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Fighting fire with fire.

Jan 17, 2013|

Sandy asks the question, "Is the only way to stop an armed bad guy to confront them with an armed good guy?"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah they can do that he had -- -- party political ground. Taxes they are tired restrictions untreated. Better cars as baseless personalized web site judge doing all posts like the reverse of a Mayor Bloomberg remember when Mayor Bloomberg. Reached out to people in Arizona who didn't like the immigration laws to come to New York. The immigration laws regarding illegals to come to new York and we have better health care he says so he invited them here. Now folks in Texas are inviting New Yorkers who are tired of being over regulated. To get down to Texas I jumped. ID program and a WB AP Indy and Dallas are live down -- for a few years I love Texas while I was there absolutely love that. And one of the things I liked about it even though I was programming our country station it was not a talks nation it is now but it wasn't then. We did very well to cover 32 states. Is that they're they're very much freedom loving people and the very much do -- feel they do not need the federal government to run their state. And so there it's likelier of their own country. And I I enjoyed that while I was there -- larger than life everything you've ever heard about -- true. I was so they're inviting -- people who relocate. In. In Texas. 8039301806. On 692 through six are 930. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun do you believe that those were the words by the way of of the president of the NRA and I believe that to be true problem. In a civilian clothes and no kids are traumatized by seeing an armed person there. And and helping protect the kids in the teachers. As opposed to having no one there like that and a bad guy suddenly is in your midst and what he would know. What do you pick up the -- scream into the receiver at 911 quick we need help your set thing for people with guns then. And there are already behind the curve by the time they get there. Instead of having somebody who could be there I have -- curb pro active. Who might be able to deal -- that while you're calling the cops lives could be saved that way. Now Lotta people laughed and a lot of people jeered when he said that but as that was a knee jerk reaction. In what they found is after they thought about it a lot of people thought and that's not a bad idea in in the president's proposals he wants to put 500 million dollars. Into. Into -- several things including more cops. On the street now I don't know if he means general policing in an area. As opposed to my thought would be if you're going to have more law enforcement have them directly in the schools. You goal -- -- have a lifeguard at the mall. Well yeah a lifeguard as otter. It doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out you know I'm talking about. -- you having problems -- school when they ask Willie Sutton. Why do you rob banks says that's where the money he has. I made it's it's a cliche but that's exactly what he said. So if you're going to have security to help protects schoolchildren. Isn't that the school. Makes sense to me. So masking the second question and as a shooter. I think the greatest enemy. The shooters have. Are people who just simply don't know about firearms there are some people who never enjoyed the shooting sports and that's. Different strokes and on -- argument. But a lot of them are just ignorant they don't know what all they know about -- what we see in the movies -- can be very very deceptive. And so do you go out of your way to try and educate people that don't know why do I do I really -- I don't go and and try and recruit them implement shipments words but they have questions. I'm happy to answer let's go to Louis got. In the southern tier Scott Iran but Libya. The other -- -- that two point you brought up and and third point that indirectly related -- one yeah. That the best way to deal with someone in at the moment is that with someone else in the moment. Police he all got what some that you -- 18 am. And they pay you ultrasound so many ways but -- -- our reaction here they don't. If -- AT&T -- -- the moment and they are already right. -- -- -- more popular in our report seekers. And quite an incident or. Someone or hurt or traumatized or what. All. So a lot of their own or personal police officer the walk round went -- You know -- there are we just doesn't. -- and as for the second point. Yes I can try to educate people. I try to keep it's up to date on. Current accident statistics that you and I know strike to. Persuasive. And not pushed in the way that I try to educate people. Ball I kinda -- There are other people who were shooters in the media that -- Intent. It in and try to educate people. But it. One big shout back you know these these start to get. -- they start to lose their cool. Beatty. I'll -- -- else just their argument falls apart. It in the really view. Those of us who do Beagle we enjoyed our firearms they really -- a producer. And and so it's it's really important predictor of our truck someone who -- now familiar order -- aegis against and meet. Again. But -- village they're cool and try to pushy but victory it firms and keep accurate. In your information. Well I think that's good advice I think were all all of us who shoot our ambassadors. And we're not trying to recruit people who shoot but I think if if we can alleviate some of their fears simply by I was giving them the facts. And they're showing them via the evidence that these in the guns inherently are not dangerous it's what people do with guns and and he get that message across on an intellectual basis she got a chance of making a sale. And are not -- that is because so many people. -- there for a patient from the Talking Heads on the propaganda ministry also known -- -- Various -- how -- the answer I. You know all they know is what they are -- -- every night. -- one to watch GP. They are classic low information -- Are they pitched for -- forward is what people el Amin at three minutes sound -- and then they just won the -- -- -- you need. Researcher on our -- And they let their emotions and their feelings. Dictate their actions. And I wonder if they've ever thought of what the country would be had firearms never been available here. We fought wars to keep our freedom the policeman fight a war every day on the street to try and try to keep us safe. The fire arm serves a lot of positive purposes. Because the bad guys use them for negative things doesn't mean that the good guys should be disarmed or or -- are infringed upon as far as I'm concerned. Most definitely in his part the third point one of the church and this relates to a news story that your station has been now. Mentioning throughout the date net be. Pop polonium trying to travel. I'm they are all requests for all of ya -- to permit holders. Are apparently now they're trying to say well all we just wanted the name of one person to see if they were in in ball. Well any thinking person would say. Well these records are public information into -- or ship -- that one person know you you could have went out that one person charm. And they were -- or cancer or 20. Insulin are shooting at the alleged that this person with a may have been involved -- All don't you think the police were all were investigated. If there was an illegal weapons -- no no permit or whatnot. Wouldn't -- didn't record it. -- -- -- local news is just trying to act travel and wait the kick off at the -- -- And and they're just pictures trying to let the story dot. And I think it's important that to see what people see and know how it's obvious intellectually we really are. Well said Scott Wells said thank you very much will be back tomorrow Beijing company. An Israeli and I'm 31 awesome point seven FM WBM.

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