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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Managing Smaller Paychecks - Paul Atkinson

Managing Smaller Paychecks - Paul Atkinson

Jan 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much of our focus this morning has been on the finances as we begin a brand new year. Also folks are in trouble maybe because of overspending before Christmas and for other reasons too. On the WB a live line to help us sort through this is Paula that concern you hear her very often on WBBM Paul's executive director. -- of consumer credit counseling service of buffalo. Hey Paul good morning and happy new year. Good good morning folks and happy new year to you as well. You know normally at this time of the year of Paul. Because of overspending on our Christmas gifts and -- -- you have to pay for those gifts and we're in the credit card bill comes then that means that the electorate in the gas bill might have to wait. Yeah. John there's there's always going to be a group that oh overspend at Christmas time but. I will tell you that Lou we have been seen. Considerably fewer people through people left this year. Can we haven't proven this year sent and that's to the credit that consumers in Western New York they've really. They've done. Good job of taking -- that when the economy tanked. They -- really given good guidance to you to go and see professionals and not for profit agencies like ourselves and get some budgeting advice and publicly paying creditors and they've put together. Budget plans and so on and they really really worked -- -- pretty well. The problem is right now and I think it's going to get worse is that. -- probably a sudden. They worked or something changed the world preparing checks are getting smaller. For example. A lot of people who recover a bit when I left him to a flexible spending account. Debt limit has dropped by like -- thousand dollars you know when you start nibbling away at people who have a relatively tight budget. It doesn't take long before that radical falls apart and that's what concerns and. -- you know less take home pay the trickle down from that. Can't because. What it's it it's not who's in the end and again what's what's disturbing to me is. The you'll often hear well that that it is the impact is probably around 8000 dollars a year. Well if that somebody -- a thousand dollars. Maybe October like when that my thousand dollars -- there -- a lot of and the problem is just issues that. Who won the paychecks are smaller -- you begin to see on a few. Less dollars from New York. YouTube again flexible spending ideas are property tax -- you name it. Pretty -- we start getting back to where people who have taken very reasonable scraps. I kept themselves and manageable position that the world changed in and that's that's what scares me. You know it's good to hear other people are planning you know for any eventuality you know for the unexpected. But without -- When people do get in trouble who has a tendency to get in more trouble is -- a man is that a woman or is it a couple. That the -- it's quite quite good its it's split fifty and they it has been that way for -- for many many many many years. And it's it doesn't discriminate it's single as well who is married couples in -- everybody who simply. All of the sudden has the consistency of their. That their budgeting and the only but it definitely business so -- -- disrupt it. Health conditions can do it change and work hours can do it. And given. Well -- of the people of Western New York the delivery on the very very fragile foundation economically neutral on time and they've done such a great job to try to. Kept themselves the whole. But pull out at you when the external forces commitment disrupting that an idiot gets to perhaps people and a very scary. Position I'd. I hope we get doesn't get a lot worse. -- Paula you know this is on the front burner now New York State and the possibility of raising the minimum wage to 875. Does this help or hurt. Thought well if -- if he had kept it. That it depends which side of the -- you look at in terms of the content -- -- Is it gonna make up for us some of these other taxes to the -- post possibly. But he is in fact that -- -- ratchet up in the cost of goods and services. Possibly as well and you know that can be argued. One side as well as the other side. I'm not really sure what really concerns me though is that the effectiveness this impacted. -- seeing all these little in the verbally reductions in in people's take home that's that's very troublesome. They call one more quick question before we let you go to our students we know many of them have credit card how are they doing. -- -- I'm not really well at all that the that this student loan situations. And nationally. As well as locally is one that is just absolutely you -- erupting. If the if it very much -- what's happened with the foreclosure business sense and quite frankly. A lot of things that did people talk about doing with that have not been done. Put do we see a tremendous number of and not just young people put people in their. You know on their -- forties and fifties who still have lingering college step. Would generate a fragile economic position. And and these college these student loans are absolutely. Terrible to deal with -- it's. It's -- or it's a real problem and and I would like to tell you that I I think it's getting better it it's not getting better it's gonna get a lot worse. Boy Paul we always learned a lot when we speak with you thank you again my. Paul -- executive director consumer credit counseling service of buffalo.

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