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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>A round table discussion on gun laws.

A round table discussion on gun laws.

Jan 18, 2013|

Sandy hosts a round table discussion featuring Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, Reverend Darius Pridgen, and SCOPE President Steven Aldtstadt. The topic? Gun laws.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's where is the Beijing company congratulations to Wayne -- at least the rural latest qualifier for WB has Las Vegas giveaway remember the grand prize of five day trip to Las Vegas. 42 including airfare hotel airport transfers and coupon fund -- Courtesy of the sample travel and fund jet vacations the winner will be announced that this is the last the qualifier the winner will be announced on Monday. Tony I'm I'm I don't know -- I'm with three guests here. All of whom are very well known I'm the only Truman recognized to be honest -- you look at these street faces there on television more than Irv Weinstein leaders about. So we have with its three guests. And I didn't know which we go alphabetical page Google might -- -- really short so go after right that's the best way to do it. We have Erie county district attorney francs a data we have reverend Darius -- and we have the president of scope for Steve and also gentlemen thanks for coming in Persia and you. We haven't talked we have or reverend Virginia I saw you. On television the other day and I thought that you have to constituencies you have. Flock as a minister you loss -- councilman. And I thought you -- reasoning was a very well thought out. Regarding the new laws regarding guns in New York State -- give me your thoughts remembered. -- -- Some. Changes. In. Some. Areas. Of him because the people who are usually do with it when it comes to the in a move gun violence right. I'm not sure if this will benefit. Urban communities as much as what it needs to B and soul a lot of people were surprised to hear me say. That think that this was pushed through very quickly. With Cowell concentrating. On where many of our problems are United States listen what happened in Connecticut it was eight shred Judy. But every single day on urban streets tragedies happen and everybody is not a a drug dealer. But Dominic may young lady killed by assault weapon. Was a young lady in school so I'm very concerned that this. I am not saying that something is horrible and -- there are some things that I just don't agree with. In this law I am very open. And in saying that I possess a pistol permit. Because I was an air force and -- an air force. I loved a target shooting -- expert shooter. Some have revisions -- types of so. I'm concerned because my constituency. Does not necessarily benefit from this law. And one aspect of guns and almost no one talks about. Especially in the inner city would be the defensive purposes of a gun most people are -- Connors or target shooters or use them for personal protection. The thought that to you might feel more comfortable if you -- law abiding pistol permit holder. And you're in an area that your uncomfortable with the defensive. Ability to have a defensive firearm could be very important. From the well you know is my constitutional right to come out live my life in a way where I qualified to have a pistol permit. I feel sorry for people who are opening up businesses inane they desire and they law abiding citizens innate desire. To go out and get a pistol permit in May be have to wait four years. I think it affects in a lot of ways that this hasn't been examined. And because it was moved so fast list and I know we've got problems in -- states and we got -- in New York State. However especially as a lawmaker I think the more transparency you have to a law that is being prepared take your time here from the people. Because what happened in Connecticut is not gonna change because we moved to law within a week which Sherry -- you're getting more feedback on as a councilman or as a minister. You know -- at salt on a urban station today about the same thing. And most people who called and from the urban areas talked about -- we need some change but they agree with me is not gonna change -- buffalo. In the ways that we need attention I have been very up front saying that I want our federal government. To concentrate. On our urban areas know is trying to you know trying to and -- -- a veteran. So helping other countries but right now the United States needs the focus to be on these areas. And I'm not sure that this law meets the needs of market stich said I registered a journey Sabena I don't. It reverend -- makes an excellent point. You know I think what captures the public imagination. Are these. Horrendous. Almost inexplicable. Excellent gun violence like we saw a new town. That we recently -- on Webster and that we saw on the world. Going only that the -- mine and and before that that then we can do that overseas with what happened in Norway. Couple years ago. But from a prosecutor's perspective. What we EC. Well we've -- they used in day out in terms of gun violence. Are not these kinds of -- extremely violent crimes but liberation crimes will we see in terms of gun violence. Are people using. Illegally possessed non licensed. Nine millimeters and forty fives. An AK forty sevens. To protect -- -- territory. To engage in our current champions or home invasions in the case of -- me for example. To engage in homicide with prosecuted that case and fortunately we were able. To convict the defendant who was murdered -- That's where -- from my perspective as a as a professional prosecutor. The -- problem lies. And you know god I certainly support. And -- -- out there are such as the criminal as a national circumstantial that was passed in 2006. The directly addresses of those solutions because those are again from prosecutor's perspective. That's what we see. Day in day out week in week out month in month. One quick question before the break several district attorney's I have commented on this and if you'd care to we've appreciated now understand. Buffalo News ass out of the Freedom of Information Act a list of the permit holders -- the permit holders of the Erie county. And the the year Clark has refused so far. Some district attorneys have said in other parts of the state that they do not favor that because it puts more people -- risking with the public safety issue. You have a position moment. I don't I don't have a problem with what mr. eclipses is doing. I don't know. -- I'm not sure. How somebody who is now lawfully. Gone through the process of lawfully possess an add on for his home protection. Should be publicly exposed and I'm not sure with the idea. What the upside. That is except perhaps to make that person target. For -- process. All right when we come back we're going to ask says Steven calls that the president's scope. The fun job of lobbying -- -- Albany. That could be a lot of -- I'm thinking especially during times like this and reverend -- is with us and district attorney -- -- -- on newsreader I'm -- -- --

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