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James Holmes Back In Court - Lee Frank

Jan 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now live to Colorado and CBS's -- frankly has been covering. This week's preliminary hearings into the Aurora Colorado shootings last July 20 a dozen people killed. Dozens wounded in a hail of gunfire. Allegedly unleashed by the suspect James -- -- good morning thank you for joining us gonna tell our listeners about the the latest. On the ruling from the judge. In the following his preliminary hearings usually. All of this finding is based on probable cause a pretty low standard in the judge after three -- testimonies says there's no doubt. That the prosecution met its burden of the probable. Cause standard. And that it is now possible. For -- home to face trial. Moves in through the process a little bit more. There will be many many more delays today it would be -- paper arrangement. Except the defense is asking for a delay. That's what would be discussed in court this morning whether there's a good reason that it should be delayed. And it is not ready to enter his plea to 166. Surge is so had to wait for another day. There was some talk earlier this week of an insanity defense is the defense still. Talking now. That's certainly been the talk they raised the issue of mental illness numerous times at some point they're going to need to have some sort of -- a valuation book by. Experts for the prosecution and court that the Serbs. And in the meantime it's very possible there could be discussion between the prosecution and defense about the possibility of the plea deal. Avoid a trial altogether and that may have been what the prosecution was looking for this week with all the evidence they presented and giving depicting her relatives. Of very typical pace -- what it would be like to go through a full trial and some of these people these people lost. Husbands wives children. Would rather not have changed Holmes spent weeks and weeks getting the attention that he political full blown trial. And realizing that there's not a good likelihood -- get the death penalty anyway. And they be just as happy to see a plea deal. -- go to prison for life and maybe be forgotten so that the victims' names can be mentioned more than his. Only could a possible. Could the plea arrangement. Possibly be behind the defense's request for a delay in those kids. The delay for the arraignment. It's a good question in you know it may be trying to strategize but at some point they are gonna have to go to an arrangement but -- they go to arraignment then. The question would be happier Ater pretty obvious is that can be guilty but it could be not guilty by reason of insanity or could just be not guilty to all 166. Charges but with so many charges they might have good reason for saying you know what. We want more time they've been trying to stall things all along for all sorts of reasons and that's partly sergeant. You know a lot was presented this week about how the shooting was planned out in the days and weeks before. Did the hearings reveal anything now on a motive. That's a good question there's no evidence yet of the motive it's been suggested. But never really supported. That his life was spiraling out of control this Tuesday. Neuroscience grad student who was not doing well in school socialize seem to be pretty lacking and the social skills -- pretty lacking. There's no other indication of what was behind did or why he chose this venue where you have a crowded theater people unable to get out. It bought the ticket to the Batman movie about twelve days before officially went online and in Tibet. So as for an actual motive. That's something we made -- now. One more question for you -- before we conclude -- That movie theater where the shootings occurred to learn how to grand opening and though a lot of the victims' families -- irritated. By invitations ever sent to many of them what's the latest on -- Grand opening is scheduled for next week and the they remodeled the theater they've changed -- gained slightly news change the way it looks and so many different ways. And some of the victims' relatives. Have decided that they just. Can't go back in there and they were insulted. By the way it will become but he invited government said it would be a remembrance and in the next few days would be opening I think it's just a money grab. By the big corporation that owns theater there's at least one fairway and it is planning to go. And says that they don't wanna see this -- closed and let these. Suspect. Win by shutting -- a theater so you know there are raw emotions don't sort of a few months since the shooting and it's very difficult. To look at both sides the issue here reopen a place where tragedy happened org you automatically sorted out. In many cases whether school shootings were big corporate. Offices where they're shooting the decision is that sometime or another you'd have to reopen the building. Legal to talk with -- new this morning thank you again. -- you CBS's -- Frank joining us live from Colorado.

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