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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Filing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Gun Law - Jim Tresmond

Filing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Gun Law - Jim Tresmond

Jan 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo attorney Jim trust Monday. Is getting involved in the gun control debate and he is going to work on behalf of all gun owners in New York State. Mr. -- -- -- on the WB and live line hi Jim how are you how are you this morning. Hi -- -- you were doing good sir tell us what -- -- accomplish. Well what we want to do is. First we want to review this this law we believe it's onerous. We. We're out to protect our constitutional rights and that's fundamentally what where what we're after. Where we're looking yet to the Second Amendment. We're looking at the Fifth Amendment and we're looking at. Previously decided. Cases. Notably Heller and McDonald. With that regard as Supreme Court so. What we want to do is to make sure that the right. Law abiding gun owners in New York State are protected and not just dust. Just thrown around without any regard to. To what their status is this. Have you begun hearing from gun owners around here. With calls and emails. Yes indeed we. We have been contacted by at least 7500. Gun owners across the state through emails and telephone calls. And we have got several attorneys across the state. From. Long Island Rochester. Syracuse. And Western New York. Who will want to be involved in this effort. Jim is our understanding that you have fought successfully. On behalf of Second Amendment issue before -- Yes. We have. Locally. We haven't gone statewide put two. This is. This is going to be a real. Talk -- -- -- it's going to be a difficult. Fight but we're we're prepared to move forward to. As I said with regard to that he constitutional issues involved here. How can gun owners can't take you to become a member of this class action suit. Well what we have is we we. Anybody that will be affected by this by this law will be the class of people that we will be trying to protect. The they can contact me through my email. Present laws as And we will keep them apprised of what what we would need go forward. I have to tell you this since -- pro Bono effort there is no charge. To any party who will be involved with us. I will be doing this and so little the other attorneys involved will be doing this -- Pro -- so there'll be any. Financial. Let's say involvement of any of the parties. Okay Jim and also we will provide all of this information you've given us on our website WBM dot com wondering got it now button. So not our listeners canned tuna and do you have a an email address the or a or any other any other way to contact you besides email at Michigan. Well I would prefer people did contact me via email because my. My answering machine is just loaded with with telephone calls from across the state. We have people that are. Gun owners for. Twenties and thirties. Forty years. While fighting. Who's who feel that their rights are being affected by these by this law we. After we review -- you'll decide which way we're going to attack it but we we will be looking. And it's filing a lawsuit in federal district court. Shortly within the next three to four weeks. Are you a gun owner yourself -- yes. It is just curious on. Yes yes I am a gun owner I if I and 72 years old I've had a gun ever since I've been twelve years old and to have been a hunter. I've been in the military idea. So I think. I I -- one of the one of the parties that could be affected by. Jim good -- do this morning and good luck as you go forward with us. Well thank you. Thank you for talking to those buffalo attorney Jim trust -- And again that email address to present law at Gmail that term. TRE SM OND ways to prevent the. There's no need to visit the hospital emergency room to get your shot flu vaccinations are readily available at most doctors' offices clinics and trucks. If you have flu like symptoms like fever cough or sore throat please call your doctor first before heading to the hospital -- many New Yorkers are going to the emergency room. Mild symptoms there's no need to go to the hospital unless your doctor advises you. So please get your flu vaccination today. It's the safest easiest way to keep New York healthy for all of us for more information call your health care provider partners that help. And why. That's healthy diet and life time. She -- me a public service message front -- by the 1199 SE -- U and greater New York hospital association health care education projects. OK okay WOK Casey Weathers and WTO SS HD two and totally beaten the. It's everything you need to start your day -- Buffalo's early news with John Saxon pros in the WB EN news team. News radio 9:30 AM and 107 point seven FM. And thirty degree is the -- good morning everyone I'm -- I'm Susan rose news radio 9:30 AM and one a seven point seven FM WB -- top stories for Wednesday January 16. Buffalo News filing a freedom of information request with the Erie county clerk asking for the names and addresses of all pistol permit holders in the county. Is -- requested day late and a dollar short New York's new gun law prohibits such information from being made public the similar moves by smaller newspapers and rock elements so we'll count as one over like a load below. Sparking stinging criticism from gun -- lawmakers. Even the police Republican critics of New York's new gun laws say it's nothing but bad government and the president later today unveiled his plan to stem gun violence of America. And will be bringing you the president's remarks line. At about 11:50 times this morning and WB -- we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes about traffic. A total of 190s south at South Korean island bridge at an accident in the right lane. A little bit earlier that's causing them back up there. Getting word one of our collars and the 190s he's -- we talked about earlier this morning it was an accident between Delaware park side the -- lane was closed. Elaine is now while reopens a reduction in there also everywhere else that much going on no accidental other accidents to report in the -- and much -- command and --

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