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Video Game Buy-Back Program - Jeff Valin

Jan 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To curb gun violence many cities including the city of buffalo have organized gun buyback programs. And solving -- Connecticut not far from Newtown at the scene of the school shootings. A violent video game buyback program has -- organized but now. We're hearing has been canceled. Let's talk about it on the WB and live line is reporter Jeff Allen jumps with WT -- television. In New Haven, Connecticut. Jeff good morning thank you for joining us tell us why this video game buyback has been canceled. Well you know what I like China like it was -- -- certain that there were picked up for that announced about. Oh sometime last week in fact I remember talking with a group called SOS Arlington offers services. At a time and basically what they look to do was just you to give out some gift certificates you know -- -- -- at least that's what batting cage or bowling alleys. Certainly can't -- In exchange for violent video games that -- crashing them what what. What is criterion of a violent video game and actually we're not too picky about -- so it's a Stanley feels that it's violent. For its prepare for their -- for their kids. Will accept the actual duplicate certificate while. All of a sudden they got the day after this should in the world wide web. They got worldwide response you're getting you know from Germany UK. That he Paris Bermuda just name she'll. Just in support of office so what they decided this is scheduled for this Saturday. And they start gosh we'll probably just gonna get run over with so many people doing that. We police street a whole lot more critical mass so they decided to. Not actually OP event. Which was going to be elderly drive in movie theater a lot. And so what they're still doing well. Is that -- -- -- web -- you can register for the gift certificate and they and in exchange for just promising to destroy. A violent video game. But they say that they. I think more more than exceeded their goal which is really where they wanted to at least get talking about -- -- think about it. Whether they have video game or whether they are thinking about I'm certain videogames. If so in an accent speculative. And a rousing success. Yeah I mean this this idea has certainly struck a nerve not to stare but I mean this seems like everywhere right. Or -- seem that way it might be hard that you have a better stretch of that and -- IQ I've been. I've been outside of southern New England merchant -- tragedy happened. Soul. It's hard for me to measure just how well it's just that that ripple effect across. Well really across the world but. If you would hope so anyway and he. I'm not gonna try to get into you know throwing any opinion out there but of course there. But when it obviously there's no no question narrow lot -- there's a lot of gun violence in this country in particular. But when and we have a -- school shootings and now this is what elementary school is it the day to day it happened. I was heading out there I was one of several reporters here the -- out to the scene who had no idea. -- the -- -- magnitude was out this situation all you work. Schools should it we didn't and I heard elementary school of thinking -- -- -- -- because why would somebody do something elementary school. And that they did maybe there is that there -- X-Files can -- -- custody battle or who knows what's not bode. Actually going -- and the school to be able to do that to go in and and take out. All these young children as well and educators. Is something that I think. I think is unprecedented in the country and gusher cultural and I hope it never treated like everybody. -- just had this event gone forward. What would've happened all those video games once they were turned and hand is a definite now that this event will not be rescheduled on the same form it was planned. Well I don't know what I'm sure there is any real worry about whether it's going to be rescheduled or or perhaps shift. Done so with -- -- preparation for a much bigger turnout. Or that this sort of just. Not not really -- war entirely on the table or Albert. What you're going to do it original plan was ever do it -- it come Saturday morning bringing their violent video games is that old drive in movie theater. There haven't dumpster there and there are literally crushed he -- -- And a big celebration -- you know if you can't feel. Book burnings in picturing that. But I think there was not to be to be kind of a fun thing. Happened. And but again not in not in Romania and -- like the old book burnings -- All kind suspicions. And in the back of the negativity but really just as little search. Again opening up. The -- of a walk rush navy he's you know he's this he's violent media including video games in the eighties will be essential for. Are contributing. To gun violence in the country are to say scientifically that made it. OK gents good to talk with you of anything and change is -- -- little snow thanks for joining us this morning. Herbert Jeff Allen as a reporter a WTO and its television and New Haven, Connecticut.

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