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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NHL's Song of the South - Predators Announcer Pete Weber

NHL's Song of the South - Predators Announcer Pete Weber

Jan 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Folks here in buffalo can't wait for the hockey season abbreviated as it's going to -- again 101000. Fans at first Niagara center last night. To launch a Buffalo Sabres scrimmage restaurant bar owners around here are tickled -- that lost a bundle. Because of the player lockout on the W via a live line in his former ball below sportscaster Pete Weber. Now the voice of the National Hockey League Nashville Predators they paid good morning. -- quite achieve -- great vigor or the bank. So with all that's said well I just mentioned about you know bar owners here are happy now. Fans going crazy. Compared to buffalo what's national -- like your in this player Lanka to build a big deal where. You know we've got an American hockey game going 191000 people. To the building but all we have it is pretty consistent questioning to -- I can walk into virtually any retail problem middle see -- for that matter. Quality over optional. And people keep that's where it is hockey coming back. But judging from if -- -- politically story you know what does it -- or apathy after work out on I don't care. But it's been a case of the bats really ought that we saw last night and we get. If -- area of the country or you have. Freezing rain. Usually keeps people label we had a a -- people that put out by the -- -- got a -- private go before we -- What are we gonna players Alter a -- and the bowling Alley was packed last night and the people just -- and talk about hockey so. Very much on the upbeat -- all of us I think the people. Around the National Hockey League are up pretty much. The same -- terms of the enthusiasm stamped out. Yeah you know and now on the other side -- do think there's certain certain segment of fans. They're still little better. There always will be -- and they -- -- people to have to quit and I get checked there every daylight out. But it clearly not been a Major League Baseball game -- -- World Series was called up in 1994. Boycott or holding a grudge. But you know that that court so Simon goal at all that there is always going to be shot but the best. Inclination -- best indication I can give view is. Tampa Bay Lightning lost roughly a hundred a 150 season ticket holders. I checked with our people they almost all the names of all the people that did not come back essentially we're talking about it can't fall. -- off at least in this marketplace that's the way it's got the yes there will always be some sort of all our. Because people talk about so what matters labor unrest like this. What sort of damage has been drawn and and that's good damage that fortunately here cannot be measured in very large quantities. -- Nashville stand to come out little conference schedule. Do you think. Well it's. This. It's always been out of the west to begin what court going to be top in the Eastern Conference. For example that Atlantic Division. In other longest trip is to -- from metro new Yorker at a Pittsburgh. Here for the predators. Whilst in the central plot so. Paying -- up fortunately enough for this skakel -- -- eating just one trip to the Canadian. Canadian west. Two trips however California. -- It's really going to be one where backup goaltenders are gonna have to be prepared in the western copper. And to contribute significant time to their -- But you would think that Minnesota will be well very well situated little all of this they're gonna fly more miles than anybody else or -- They did we -- around here thanks for joining us this morning our best to your lovely wife Claudia. Well thank you so much -- -- -- that regard under all the best -- -- and folks there's one saint. There's a bumper sticker the right now -- go to the -- and it goes drop the puck. So let's just see what else does that. A -- populated period. Former buffalo sportscaster -- the voice of the National Hockey League Nashville Predators.

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