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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Saratoga Gun Show A Success - NEACA's Dave Petronis

Saratoga Gun Show A Success - NEACA's Dave Petronis

Jan 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's been a lot of attention on gun shows following the shooting at sandy -- elementary in Connecticut a month ago. And it was a big gun show this weekend that we did preview on Friday was it does in Saratoga. New York and -- to trust the president of new East Coast arms collectors associates he was sponsor of that show he joins us on the WB in -- Dave good morning. -- -- -- Howry and how the weekend now. Well I'm tired. In the week it was absolutely fantastic we have people coming from afar why -- that the line you would -- a bit -- that line Jerusalem don't do it took about an hour they have figured in a rep side. I think given it wrapped around the building would have been three times it was about a quarter mile long. It was a total attendance so to showed live. Total was somewhere into our. Are around 7000. I think it was a bigger showing that these six senators. And any function there has ever had. And you release total -- -- for thirty years while do you what do released totals how many guns were sold in an event like this or -- -- I think I can tell you this I don't know how many guns are sold because we don't keep track of things like that he should dealer does their own transactions. So -- And in factory antique firearms sold to lose so there's no world. And background checks on those things like that. So little but there was there were many many miles on the deal -- -- secondary. Then there's the anti gun protesters -- scheduled to show up and pick up the firearm show. Do they show up there and the incidents confrontations. No. The -- Saratoga Springs police department had some barricades. In the -- there where the demonstrators were. There was about I think thirty to forty demonstrators. Anti gun. And then excuse me there was probably you have double that of pro gun demonstrators. Who were on it and everybody was very good actually. There was no confrontation whatsoever they did have speeches between the age group and they were kept actually away from our line notebook people who were getting into the show. There was no incident there there was no incident inside everybody was very very civil are gonna say. I was so so busy I didn't even have a chance to go in and -- -- demonstrated for being there have been orderly. -- so many people -- Tears for eight what is the next one. And -- -- there than their target cities -- -- -- policy at Saratoga council and allowed the bandit again. Or try to or whatever little convinced -- try to. There's the third weekend in March. And that's usually our partnership or more than double what would happen then. -- -- they -- there's a lot of talk right now and and in kind the New York State Legislature about. Banning any sort of -- firearm over those seven round magazine capacity. In other things banding magazines period even. Evening omitting these. Nineteen ninety. Four road grandfather clause in your review of the year grandfather clause that that allowed to. People to have for the type of firearm. Before the biblical fact that they want to eliminate that do so. And we had -- a state senator from our area -- -- and she's spoke at the show -- and Steve McLaughlin he's right across the river from most of Butler county. Assemblyman of the 107. Assembly district he spoke at this show and they both urged. Every one to a bar in the governor's telephone that messages that you shouldn't just run these things through give and also thought give the legislature wrote. They're needed three days by law. That time to think about what they get actually a lot of vote and before -- before they do vote on things. So even though people came to the show Dubai Sheldon traded firearms. There was a lot of talk about pending legislation not only here in New York -- Washington. A couple like yourselves who are on the one of the radio stations here was touring the show on Saturday and and your counterpart -- who was anti gun a month ago and she says she's completely changed her mind. Few he doesn't necessarily think you're gonna run by gun but that -- -- that legislation. Of this sort of in the legislature right now. It is not a way to go to the -- no look no lives and it's gonna serve no purpose. He wanna ask you this begun reform that -- their debating in Washington with the vice president's task force. Supposedly they're gonna recommend a ban on assault weapons to the president tomorrow but the head of the NRA said yesterday that the current congress doesn't have the votes to pass it. We think. I don't think they do either. There's the -- the band. -- again the assault weapon if you if you if you strip away the pistol -- the look -- -- Blackstock. And put some different stuff -- had a fight ground magazine and it turned itself into a hunting weapon. So. There's that there's really no difference between these so called assault guns and hunting guns and the bad guys have been your high capacity magazine. I want the good guys -- have -- object there called and there was also so. Just an insane insane things. I'm talking about banning these it's just all need jerk and and they're just trying to rush things through it just not -- saved many lives in his second serve any purpose. -- day of this furor over firearms. It has faded. Quickly in the past but do you think it'll take a lot longer to -- now because of the school shootings -- because of the theater shootings in Colorado. I don't think it's good if they need to be perfectly hasn't I think maybe we'll be talking new game in March. The of the feelings -- there and and and typical way here very soon. And if they do world a lot of try to ban these things and there's an awful lot of opposition against it. So world forty to 4000 on one day -- as far as numbers go should should tell the year. The legislature is down there that they're they're not out there rural. Doing anything it's the right for the people it's just a minority group that wants to get the oil abused children out squeaking and more -- at the. Aren't Dave nice talking with you again and then and we will be calling union -- Yeah I appreciate the opportunity it was a fantastic show I gotta tell you it done -- Susan and you look you should experience of firearms children going to be one out. I'll buy you somewhere. Yeah I know there there there was one this weekend and there's a few more coming up hey Dave nice of you to join us thanks. They put -- as president of new East Coast arms collectors associates.

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