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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tough, new gun laws for New York State.

Tough, new gun laws for New York State.

Jan 15, 2013|

Sandy and Ken Hamilton react to Governor Cuomo signing into law a tough, new gun control bill.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Hamilton is whether to send I'd like to welcome back -- you extremists. Because we just heard from the governor who characterize us as extremist. Ken Hamilton. I'm glad you could join us today because I was especially interest in getting your perspective on how. This will either help or hurt Cuomo in his presidential bid is no secret that's why he wanted to be first out of the -- what do you think now. Heard people talking about this -- over the weekend and everything about. With the prospects of an impasse and a strong law like this and Obama and ask the law such as this one that would it help of her would have hurt him. If he decided to run for president when he sixteen. I don't think it would have much of an impact I think it's a new solution. If the state can elect. Mario Cuomo whom I said and I have written that he is much different than his dad separatist ambitions. As a probable run for the presidency. But this state electorate on Mario arm Andrew Cuomo. And the United States shows Barack Obama. If the trend carries and no matter what they Cuomo goddess. That he qualifies for Obama's job because there's no more extreme are no less extreme model promised. Might -- -- my thought was that that was exactly quote most thinking. Hey he just won a second term of reducing its. Had to Obama no one. Pages one a second term he's gonna -- a successor it's iffy whether Hillary Clinton will be able run especially if she falls owners -- out again so I I would be the leading candidate if I can get my stayed out front of us that's my thinking. And the the reason I take great umbrage and it is I don't believe our lives should depend on political ambitions of of any one person including the governor of New York State governors common goal. They come and go some have more impact than others but the bottom line is our rights should remain intact and I think this is. He called it sensible I call some of its senseless some of it is is helpful obviously I want stricter enforcement I want better communications between the agencies. I I want to harsher punishment for crimes committed with a gun I like like that life would no parole. Factor of that but the rest of it the magazine size and the of that sort of thing. Is just absolute pandering -- to take a break and we'll be back of a full segment with -- enemy sandy beach.

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