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Erie Dem Chair Jeremy Zellner & Pres. Obama's Oath

Jan 20, 2013|

on the day before public inauguration ceremonies

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-- headline news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM that -- And this morning this is -- you go off to Washington or I guess more accurately Baltimore today. Jeremy sellers here chair of the Erie county Democratic Party on his way the inauguration festivities tomorrow. Coming up we'll have live coverage of the taking of -- being the official oath later today the public -- tomorrow. Okay thanks for joining us. Good morning gave a real I'm literally on the train not patient right now. How Gloria. I'm good I think I've taken a train from VW ride down to DC is that the one. The answer or talk to me about Monday where will you be sitting how excited are you. I'm really excited that is just a great day for all all are so that I -- Democrats my mom I think there's. A good mood down here and I think we're all pretty excited for tomorrow. How big is the delegation argued he represented the west new Yorker at least Erie -- -- we've got a decent group of folks coming down I think probably have on murder soul and out tonight we're having an event at a restaurant in in Washington and -- kind of celebrate here. We also ever spent at the convention center tomorrow locally for those who couldn't make the trip out. Where will you be on the podium are on the of the bleachers I guess they are well. Well I I would look to be on the podium they've put out. We're gonna have seats not too far away April will be able to have a good site for the president tomorrow. How is this inauguration going to be different than his first one. Well I think the last time was just historic moment and and it was a it was the Euro moment -- hero of the convention and in the inauguration the victory. President Obama being the first African American president. This is kind of vindication at all so it's kind of like what it said the other day it's the second half of local ball game and we're looking to be strong in the second -- And I've begun to one of these before how excited are you I hear a little bit about your voice obviously. All we're really excited that tomorrow going to be great tonight's going to be great event this city is brimming with excitement and there's a lot of people here from a Western New York that really error -- looking toward tomorrow. All right Jeremy had any -- that mean to cut you short but today it turns out the actual oath is taking place in the next minute or so here. So we're gonna what dash off to Washington now thanks for your time this morning. Not good -- thank you so much -- That's Jeremy Zoller chair of Erie county Democratic Party now let's -- -- Washington. CBS news special report the inauguration of president Barack Obama. Live from Washington DC here's national correspondent Dan relief. Good morning and here in our nation's capital. All the constitutional requirement is that the president elected in November takes the oath of office January 20. That's today Barack Obama we'll have that honor and a few minutes to get it done before noon eastern time. In the blue room at the White House in the White House -- small gathering just the Obama family. CBS news White House correspondent Peter -- tomorrow the same Chief Justice John Roberts. We'll do it again outdoors as part of -- big ceremonial event. Well again this low key ceremony as a sharp contrast to the -- that will witness tomorrow on Capitol Hill with the music the 21 gun salute the entertainment and of course the inaugural address. The president here this morning will place his hand on what's known as. The Robinson's family Bible the first lady's father. Gave this Bible to his own mom as a Mother's Day gift in the 1950s. Again this is taking place. In the majestic blue room of the White House the Chief Justice now entering the room now. Yes wearing his official role will be entered alone Peter on his own we of course expect Barack Obama to follow here he comes. With his wife Michelle and the two daughters Malia and Sasha just before Obama's holding the Robinson family Bible. -- religious right hand and repeat after me. I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear our Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute that I don't faithfully execute. The office of president of the United States the office of president of the United States and will to the best of my ability and will to the best of my ability. Preserve protect and defend. Preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States constitution of the United States so help you god so help me god congratulations Mr. President thank you mr. justice thank you so much. A handshake between the chief justice and the president. A kiss for Michelle Obama and -- hug. English of the dot com. -- the president said thank you everybody we're not quite sure who's in the room CBS news White House correspondent Peter -- the president has just been officially sworn in for his second term in office of the White House didn't get specify who would get to be in the blue room at all. Well there are some extended Obama family members who were right in the room. We know that a number of them gathered just a very small group. And also some very close advisors and know what. White house Press Secretary Jay Carney told me that he would be in there and you have to know that the top people it in the Obama inner circle were also in their two -- Of the -- -- a grand place for this simple ceremony it's an oval shaped room on the state floor not quite forty feet by thirty feet in size it's at the center of -- hold and now the architects that designed for the original White House and the president often greets guests there. If you've ever seen a picture of the grand White House Christmas tree it is posted debt -- -- had the blue room. With its eighteen. Foot tall ceiling. We have to also note a bit of trivia here -- this is actually the third time. That the president has taken the oath tomorrow will be the fourth equaling a Franklin Roosevelt's -- Because you'll recall he had to do make good four years ago after chief Justice Roberts confused some of the wording at the big ceremony on Capitol Hill. Yeah something about the rhythm of the -- so they did it again in the White House this time. Privately you might say in the White House though we were listening in tomorrow a very big ceremony by the way Peter before with the vice president Joseph Biden he was sworn in. At the vice president's official residence that was a little bit bigger this morning. Well it certainly was they had more than a hundred people there you might be able to read some of the tea leaves -- by. Those who were invited the political tea leaves were told the governor of New Hampshire was among those invited just happens to be a state with the first. Presidential primary in the country will have to find out if the vice president was trying to tell us something about his own political intentions. Also at that ceremony which took place on the grounds of the naval observatory in a building there and a very quaint. Alcove a flag draped alcove. Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor. Presided over that it's the first time that -- an Hispanic judge has led. The oath taking for president or vice president at a busy day ahead for the president with the family they'll be quietly celebrating. And -- we have to assume preparing for that big second inaugural address to be delivered tomorrow on capitol. Speech that a lot of people are are wondering about what will be the policies enunciated it is a chance for him to set an agenda for his second term. This has been a CBS news special report President Obama has taken the oath of office for his second term.