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Gov. Cuomo Signs NYSAFE Act

Jan 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First to senator -- and senator Andrea Stewart cousins thank you very much thank you for your leadership today and and your good work on this. To speaker Sheldon Silver. Thank you for good leadership on this issue for many many years as the speaker mentioned this. Unfortunately. Required. Tragedies. And loss of life to actually. Spur. The political process to action but it's an issue that. Many people have worked on for many many many years. Without the type of success we've seen today but it's it's the effort that has been made for many years and we applaud all of them. But this was an extraordinary. Accomplishment by the legislature of this state. This was -- Extraordinary first day of the legislative session. They want they can only imagine what they're gonna do on day two if this is what they do and they want. But let's please join me in giving the assembly and the senate a round of applause for their great. -- welcome -- got embarrassed. Whom and the victims and the advocates for sensible gun control who worked for so many years on this effort. And in many ways worked -- so long to get to today. I want to thank the district attorneys -- with us their champagne and the district attorney's association that worked very hard to pass this bill let's give the round of applause that. And as a point of personal privilege Joseph -- of the state police lieutenant governor Bob Duffy who has been extraordinary on this on this effort and many others. And a mile and -- Christine and Larry Schwartz. And -- Glazer who worked very hard on this -- I thanked him very much brought their good work also. I've heard this is day this is common sense you know sometimes it's it's difficult to to get to a place where you can actually. Exercise common sense but this is a a gun control bill if you will that actually exercise is common sense. The first point is people who are mentally hills should not have access to guns. That's common sense to society a long time to get -- complicated to come up with a mechanism to actually effectuate that. But that's probably be the hallmark. Of this bill coming up with a system that allows for mental health screens. Which then means you needed database. Of ownership. So you can actually do those greens. And look out for the first time a statewide. Hand gun database. That will allow the state allow local officials to check. Periodically. For mental health. Issues to check periodically for criminal convictions because you don't want. Criminals and people who are mentally you don't have access to guns. Well we called the Webster permission. Mandatory life without parole if you kill a first response. Period. And unfortunately yeah we needed the the situation of Webster to bring us. To that realization -- background checks on all private sales why because the old system made no sense if you went to a gun -- at the bar are gone and had to go through a background check. But if you couldn't pass a background check thing you bought that gone privately may be paid a little bit more but you weren't. You private sale and there was no background check and I hope you need a background check and dealing union background check when you buy privately. And this is the first system that actually implement that. And seven bullets in the gun why because the high capacity magazines. That give you the capacity. To kill a large number of human beings in a very short period of time. Is nonsensical. To a civil society. And seven bullets capacity and -- gone. They scare congress takes care of sportsmen. Takes care -- target shooters. But god forbid there's a situation with the person was mentally a person one reason or another wants to kill a large number of people it gives law enforcement a chance. And that's the common sense of seven bullets in the -- I am proud to be a new Yorker today that. I am proud to be part of this government. Not just because New York -- the first bill but because New York has the best bill. This is a complex multifaceted problem. And this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the the full panorama and spectrum. Of issues that come up. I'm proud to be new Yorker because New -- doing something. Because we are fighting back. Because yes we've had tragedies and yes we've had too many innocent people lose their life -- yes it's unfortunate that it took. -- tragedies to get us to this point but let's at least learn from what's happened. Let's at least be able to say to people yes we went through terrible situations. But we saw we La and we responded and we acted and -- doing something about it we are not victims. We can strike back and we can defend ourselves but we're going to do it intelligently. And we're going to do prudently. And we're gonna put rules in place that actually protect. Innocent people in society that's with the State of New York is doing today and it says common sense can win. And good people can win. And you can actually get government to work and get good things to happen you can overpowered. The extremists. With intelligence and with reason and with common sense. And you can make this state a safer state. And that's what we're going to do today with the passage of this bill. It was my honor to play a role -- that it is exactly what we pledged when we came here to make this state a better state. Today we are doing just that. Please join me at the table and not sign this bill thank you.