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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>A round table discussion on gun laws.

A round table discussion on gun laws.

Jan 18, 2013|

Part 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Witnessed today a scope presidency and all stabbed reverend Darius Trojan an Erie county district attorney francs a data. Stephen -- or your organization does a lot of work with the legislature try and influence. Potential laws and whatever. But we have like three men and Romo we've had a prolonged time when you go to Lou when you go to Albany hobby you know little lobby. Is it just those three man is it worth your time to talk to anybody else or is opposed story. Well. Yelling we try to make sure that we talked everyone. It's definitely easier detect people who already we were few but offensively -- characters in this appointment and much you know in the second game much put typically you wanna talk to the more influence we put the committee chairman. And people who are in a position to you know -- stopper or advance particular village. Could you see this one coming because though when a senator -- -- left me this. I -- it showed some of the things that were in prior proposals. Confiscation. Of assault weapons confiscation. Of ten round clips statewide database for all guns that will be long guns and pistols. And things like that which curb of the hair on the back -- my -- is raising could you see this sort of incoming. Well I could pretty much everything in this we've seen year after year for along time -- this is. New ideas. And we have been able to be successful too you know convince our legislators that mostly things are not a good idea. Unfortunately after this this or for crying in Connecticut this -- who consent. There was such hysteria. And this is really the reason or they were able to. Push it through. You know -- -- emotional sentiment I guess it makes good politics but it makes very bad public policy. District attorney's Pasadena. I know besides getting a new set of glasses to read this link between the singles but these. And after dissected in your staff knows exactly what's edit. You have a certain amount of discretion as to whom you prosecute whatever this is a primer to one mark goes on. When crimes committed them and it's handed over -- you. How to use that discretion on new laws is there a little bit of a grace period where not everybody is expected to know every aspect of the law or is it when it takes effect it takes effect in that. -- all of the first things that he too long schools ignorance of the -- is no excuse I know our. Our our prosecution standard. Is. If we have credible evidence that is likely admissible in court. The demonstrates that a crime was committed. And individual committed a crime. We will prosecute. Subject to the discretion the district attorney has under the law. Usually one. We have the credible evidence admissible in court that a crime statute. It was was violated. Well we usually do prosecute. They are someone's out there however. District attorneys have typically do not prosecute and I think it's very rare for district attorneys for example to prosecute adultery. It's. You're okay Tony your we put on their okay and -- -- know there was there was a controversy about political leaders of the team. I remember the picnic table on us and -- who could forget -- want yeah. I'll MI know. You know when there's there's there's there's other there's other antiquated laws that are out there. That. While -- still on the books. On district attorney's recognizes. That there's a public consensus. Against the strict enforcement of that particular law. I would actually -- two people to read. And I just now provisions. The 67 page bill most of which seems to be regulatory nature and that a criminal working along nature. -- and then -- act accordingly. And it's going to be some time to read. Think about it. And make the decisions that I have to make and how to exercise my prosecutorial discretion. If you are standing up in front of a college class now when you were lecturing us on this question I'd be interested in your answer. The president regularly picks and chooses which laws they want to enforce. For instance they don't care to enforce the anti illegal immigration laws right now in the put out. And an exemption for certain people. Is he the only one that has that kind of discretion or as -- as as a district attorney. For instance the laws you just mentioned -- do you have back on discretionary social issue yeah. Oh -- that the district attorney is is given that discretion. The prosecutor not to prosecute this if he or she sees fit that's where the district attorney is unlocked position. So the citizens of that county. Feel that the district attorneys prosecuting. Which he or she should be prosecuted. Kick him out of office on it's also subject to the government removing -- -- -- My experience as both assistant mr. attorney and the that what we look at does not so much with the losses we will hear what the evidences. We prosecute. Them. Almost all the laws on the books that allow us to prosecute if we -- out. The evidence and more. I'm more concerned about to hit him just approved distinction the system before. There are some statutes. We feel now. That the consensus in society is that this is really not a crime and should not be criminally prosecute people shouldn't be legal jeopardy. Now we won't prosecute and on giving long wanted to answer. But I would really enough to read this law. Think about it digest and make my decisions accordingly fortunately. I'm meeting with my 61 other colleagues next week there's not a 62 DA's New York State. And were beating on next week all of us. And I imagine this is going to be part of. -- -- -- Reverend Persian you Wear two hats yes and you have an enormous amount of influence on -- both of those that's where do you think you have done the most good. As a as a man of the cloth or as an elected official when asked him as bold as to -- -- doesn't change hats. Even in these issues. As -- SC both of those ghost jobs as being a bow people will have more influence. Richardson can answer that because -- released CE. The influence being in both places -- relieved. And I don't know way to measure I think that we change lines in both places and influence in both places. Equally. In the -- so one minute you're talking to people bug gone in the measure targeted aprons back and watch this yeah. And that he had that -- so they're both the same coming Davis like god and serving better. Now all of market my my constituents are my constituents all of my colleagues. I talked to -- And I think that's that's important. You know the influence that we care when it deals with things like this dealing with a gun violence do with the loss again I just witnessing at both places -- As a president of scope Stephen what's next I mean one there are talking about some amendments because there was no exemption made the police officers -- most police officers. Care -- box and their fifteen rounds it. In the magazine and apparently. They didn't even think of that from the original bill the I don't know how these cobble these things together but wouldn't that be your first spot. A vote of of -- of licensed the law meant to be able to pass the Muster test. Well yes and that's not the only thing we in the abilities be correct to them and we've we found another. The few other things in there that that are glaring errors -- -- contradictions. What's next for scope. From. You know I'm right now who like everyone else were were trying to -- -- the totality of of votes while dispel. You work on amendments I mean you're going back fare so well I -- I I think you made your. He. Focus river organizations -- have to change a little bit I mean we've we've been working on legislation for so long but pretty much Dave with this one -- -- dumps everything on this that they almost that they can do to us amazing that's I think maybe more of our. Our efforts are going to be towards. Litigation in court. All right we'll be back tomorrow -- our three guests under Israeli and I'm thirty and your questions. -- -- --

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