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Bellavia NYS Gun Bill

Jan 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is not to talk about today what's going on the world is that the Golden Globes. Perhaps. The sabres hockey season. Or is that the fact. That the Governor Cuomo. Bullied. By his stuff friends in the senate. -- slayer and a bill through now to -- that. The bill was was actually went to paper from a leaves a partner at 11 PM. On Monday night. And the bill was passed -- 1122. 22 minutes. The State of New York that can't even figure out any day Hydro fracking were still studying it. Do we need all of the environmental tests before we can decide under. At what sports betting can we get sports betting in the -- the hold on hold on slow down. The fuel tax in New York -- that we can no no no we these things we have to sit in debate. But a gun bill 22 minutes from the time it hits paper. It is now 43 to eighteen the New York State Senate let's talk first about our heroes. Those who are actually voted against senator ball down state. One of the most conservative members of the New York State Senate of course was a no vote there were. Let's see here. -- counting eleven that Republicans that flipped to the other side most notably -- mark -- sunny. Senator mark Chris -- voted. For. It's comprehensive. You could call it gun grabbing legislation here's my point all right now that's what like a ten round magazine. Now we're saying that for the -- platform which is responsible how deaths in buffalo by the waves are responsible -- curious. How deaths a shot of what time metropolitan area of low of while buffalo metro area. How many eight yard deaths last year the year before came from the car. Well Rochester. Or were all Sarah Hughes. Is our -- this is the real problem. In wake of -- go to the bar so if you -- to me as outraged as I AM. As a constitutional Americans who who love this country who believes that this is a right given to aspire on father's. If you are a liberal. Who -- gone to believe were evil. This committee. Should insult you more. Because a stretch what the governor and New York State Senate said last night in 22 minutes. Is that the difference between. A massacre. And someone who wants to go out and defend his in his family or target practice. It's three manageable it. But Jack in the -- stock the three -- the three bullets. Is the difference between. A massacre. And you know a magazine changed. Now you can buy magazines. You've got the five round magazine for the AR and you've got the ten round magazine. To -- York. And New York State is 87 round magazines so what does that really mean. Let me that the governor and those cowards in the New York State Senate and -- -- saudis wanted them. They know that you're either going to have to make a seven round magazine for New Yorkers. Our which are gonna have to do is use the five -- so. That seven around magazine is really a five -- Agassi. Because who's gonna make a specific magazine just for New Yorkers. Honestly -- if they do it's going to be you know a 35 dollar magazine for seven rounds. Outstanding every five years you're going to have to lie. Become a registered. Which is half the time it takes to. -- for you when -- driver every two years. Driver's license ten years. Gun. Five -- five years that seems about right Patrick Galvin senator Galvin. He voted against. We got George may -- vote against. Michael rats in the hopper voting against. But then wrapped in hopper fired one of his staff members for supporting Gelman we went to the current stock. That I should I gonna let -- ago I am a movie about that. Your -- opera voted against it. Sleep rest and proper Joseph robot game in and it in Rochester it's essentially all of the local Republicans. Did the right -- no Democrats by the way voted against this bill markers on either the local Republican who decided to put. I don't even you know what I I I've given up our -- -- I'm -- to defend -- I can't defend it if it's ridiculous. And of course -- scales. Dean skills. The the leader. Of the Republicans in the New York State Senate. Votes for. The comprehensive legislation. That reduces bullets three. And it forces you you I heard. A part of my give -- call yesterday it was talking about what was on WB and that's all we deal. In my circle of love and adopt WB in these rating and thirty you wanna sandwich and Evan. And they are saying. A lot of people -- -- the -- about you know cats adopting a cat. Is more of a background check the -- to get. Rifle or to get it done. Yet to be more responsible to get a kit -- That you do to get a gun and like -- wrong should be different listen you don't lack of a constitutional. Right to a -- You don't. What other constitutional right do we have in in in America today. But you have to be licensed. Out. Now we have laws on the books they're not enforce. And we have a pass legislation New York State to make it -- To make it tough. When you commit a felony with a handgun. But -- have to beat up. Did you have to -- -- everyone across the board that we took of the Phoenix law this dog that was set on fire by these morons and bubble. The dog that was set on fire they passed free elections law and -- additional. Job Su and covered this. That they -- or -- she missed that committed them the mandatory. Sentence for people who. Portman animals at the wildfire whatever the case what. No problem no resistance. But we it takes a piece of legislation. It if you if you commit a felony with a with a handgun we need more -- It's better to let these people go don't foresee what we have the books. But we need more laws we need to be a nanny state. We have the supple. And I -- New York State that that's what they want us to do. Another gun control of yards consult -- ours is what are what killed in the youth and our cities. Every single day we're losing them left and right. Because of our gun violence. What an absolute embarrassment New York State we're not leaving anything. Can't decide on Hydro fracking we can't decide on on what we're going to be in charge and are throwing -- all. New York State is leading we're. Leaving from -- and -- -- Cuomo thinks he -- sealed his fate for presidency the United States gridlock in the not gonna happen. And what do we have now we got to buy new magazines for the art it -- by seven right it would create a seven on magazine for New York. These are are are literally loopholes created. For the sole purpose of getting in the way for you legally possess a gun at the law abiding citizens that all of this is about. Creating more -- a Buddy -- Literally to create. Obstacle course for you'd need to have to navigate. As a law abiding gun owner.

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