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Bellavia on Guns and Government

Jan 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Charles Schumer are senator. From new York. And -- people throwing gasoline on anything shock is you know. Talking about just nonsense about. People that you are defending a man and -- -- -- Eight Republicans. In name only. Republican. Who odd turn against the surge in Iraq. Who -- endorsed a Democrat win his colleague. John McCain was running for president. A manual refers to Jewish. Americans -- Israelis in the most derogatory manner no. It it is -- game. -- outrageously. Homophobic. Insensitive. And -- words coming out of Chuck Hagel. It's gonna support this guy in that. You are saying that the gun lobby. The -- okay by the way whose sole job is going to be -- arm. And to break down the budget of the Pentagon he's gonna do he's gonna cut everything by 30%. So that's right -- is gonna -- -- the military while you do your best to do the same on the civilian side. It is the goal isn't there yet Chuck Hagel working to a road what's going on in in our department defense. And then we have. What we have by Chuck Schumer. Is going after the Second Amendment. Makes its. Because you told us that you were going to take away any -- that more than about taking away the god it was a lot magazine capacity. And now we're being told marched up Salomon where we don't know what we're gonna decide but to stop sell them until we make a decision. Until we make our decisions dot. Awesome guys agree that. And meanwhile. Mr. senator Schumer who's pro gay marriage pro gay everything. Evidently. He doesn't care that Chuck -- You could not a thousand. A more you ever would. Every president whether we'll start with Clinton he goes out to find Bill Collins from Maine. William Cohen senator republic came to me it's impossible to find conservatives remain conservatives in -- like bigfoot sightings. They really have no idea IDs -- did you see the -- there there's no it's very difficult to find a conservative and however. Built Colin. Was the choice for Bill Clinton to be the secretary defense and after that democratic presidents decided that they throw a bone. And bring in one of you know one of the Republican side. You've got three people up right now for nominations John Kerry. For secretary of state we have Jacqueline who the man who who signs his name with circles. It's almost like Cindy Lou who Jack -- who he is like if I guess whose character he -- his name ABC signature. It's almost. To Britain -- signature analysts here in Western New York. I would like to bring someone in to identify what that says about him. Jack -- signed his name senator senator Clinton's circle circle circle circle for and gets darker and -- but there's no like. I gonna stay in the OJ in the Jack could be somewhat of a mini loop and but we didn't the w.s will be open and that's signature goals on the dollar. And have. I mean Jack looked at Jack whose reputation is to be one of the most obnoxious people. In in the White House -- very obstinate. He's one of those guys who largest if it is constantly. You know cause -- trouble. I'm just I'm reading this right now as we as him as -- speaking it looks like -- and Apollo tunnel will stay on as Homeland Security director is just breaking news. -- Jacqueline is the chief of staff for the White House and is just one of the guys that every time McConnell comes in Mitch McConnell the sent it to a minority leader on the public becomes in. All it's just Jack -- was just creating conflict or want to talk to -- no -- likes of Jack with a very controversial candidate for secretary treasury. Now we have John Cary we know his problems from swift -- We have Chuck Hagel the rent a Republican that we -- fine. Who anti Israel. You know qualifies homosexuals as aggressively -- what does that mean by the way how aggressively day. You're you're you're gay. You're straight. And that was an ambassador to Luxembourg in 1998. And Chuck Hagel during the Clinton administration. He he addressed the ambassador to the the confirmation hearing and the ambassador of Luxembourg said he's aggressively -- What does that mean aggressively gay. Doesn't mean he's got I don't think it's important if you if. One -- that out -- right. At lunch. And outright and said you are aggressive or he's really game. He's not just gay. He use. The league game is really gay aggressively get. Want to around you know with a with a -- on. Let me just on mobile you can get away with that apparently. As long as you or not. You can be an anti semite all you want. But. You can't be. You can't be -- gay but then again maybe you can.

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