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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>John Zach Remembers MLK-1

John Zach Remembers MLK-1

Jan 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Martin Luther King Day has been a holiday for almost thirty years now 45 years after his assassination but -- and -- -- has the story now of one of our own. Who vividly remembers living in a segregated south. And his time. What Doctor King. That was a very hostile environment where people. Didn't like. Black people born and raised in buffalo John's -- first radio job took him to the deep self Albany Georgia where he experienced segregation and racism. Like you'd only read about books seeing drinking problems. -- he was 1960. In it was government enforced racism can only be described using that awful word that was then an official term. He even used in police reports. They would describe the suspect -- just arrested that would destroy them as an African American. For a black man they described as a (%expletive). Right on the police report I saw -- well I usually Albany Georgia police department. After a few years in Georgia John -- back to buffalo only to be sent back to cover the story of a lifetime I was newsmen at WWW. Laws. -- -- Took advantage of my knowledge of southwest Georgia. And but rescinded under the cover the story John was there -- Martin Luther King spoke twice at small churches it was the collections made there at those churches that financed the entire civil rights movement vividly remember that evening when he said. This is a good enough I need more and is sent. A bushel. Around the church and as people who put -- anything of value. -- guy I've ever been to bar -- I have a comment below. Those people who -- their watches and jewelry that helped change America. Steve siege on his radio 9:30 AM -- seven point seven FM WB again. Right it's so important to remember this you know there's a generation today that doesn't know of this he didn't live with us they didn't and you know it's so -- iridescent -- -- people take this day for granted but this is why we -- remembering there's a lot of history behind this --

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