oiled up and dropped quite of quite a little bit more here problem without the freezing marks were. -- 36 but again that's the temperature is not really representative of this circus of the market is measured about twenty people on the surface so. I haven't seen ice forming already in the area creeks -- very very quickly you'll likely see it forming on the lake. Want to settle down. Well hello little sustained period of real extreme cold we need to get that lake frozen are -- -- commercially. If won't take long it just takes that you have to let the winds subside in the league itself around 2 o'clock on surface but once that happens the I performed very quickly. That could be good news for that look that pond hockey tournament. If it'll be erased with the clock on the as well to be able to get -- -- good enough to form but can't work out we got the cold air there's a lot of it then it's gonna keep on coming. Yeah we can feel the bill good to talk with -- -- thank you okay if they want. Bill -- meteorologist at the airport weather stations.

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