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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Armed guards in schools?

Armed guards in schools?

Jan 11, 2013|

Sandy talks about recent proposals to put armed security guards in schools.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So the NRA after the -- after the Connecticut shootings. Is said that Wayne Lapierre. Said that he thinks that of the safety of the children is prime is of the prime. A focus should be a prime focus and so he suggested armed security in schools. Which is not a bad idea but he was ridiculed by those who just simply want to ridicule any spokesperson for the RA. Saying we don't want turn into an armed camp -- recorded quite understood that. If your kid was off of school in this some madman ago was looking for trouble. Would you rather have an officer they are always trained to deal with a situation would you rather just have the teacher after. I heard the children into a closet and hopefully not make any noise so that the gunman wouldn't know they were there. That's not a great alternative to me cowering in the closet I would rather have somebody there -- good deal with a situation but that's me. Maybe not everybody feels the same way. But I do feel those who didn't think it was a good idea can't really make the sale that their children will be traumatized by seeing. A yeah in armed and armed security officers they are now. What we did this subject when it was first suggested. Couple people said -- a security officers and civilians also they look like teachers. Which is a good idea because. Then there'd be your -- would take the trauma issue. Right off the table. Are you still have the security so they wouldn't have to be uniform you'd still have the security. And and I have to give up by the safety. Of your child as best we could. And -- note from issue but they still made fun of it because they wanted to would denigrate the the aren't. And now. This a plan that says the Biden made push for police and schools remember what a letter to the editor yesterday. From -- Godfrey who said Bill Clinton announced grants that would put 400 officers in schools. And then requested an additional sixty million from congress to fund more of the same nobody. Denigrated or ridiculed Bill Clinton would that suggestion that it seems like it was a readily. Embraced. Well Barbara Boxer. Senator Barbara Boxer from California. Might have a little bit different idea than that are fellow senator. I Dianne Feinstein. Dianne Feinstein of course it would like to CO of the weapons in the magazines and and whatever. Band. But she suggested through Joseph Biden while he was doing his rounds and while he was a putting together -- is package to present to the president. That they consider a fifty million dollar plan. To fund hundreds of police officers in public schools. -- that would be part of the yeah of the plan. This school safety initiative would make federal dollars available to schools -- wanna hire police officers and install surveillance equipment. It in the in the schools and we said look there are many solid citizens who could do that job. You could have first of all you could have retired police officers train. To deal with crisis trained to deal with firearms. You could have retired military trained to deal with crisis trained to deal with firearms so there are plenty of people out there. Whom I could do a good job protecting your child. And I liked this idea senator robot boxer said she presented the proposal to. Vice President Biden and he said he was very varied interest it. But I would like your opinion. The basic question is Joseph Biden's report. May recommend fifty million dollars for police in schools. Something ridiculed when suggested by the NRA is this a good idea or not let's ticket if you have a kid in school. And if your kid is grown up okay think about maybe you have grandchildren you have grandchildren in school or children in school do you think this is -- good idea or not. Where else do you think it would make some cents. Malls usually word large groups of people are in malls they already have security. Most of its time not armed for more like -- city. With the exception of handcuffs and things like that but not armed with firearms. Movie theaters I mean it's proven that that is a target. -- what about the pardon me what about campuses what about college campuses. And you know one of the things that many college campuses are are going through now in fact there was going to be a specific show about it. Some are are proposing these sorts of things and some are are making them happen. Is to students who have carry permits be allowed to carry. On campus some some schools strictly say no no firearms on campus and that's why the if -- wanna do some bad things. That will be the best place to go wouldn't. As opposed to yes if if you're licensed to carry a firearm. In the grocery store of -- -- the carry a firearm walking down main street. Then you should be licensed to carry a firearm on on a college campus. One other colleges oh which one escapes me decided well all right will allow it but what we're going to do. Is we're going to put anybody. Who has a permanent who intends to carry in the same dorm. As we're gonna do we're going to vote focus and put -- there. And my suggestion would be this. If I had a kid going to that college I'd tell them that he hasn't farm permit simply so he could be in that dorm because believe me that'll be the last place the government would call. If but at. A. You know it's like robbery at the -- At the social club you get my drift doesn't make a lot of sense as a noun down on the word gets out pretty quickly. Let's say we can go here we go here but this dorm everybody in this dorm Kerry's. Let's go out there that makes a lot of sense doesn't it. So as I headed by etiquette there. I would I would request that that he or she would be placed in that dorm. And if you couldn't just request that I just tell my editor I that it favored government and place him in the -- that the safest place. -- -- for a National Guard them needing Americans that's yeah. So that makes sense to make a but I think when people are rational and reasonable they realize. Then in -- you'd it takes a twisted perverted. Mind to do the kind of things we're talking about now. And those kinds of issues should be the first thing to prevent gun violence as we said. We're what you we don't know if it's a clinical definition. We don't know if it's a legal definition there is no legal definition. I'm -- sorry there is no clinical definition of insanity. There is a legal definition but not a clinical. But for the sake of argument we can say unbalanced. Insane. Whatever. I don't think we owe it to somebody who has mental problems to provide them. -- -- you know with a permanent. Would lead to carry certainly or even purchase firearms I think they should be precluded from that. It's just the way it is that's that's the way of the world. But other places. That might might benefit from security I think -- -- pretty good the way it is if you go to -- Go to an NFL game there's all kinds of security there. So. Both schools. Schools are probably the least secure regular place without -- -- go to malls go to airports. Any of those places have have security. Maybe just an average town Parker something. Would which would have regular officers from that town patrolling mirror from the sheriff's department. But that's about it -- -- Tony when we brought the subject can you think of anyplace right now. That doesn't have armed security that will be useful because I'm thinking most of the places that needed habit. -- taken may be high school sporting events -- then again I'm not totally sure that there. There are two unarmed. You know to me like a football or basketball game something like that yes something like Baghdad near you talk tomorrow over a thousand people gathering what they're damn that's a schoolers -- right -- -- owners are. That would be that would be excellent. Because the same. Is fresh they did playing close closings is blend right in right if you were -- bad guy and you went into a school and you saw somebody walking. Oh -- open she murder is a sport jacket on UGU just a settlement was a teacher. And you wouldn't be able to make that assumption if the a security officers were in -- I think that makes a lot of sense. If anything we have a lot of festivals here Western New York -- -- taken about a most of whom are our our army have armed police you look at the Italian fest will UC buffalo police there I'm sure for align it. If if if you'll actually had X ray vision. And you walked. The arts festival taste the buffalo Italian festival any of those places. Yeah you would need X ray vision to see the cops if you had a revision is a lot of people who have a permit to carry -- -- sure all right so if a bad guy you don't wanna go into that crowd. Because the person standing right next to you might be caring or might be a cop. And you don't want that you'll you'll want -- slaughter innocents. You don't want it ended until it's your time and that we take your own -- -- -- -- So I liked the idea and them. Barbara Boxer suggests that it and a -- -- Barbara Boxer suggests that it Joseph Biden's that it like that I'm guessing -- end up on the president's. Agenda for something so -- like your your opinion if you had a kid. Or grandchild in school now. Would you favor. Armed the security and there are not. I can't picture anybody saying no I don't want that because I don't see how it has any downside the only downside is -- is a of monetary one. And I'm willing to spend money for the security and safety of kids for sure. I was just gonna say that I would mind if my taxes went up a little bit on what he is thought there was the armed security guard -- school -- -- all -- I'd be happy to pay even though my daughter's grown -- school anymore I'd be happy to pay for the security of the kids and in panel.

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