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Oscar Nominees Announced

Jan 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. I'm Seth MacFarlane the host of the Oscars. If you don't know why am -- and I'm Donny Osmond who finally got with a it's a great honor to be here to announce the nominees I'm not sure why. We don't wait till noon to do this is the only people who were up right now are either flying or having surgery. But I wanna congratulate today's nominee is and also to congratulate those who weren't nominated you can stop doing interviews where you pretend that you had such a great time making the movie. And here help me out since there's nothing Revere that a guy's standing by himself in Hollywood at 5 in the morning. There's the lovely and talented miss Emma Stone. Thank you that. Emma Stone is the star of the new film gangster squad that's an actor the star that's employed an ensemble piece. -- -- The star of the new film gangster squad and is one of the brightest talents of her generation some say. She's better than Merrill Streep who -- who says that. I don't know I think a lot of people. Let's just read the nominee not yet okay the nominees we'll be ready in no particular order. For best performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are. Christoph Waltz in jango unchanged. He's -- -- fork. Philip Seymour Hoffman in the master work. He has won before. Robert dinero in silver linings playbook. He's run before. Alan Arkin in -- ago. He has won before. And Tommy Lee -- in Lincoln. He's won before. -- fresh air in that category. For best original song nominees are before my time from chasing ice music and lyrics IG route. -- lullaby from like the pint music by Michael Deanna lyric by bomb Magi -- Suddenly from -- as a rock music by Claude Michel Sternberg cleared by Herbert crept smirk and a lame the blue. Everybody needs the best friend from pet music -- Walter Murphy. Cleric I -- there. And if you fall from sky fall and music and lyric by Adele adkins and Paul -- work. That's got a -- denominator yeah yeah I gotta get I get the early out -- -- he the MTV awards once gave Michael Jackson a lifetime achievement award to -- -- show up thought nothing of that happening today bad. I got up again are. The 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are. Sally Field in Lincoln. And half away in lame as a rob. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. We're best animated feature film the nominees are. Franken we need Tim Burton. The pirates band of misfits Peter lord. Wreck it Ralph rich more. Parent Norman -- -- Chris Butler. And brain Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. For best foreign language film. Nominees are. From Austria I'm war. From she'll play now. From Canada war which. From Denmark a royal affair. And from Norway Kon Tiki. I read I read a more was co produced. By up in Austria and Germany right. The last time -- Germany got together golfers on the was Hitler but this is much better. My -- at either recommend. -- -- -- -- -- -- For adapted screenplay we hat that Lucy Alomar and and incitement for beasts of the southern wild. Chris stereo for -- Tony Kushner for Lincoln. David O. Russell for silver linings playbook. And David -- for life high. These are adapted -- keep in mind so that means the writers just basically copied stuff from Microsoft Word. And pasted it in the final draft. For best original screenplay. The nominees are. John Dayton's for flight. -- golfers zero dark thirty. Quentin Tarantino offered jingle unchanged. Michael Hanna got her more. And Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola from an arresting them. For best achievement in directing. The nominees are. David O. Russell for silver linings playbook. Sang -- for life of pi. Steven Spielberg for a Lincoln. Michael Chanukah for a more. And -- island were beasts of the southern wild. These are five people who are the very best at sitting in a chair watching other people make a movie. The nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are. Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Denzel Washington and flights. Hugh Jackman in layman's Iraq. Bradley Cooper in silver linings playbook. And Joaquin Phoenix in the master. He's just out of the fun facts for you dental character was actually as strong get half the people who are up at this hour. Guilty four. For best performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees are. Naomi Watts in the impossible. Jessica -- stain in zero dark thirty. Jennifer Lawrence in silver linings playbook. Emmanuel -- in now more. Bob ends and they Wallace. In the beasts of the southern wild. At 85 Emmanuel Reba is the oldest best actress nominee in Oscar history. Could Anthony wanted the youngest best actress nominee ever she's nine. And finally we are pleased to announce that the films -- is the best picture nominees for 2012. Are. Beasts of the southern wild -- -- B Josh Penn and Michael got Walt. Producers. Silver linings playbook on a Pilates Bruce Cohen and Jonathan Gordon produces. Zero dark thirty mark all Kathryn Bigelow and Matt and Allison producers. Lincoln Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy produces. Lame is there robbed him bat then Eric found parent Debra Hayward and Cameron Mackintosh producers. Life of hi Gil netter Ang Lee and David Wal-Mart produces. A more nominees to be determined. Jango unchained Stacy share -- public. And Belarus -- own producers. And Argo. Grant has thought Ben Affleck and George Clooney producers Argo has been nominated somebody tell Cranston you can -- -- his -- now. Brian I -- it. Please join us at the Oscars Sunday February 24. To find out who will take home the Oscars congratulations. All the nominees.