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Bellavia with Steve Mclaughlin

Jan 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My favorite assemblyman. Don't live in our area. But one of my favorite assemblyman is a gentleman by the name of Steve McLaughlin who. Is a 107. District is is is -- district it's it's east of Albany -- green -- area the Albany area but it's East New York but when you think. The only Western New York assemblyman understand. What it is enough to. Every day via the constitution. And I actually understand at this this was the quote. They got me to have so one of my -- -- to reach out to his office this is the quote while the Yorkers are no safer just like every other gun law that has been passed. A citizen -- Steve McLaughlin. Harvard has done a study. The CDC has done a study gun control laws don't work because all they do is hamper law abiding citizens the criminals. Once again don't care assemblyman how are you this morning. An 8 day of the morning how -- you that I -- on. Hey thank you for agreeing to do this this is western new York and partly what. You know -- a bit away from your district but we very much appreciate you standing up for all the workers. What is the you know that we for the governor I talked to mr. Fred Dicker say there paint look this wasn't rain through. -- -- you know. And now we're finding out that -- police officers are classy felons just for having their service. You know handgun on them. How can anyone make that argument that this wasn't ram through -- -- the first time you saw this legislation. I saw the legislation at 11 o'clock at night after being in net assembly chambers and 9 o'clock that morning. And you had nothing actually physically on paper until 11 o'clock at night. Not a thing what you're I give it again look at that time and we went in -- -- the first day of sessions so and with a straight face anybody could claim. Did not have jam this thing through with our first day of session we did done. Really not much to be -- to the introduction of new members and a lot of new members who you know it's kind of a feel good time there and we voted on 22 things one of which can be debated whether that was constitutional swelled and had -- redistricting. And then there was a lot of nothing time we're wasting time all we -- in Albany you know obviously like you did rumors. There's going to be deal not a deal back and forth we go. And we dynamic that was not and then we actually went to dinner myself a lot of colleagues went up the hill and had dinner 7 o'clock at night. We're getting text messages from our staff you know what we're gonna go back essentially figured conference at 9 o'clock at night with the assembly Republican conference. And then we got what's called minority counsel memo which is our staff lawyers breaking it down force and they do a phenomenal job of that. And that is just sort of the reader's digest version of the bill the actual bill was not on my desk in that chamber until about 11 o'clock at. The shameful to absolutely shameful and and not -- winnable when we talk all these different changes that have been made the bill. Is that's actually gonna take more time than it did pass the bill. It did to complete joke and it got to keep seeing my -- I think he did -- -- are one of part two and I would just urge people they're gone viral a little bit on YouTube would go to something McLaughlin discusses the New York State fact. And then the same title but part two. And you seem to talk about why. You don't rush things and why you don't move very quickly in an emergency not that this is an emergency -- more quickly because things don't get done well. The joke of the bill is poorly written. Poorly executed. Rolled out undercover of darkness and jammed down -- throats in the Yorkers that's witnesses and they didn't seem to think it was by the way is the first assembly Republicans. In the minority. Who brought out the laws of this bill. For the great majority. That great Andrew Cuomo has stepped did not pick up on the fact that they did not exempt police officers from carrying seven rounds. And now that the things that's important about the way. You know this. I saw video on the Christian broadcasting news so it's not just a local New York thing or Albany thing it's a national. These talking points are are being picked up nationally. And you know -- I think one of the reasons why some people in Texas now we're talking about New Yorkers. A because of some women like you -- making these these. Oh wait a minute New York is just full of New York City guys -- to city folks know things like the rest of the country. Think -- really fascinates me though is that you know that the governor said well you know if I would've told the people what was in this bill that would a lot of weapons. One by guns for instance that Obama was elected. But the only part of the economy the president has stimulated this gun sales and ammunition this. Then it's going -- -- you. It -- I -- said that just said on Twitter at the most dangerous assault weapon in New York this week with the governors and. You know this is this is an outrage what took place in the. That this that they even throw that out there with a straight face of that in wanna run on guns will obviously he has no idea what's going on in the gun shops around the state. You couldn't find an AR fifteen in the state if you tried. Yeah what's happened in the gun shops are selling like crazy. At Steve MC and why is that Twitter. The most dangerous assault from New York this week and the governors at those beautiful at Steve MC and why. So -- Steve McLaughlin thank you so much for -- time I know you're busy man thank you so much for standing up for all of us. No extra what you do -- and think for a probe are keeping this issue on the front burner it's so important to not have our rights trampled on we're not gonna stand important in New York governor -- date. He didn't -- he awakened. Absolutely gob bless you sir thank you so very much. Appreciate it all right that's Steve McLaughlin.

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