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More gun talk.

Jan 10, 2013|

A segment from today's show in which Sandy discusses attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know this so president. Takes the oath of office he'll take it again. In a couple of weeks. To uphold the laws of the land and the constitution and he doesn't first probably don't prosecute laws they don't care about. Our civil laws are there and they just won't prosecute them while we saw that with the illegal. Immigration and but that's just the way they operate. Why are people swamping gun stores will record sales and flocking to join the NRA a 100000 new NRA members the last several days. First of all my suggestion is to enforce the laws we already have before layering more laws on the air and for those of you just joining us. Of mayor Bloomberg's committee once. The president. To step up prosecution. By the justice department for felons and other. Prohibited from buying weapons when they attempt to buy -- somebody comes and tries bio weapon. They can't because or felon or the they have some other reason they can't. In 2009. The FBI referred 71000. Cases to ATF. And they handed it to the US attorney's office the Justice Department out of the 71000. They prosecuted. 77. People 77. Out of 71000. Remember this same Eric Holder that would prosecute the big black Panthers standing there arms closed trying to intimidate voters in Philadelphia they -- they'd definitely pick and choose what they wanna do so before they are giving us more about how about doing days. The mayor's group also wants to require federal agencies to report records. Two of the national instant criminal background check system right now they're supposed to but few of them though. So there again the first one is government. The second one is government. The third one appoint an ATF director. This agency which oversees alcohol tobacco and firearms has not had a director. For six. Years. So I I wonder if any of the reporters that next time Barack Obama. Grabs the microphone or camera will ask him about any of these things. Are they just on you know just -- a love -- when this guy does he does he handle any questions. So before he comes after ross' he should take care of the government which he is supposed to be president. So let me get this straight it's okay that we the army give guns to Mexican drug cartel. But Americans can have that's exactly right up fast and furious no problem give them -- people who use them to kill federal agents that's okay. But let's prosecute Arizona for their immigration laws at which they were simply trying to enforce. Federal law lets not enforce anything regarding people trying illegally to buy guns and then complain it's a done. I mean really this is pathetic. And I hope one reporter just one asked them that and a public form I'd like to see his his reaction. The basic question -- -- people joining the NRA because we trust the NRA better we trust the government to be honest with you they've proven to be more true story. Let's go to Mike in block -- might have thanks for holding Iran WB yen. Yeah I don't -- of a difference -- -- -- Just give you an example -- -- like -- about enforcing the laws we have. Why do we have all -- state police sitting all over the threw me handing out tickets critic what revenue instead of or you know fighting crime and break -- robberies in the city of off or because they don't pay on. It's kind of war I think it's ultimately going to not ex convict and the trusted the market. They created two guns skiers. They see the people are gonna run out a way over asking price and pay whatever expected guns perjury is quite -- on cigarettes people who want the commodity are going to pay the money I think when it's at all Sutton on. You're gonna end up with exorbitant registration fees to renewal fees all kinds of fees on top of these cops. He's more layers of government war or on site. I think that the schools were ultimately end up because the New York State -- -- with the department more vehicles everybody's got to drive a -- which was what country and their license doesn't titles now. You bring up a good point especially since we've seen exactly as you pointed out what they've done with cigarettes. You know by the Second Amendment we have we have a right for far to bear farms but. -- they also override to regulated I don't know of would be considered unconstitutional. Suddenly we saw those onerous. Amounts of sales tax or or extra fees that thing tacked on the. A luxury -- you turn pars and -- gas guzzler taxes and or you know so it's based on these things. If they start to adding extra taxes on ammunition and firearms or whatever and plus make it so difficult and so time consuming to get anything done they wanna Wear you down. They are basically have a good time now. But they've helped in the market they've talked to the market and people who have gone out and paid twice what an air fifteen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it it we more than one ammunition -- work. So the government after the market they know that people who want -- anymore money to keep some and to a quarter. So instead of giving it to -- stores and manufacturers. Let's do it in the form of tax. Good point good point Mike you're right -- go to right on point thank you very much golf very good -- we've seen what they've done was who have. With tobacco. OK but the difference is. Even though I don't agree. But the differences. The tobacco is a health issue -- they might try and make guns a health issue. By saying the the economic -- takes on the community. But before they get to any new taxes are not new taxes and new laws I think they should. First and foremost is to enforce the ones they have. You want to illegal guns and I can tell you your milk man can tell you with the paper boy can tell you where they are just go get them. Can't do that canyon. -- and trample on the Second Amendment but you don't wanna you don't wanna trample and have for a -- you PR would be. Horrific if you actually went to the areas where the illegal guns work. And started a canvas there can't do that. Why doesn't allow that. But because a lot of them while it doesn't stop you from doing other things does. The law says that some of these illegal immigrants was supposed to have been sent home. But they're not are very no amount of getting another chance. The a pathway to citizenship and all this stuff this administration. Picks and chooses they cherry pick which laws they wanna enforce and the last thing we need. Is to add more to that cherry pick list. And if Eric Holder is too busy in the Justice Department too busy to prosecute people who are trying to buy guns illegally -- -- Then why do they have time to prosecute the states. I'd like to know that. How many state lawsuits that they had several on southern states. One and Arizona usually about immigration things like that that's that the feds do. But if they don't have time to do that I'd say they're timers and money is better spent. Prosecuting people who try to bunt by guns illegally will be back after us.

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