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Bellavia with Dave DiPietro

Jan 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our power play video for you. Listen -- run for New York assembly. And it was -- are your Republican a conservative you can't do things. Especially the freshmen. Industry and I just did exist. You can't make any difference and you're certainly as a freshman assemblyman. Not going to. Ever move the needle because you're a freshman of the New York assembly and it's filled with nothing but left wing lunatics -- played a quick video -- Of -- my next guest this is assemblyman David DiPietro. And all that quote the wisdom of our founding fathers. Because I have learned today that many of my colleagues do not leave our founding fathers. -- quote the second man -- the United States nor the extremely strong deliberate and unabashed language of the New York State civil rights law. Because I've learned today that Governor Cuomo and so my colleagues do not believe in the Second Amendment or the New York State civil rights law. -- old quote from our governor. What do you threat and plunged about transparency. Openness and -- Of the importance of -- off it's an issue because I have learned today. The freshmen that Governor Cuomo does not care about the people's agenda -- -- The president that Obama the punch he -- on the clock news tonight. I learned today that the gun bill that they absolutely nothing. To protect our law abiding citizens of our great state. It is crystal clear to me that this bill will not stop one criminal. From committing a -- -- that. This bill not infringe upon and again weaken our Second Amendment Rights. While an extremely important. All right that right there was. Our next guest in the assemblyman from the 147. District in New York. Assemblyman David EPA tried to insert. -- all by goodness gracious I'm driving in my car and I'm hearing. Seven and DiPietro. On the radio I don't think it looks great the WB and covered it I looked down -- listening -- series accent. This is national news. You just make a local news made national news someone. Stood up an articulated. What we have not heard in the senate. What we heard very few people talk about the assembly. But what you did is you got up there in their face. And confront them with constitutional based issues. And my goodness gracious my heart exploded. Thank you thank you so very much unbelievable job not bad for a weekend and the and the job. That goes. Well inaudible as a freshman and they just let my second week but actually my first week. Like first two days of going in there -- my eyes were wide open I knew going in because I heard all the stories and talked to many people believe it but. There's a bigger joke than. What to of people could imagine and I and I I did that book that just came right in the heart I was just. Dumped by the sitting there for nine hours not being able to do any thing. And Utley kept on them a chance to speak I get politicos on CBS evening news and I shouldn't. The Wall Street Journal in the New York Times I guess. I guess I guess against the mark almost not going to be inviting me back in because -- I don't think so he would follow possibly DiPietro on Twitter app DiPietro for New York. I'm sorry DiPietro for and why. It's -- DI EP IE TRO. Four and why that's his Twitter if you want follow updates. -- with the -- and it would also of course his website. But listen here's here's what just happened overnight we -- now have a voice. We we -- very few and far between qualified people out here that articulate especially in the assembly. But under the BBN dot com right now is the actual exchange you had. With a couple of your colleagues laughed. And what great things about that exchange is picture a dish you up so many times -- your second day on the job. You know you're effective -- they -- you have a question is our question of their mister DiPietro. Do you have a question please -- your question and you stowed right by your guns you didn't back down there like they accused of not reading the bill and that you you you played the card up. Actually maybe you can answer. Since few you know -- the subject -- -- be answered this question and when the question was posed to one. They went back pedaled and said you know what you're time's up. It comes up it was absolutely. A clinic. A clinic on how you are -- water cooler and you of people that support this legislation. Go to YouTube. Listen to the speech that seventy PH gave and let me tell you something that right there as your primary. Outstanding work out I just I I would've liked what would you. When you go to to Albany you hear all the stories. And you're looking at you know where you -- you remain here Easter war. -- and -- 147 district it was a very tough primary for U. You came up on top you brought the party together if you the party. You went -- today in in them and an election against Democrat. You want handedly there but when you look at at the future of -- this state is -- You know. What what are you thinking for your kids. I'll try to a day. We actually needs from leaders of all American provide shelter because senators I look around -- assembly and and the way they Dugard and are out there where the governor. Here's what happened. Monday night. We were in chambers all day. -- -- At 1130 they called into recession we go -- conference. And 1145. We hear that the senate has voted on this -- bill and passed it. So at 1150. They walk and eleven hit it right at midnight they walk in that first -- we've got to achieve the bill. First time. 1130 after the senator -- it was a complete and utter joke and wouldn't want him follower. We we were written bill park. Our staff members attorneys in a week out of the world that he should eat that and don't count. That they -- and we can further the majority would probably confronted -- sober. All -- -- we're at here look what we're gonna take care of that. You know because the -- bill. In this new bill. Day a police officer walked into a school. It is up with a -- a little more than seven in the clip which most of them have more than 7 o'clock now there are classy elegant arrested immediately. All I want I want repeatedly progression no -- and -- met bill through our police officers. Flowers ordered a picture that why don't like this there's -- -- -- paper to a three days we in this part of what we do everything else in particular all the provisions for. But they wouldn't. Global rammed it down our -- On believable -- a police officer shows up at a school. And is now a class. Yoga class and talent because that has not been taken care and not look silly yet and it won't be. Offer a weaker true and an -- -- to vote one week. We pointed out in our our airport in the first thirty minutes restarts in the -- but ultimately -- -- crap. That's how horrible that call and and the governor page -- that what's his response you know -- hook in if you look at that -- there's not one parent would have stopped. That killer that you -- not want. Look at that go out and not think to prevention in Iraq. What I -- I -- I wanna keep over one another segment your time and you're busy. You don't. We heard from a -- shot Ryan today we heard from other people none of them first of all this is due here this is passion. This is passion coming from someone who understands he he told. A sudden DiPietro told a personal story. About protecting his family. And when that Torre went to his his friends and his colleagues on the democratic side you could hear a pin drop no one reported what he had this. No one. They couldn't respond to what because there did a DiPietro was actually. Is from our community you've won a bunch and he has a story about -- the gun owner about protecting his family and no one there. Because of their air and they don't even understand what's going -- I wanna talk to. Some of DiPietro put on hold him to break. We come back and talk more to the representative. In the New York assembly from the 147. District you go to my Twitter at DiPietro for and why. And out all -- talk about the Buffalo News and free of information act for pistol permit holders. I'm telling you what if you don't know about David DiPietro. You've been living under a rock not only is he represented us in New York in Albany. I think we're gonna see him in Washington DC in about 46 years and I -- open. Because this guy is rock star. In the making our our guest that is been -- last segment and his name is assemblyman. David DiPietro -- and 47 district and I don't know if you've been listening to YouTube. Anywhere that national news Fox News CBS it was on the Christian Broadcasting Network. One of of that. Argued there is to get from the Christian Broadcasting Network. I'm -- -- dutrow did that. And you know what it was a sound -- for the ages stood up assemblyman you'll lob. You'd give a story a personal story about protecting your family and the response was deafening. Could you just give us real quick via cliff note version. The 2007 my daughter was about five months four months old. July or August my wife would go on. Trip. You know about in this -- get -- -- sort of -- quickly the about 5:30 in the morning at -- screeching down in the neighborhood drives through my yard. I call the police okay but it article 140 minutes later it comes back I called police again I'm an old. Now the sun coming up look at my windows are open they actually pulled up in parliament house on the side -- Four guys. About 1941 years old on drugs aren't. They were from -- work. And they had vandalized our neighborhood. And out sitting out there on the bullet police -- to recommend. In the and they're talking about coming into my topic airplane they talk they are scream and they're -- -- -- That the boat or no I didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- my daughter's house in only those irked at you -- out front. Scream at each other. By the sidewalk or call one -- talking about coming into my house. So I'm making the decision woman bald like grab my daughter like put on in the you know like wildlife defend myself. OK in the whole time until this story in Britain. She Portland that have been taught art at seven clips against organized 77 route that I can't have more than seven because that's illegal. And and it was it was a complete chill this whole. -- bill. I -- it was it was so I swear it was the perfect timing to bring that up and when that story came out. The response when your colleagues was as your question here are just you're -- actually talking about real life experience and it's caught totally broke harboring them on our side of the I'll. Please stop talking about real life situations. A similar DiPietro you go to -- on Twitter page at DiPietro for and why. And he represents the 147. District if you wanna -- where that if you wanna move. Easter or Wyoming county area that pretty much where he went by real state if you want real representation. In the assembly. But anyway -- -- Buffalo News is all over the plea today they requested a -- of information act for pistol permit holders. What are your feelings about that. That the -- Again this law is law and attack on the Second Amendment today and I -- at first and opened -- in Albany. OK they are that they do want this this wasn't this bill and I I watched my democratic. Colleague who they say. -- -- how great this -- what does this is gonna stop children you know this is the stop everything because we we got clipped so guns. It it would complete and utter. Chill it's an attack and they said this belt -- on and off. Next time we got to go farther this is just the beginning next to you know like I also heard -- on the Second Amendment. I also heard from a -- managing court which agreed to the states and Steve -- You know you while you you hit the the guys right between the guys. And one of the things that. I was most in the again this is two -- conference out. You know what happens after you make such a when you get on the floor by the way this 1858 you would have been a pact with -- umbrella. -- -- Happens after you make a statement like that everyone you know you can just hear a pin drop you walk away from the microphone. Do you talk show -- your guys on the democratic side is there. Is it is that it was kind of like you know you had your piece but or certainly animosity. I mean with what you would you state something so passionately articulate so well how it was received by the other side. Well that is the some -- on the other side in Western New York. Is very open and respectful -- we talked. OK and I know a couple of didn't vote on. -- The liberal New York City liberals they they steam coming in other years whenever -- -- -- -- that we are. Just I don't know what the word you'd put it. But to a but the liberals and New York City. They live in a different I don't know what planet are strong it's incredible. I'm Google news is their mantra everything they do is based on more government less freedoms. We can do it better so don't even know if there's anyone that lives outside of India -- one New York City they either have no clue -- -- Silicon that don't share a similar shot Ryan was another program with John it's who's in the morning and he was saying that. It actually was talking -- I mean to you but essentially about you. By saved because every you've you've got the blood that's got all of us. The -- talking points that are on the air right now but it but he was basically saying was does that you know so many people. The Republican insiders say that this was. Jammed through. Rob they're talking about midnight legislation but it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At midnight that legislation that would certainly to lower launch date with the governor itself wouldn't who wouldn't help this. Bureaucratic baloney. New -- and bill should keep a light and they. Understand it has already passed it and then we get the bill that is a travesty. That did not openness that is about salt the citizen all this state. That's crazy. So zealous and he drove it just the feathered his own bag even that Democrats will try this whole thing was pushed. -- in the middle of the night sort Cuomo could be Obama threw a punch with -- legislation. A hawk got a you've got to love -- over the PH I do. I just it's it's literally. I feel like I'm a fan you know the -- club what are you going to be home in the district. Give our rally coming up as their like we need to have a operators of the what what are you going to be activity events coming up. Actually I'm going to be are the gun control gone rarely not where Saturday you'll have been but it speaks I'll all right -- time in school. I don't know popular new president talked people who. Were and what happens. Hang out afterwards that we can we can you have a line to shake your hand because we're all very very proud view. What actually -- talked about the constitution defending it articulating it. We have a representative in India New York assembly that man is assemblyman David DiPietro 147. District.

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