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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bellavia: Race and Guns

Bellavia: Race and Guns

Jan 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You remember back in two what -- -- 1994. Wanna think. It was the crime bill for a President Bill Clinton. And liberals got together crime bill we're gonna do and we are going to stem violence in the cities. You know stem violence and drugs in the urban area. Which is why I mean let's be would Bob Costas who brought the entire god debate to our attention. Don't don't go crazy after cholera. It was Bob Costas that started this on. One of the most widely watched events you know -- tell him which is Sunday Night Football. And Bob Costas said we have far too much far too many young athletes -- guns. And you could almost think that that was you know sort of a subtext. Statement they're talking about black people right. Young black adults -- guns. So -- Bill Clinton you know hero to liberals other of the year. Bill Clinton nineteen and affords you the problem is with urban black violence. With Hispanics violence in the cities they need midnight basketball. Midnight basketball is the solution. To violence in the city's. How outrageously. Racist is that could you imagine in the thirties. In the thirties if you would've gone to cup pole and all the Italian mafia's. Sicilian mafia is in Chicago how we get rid of Italian mob mobsters in our city you know the answer is -- here. You need botching courts and you need pizzeria. The more pizzeria and the more -- that you can provide. Two Italian mobsters the last they will you know. -- city and we just gave Italians more -- that. They won't start and and and -- in porphyry mob violence across the country. Midnight basketball. Could you imagine. Your cool what party you are I don't care if you're conservative or Republican what we are lacking in this country is integrity. -- courage. Cornell west a very liberal. He's. You know teaches at Cornell. -- his name is now if you Yale has been Cornell west. A black professor. Has like got the Frederick -- hair he's always on bill -- Bill Maher his show. But doctor Cornell last very outspoken. But you know what. -- times he says things and endlessly you know back the last few years. But here's what -- said -- the day after the the new town shooting he's quoted as saying. We can't just shed tears for those on the Vanilla side of town. Their precious. But there -- no less or more precious. Than our poor Brothers and sisters on Indian reservations. Or be -- black or brown or white whatever you it's a good thing that we now have a discussion in his opinion gun control. We need you know to to -- you know there's not a peep or mumbling word. In black folks get shot. But now the Newtown Connecticut. The Vanilla side. Lo and behold we got a major conversation -- is wrong. And his. Doctor Cornell west is a 100% right. And this is the problem in this last presidential election the Republican Party could not court the vote. Of minorities blacks Hispanics they all went towards the left they all went towards Democrats. Only that demo. And Republicans are we how we get to the low information voter. Hobbled stopped calling them low -- from Asian voters what that statement who came up with that. Low information voter. -- low information voter what does that say what is the subject behind that by the way. That's all offensive to anyone. You -- low information -- you don't you don't read well. What does that. But that but that the century is. Not only. Do these are the Republicans. Racist people don't understand why people don't try to get the black vote they try to suppress the black vote to bring the white vote outlets and let me tell you something. We are now seen years and years of the same thing if I am an African American living in the city of buffalo. I am absolutely without words. If there the violence that's going out of each what is the answer to the violence and eSATA buffalo. It is it is it assault weapons of is that the productive for dominant weapon of choice used. In urban violence and gang violence. Is that the ER platform. Are these guns purchased at gun shows. You're telling me gang -- a blood and crypt is going down to what he's going on Wyoming county in and doing its sale in the parking lot of the -- -- Is that what happened I was aware of that. The clips they go to what gun show -- candidate one. And they and they they go up to a guy and say -- bag Glock seventy let me get that. That that's where these guns are are coming from. They're coming from -- sales gang bangers going into rural suburban areas and buying illegal guns. And -- sales. Biden wants to shut out of the gang bangers. Are they are they playing college do. That is that would that would. Gang violence. Black from the city -- play call of duty PlayStation games. It's just a solution only for why. People. It is only a solution for suburbanites. And I'm telling you it's wrong when it's dealing with the people in the suburbs and it's wrong when people should be. It's it's it's it's it's a government solution policy decision made based -- False outrage. Because you don't care Mr. President. About gun violence because if you did and you would have been outrage when he took over 2008. We use -- in 2008. You would've stood up there and said you know what these deaths in Detroit I don't care pure white Hispanic. Or Asian or pure black. These young people are being killed in the prime of their life and life is precious across the board. And you know what -- I'd I'd I'd I'd I wanna stop these young people from being killed. I wanna stop these young people being killed I don't carry out when it's happening how Japanese which averaged just that you only should that would have much of a kindergartners. I on the front page white kindergartners from Newtown Connecticut that's what this is about doctor Cornell is he right he wrong.

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