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Bellavia on Playoffs and Coaches

Jan 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am very excited my sabres won yesterday my Buffalo Bills won yesterday when I say that the last thirteen years because we haven't been able to make the playoffs. I've substituted in my head in my heart. A buffalo bills' victory with a New England Patriots lost. Forever they live. An Angel gets their wings and the bills of one. So I literally walked around the house like the bills won the championship even though we weren't anywhere near the playoffs. It's always great to see that look on Tom Burke he's on the bench and he's got his head on and looks like he's gonna Powell. If all of set the Bill Belichick -- sleeves cut off. How how is allowed to look like a bag about how does he how the and I -- let him Wear that. -- looks ridiculous. I mean they don't sell parties would know sleazy cuts those sleeves off of them. I don't understand the process. The argument was you can't Wear a three if you wanted to Wear -- three -- member problems is Mike Nolan. Are the niners coach did Whitney wears suits what he wanted this was a recent missile and in the last ten years he wanted to but he couldn't and Lester Reebok made it. Actress well. So basically that you cannot Winger Andy. And equaled the Google logo. Unless it's sponsored that you know they have encountered. -- of Reebok makes. You know T shirts and long sleeved shirts you can Wear the Reebok. Buffalo Bills. You know party. But three pot makes a suit you could Wear this. Book. First -- you know what I think I'd buy it if Reebok made goods again by. Would you. With a point if you can't Wear suits anymore. Statewide Bill Belichick has to take it to the next level. That's coaches in football should Wear the uniform like baseball players do which is really odd. But the really odd. For baseball players for managers in baseball to Wear the uniform. It's just an odd tradition you know now now it it seems that most of them wearing a jacket over the top completely ridiculous. But I -- to see Phil Jackson and like shorts and tank top. Beyond. That -- be weird. But you know what I mean maybe they should all Wear uniforms. Not Nazi that -- -- suit and tie but what of all the coaches wore. Like a year like in the football. In real you know the soccer football in Europe yet the manager and his little. And you've got the staff is all -- one uniformed out. They don't do that. Just has not the -- last season Major League American soccer what they do in the. Last may they were likely in -- felt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also there where like you know but that -- like Armani in -- incidents like -- so yeah okay. Are you're saying that the coaching staff or the actual managers to but the entire staff including manager. Our -- one uniformed are wearing like like a win jackets. Most on some of them do Wear suits but it's the Premier League all eyes sometimes sometimes you'll see the manager and staff. And like a jacket. Button option I don't see them like the Lindy Ruff style in the NFL. The NHL officials do at the NBA doesn't like in the football coaches. Comfortable in December. -- mean it's got to be. Imports and Sampras is going Miami clique or awful Lindy Ruff does though he works the black shirt red -- than anyone ever seen in my life. He has one suit that he wears. And it's like he had a great but he wears a black shirt and gray tie red tie. And very few people can pull that off to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's something about him is just you know I love being that that the team that has the same -- there for seventeen years it. You don't like -- I love it I love the consistency that. I do I just love that we have the longest buffalo have to have one record that the people -- -- to talk about we have the record of mean. I believe it's official that of all the professional sports. We have employed are -- longer than any other franchise. In professional sports that is true although the the national guys think is right behind us everything happens to Lindy and Barry -- system coaching nationally to pass -- what Nashville what the national predators have brought their head coach. I don't know what it is a couple months maybe. Behind Lindy he's been -- time as well wrong but just Nashville that's hockey so it gets. What generally Melanie accounts nationals. -- and we have heard we have in January service or better yet it's our record. And I was gonna take that.

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