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Cuomo's State of the State Address.

Jan 9, 2013|

Sandy comments on Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address and the possibility of tougher gun laws in New York.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know which way to turn and then neither do most of us so we turn toward Washington if we have a shield the week. Aim it toward Washington that we aim it towards Albany. Because it seems like we've got president they just got reelected Howell in God's name on the ever nobody did OK and so. We're we're stuck -- for another four years and got a guy who wants his job. And he's called Andrew Cuomo and he's the governor of New York, New York already has among the most restrictive. Gun laws in the country believe me I as I said I've. I've vote I've lived -- -- and though eleven different states I've had permits and every state that that was required have a permit. And so I know basically that New York is super shirt of and really. Have that much of a problem. With -- being tough to get a permit because I don't want it easy to get a permit I don't want somebody who should never gone never -- assembly. All right so I went through the the process and and -- many of you out there went through it you know how restrictive laws are ready but of course. In the words of Rahm Emanuel the former chief of staff of the Barack Obama now mayor of Chicago never. Let a good crisis go to waste Soviet children. In Connecticut. The victims of that so horrific shooting weren't even. Buried when they started because they started the next day. The next the very next day they all of -- politicians came out of the woodwork we need more restrictive gun laws. That's a bad knee jerk reactions so what it is is you see an opportunity to adventure agenda. And you take it I'm not suggesting that anybody was happy. That this event took place but I'm also suggesting that with -- every event no matter how horrific they will take advantage of it. And -- tried to get through to you on a strictly emotional level to Whittle away your Second Amendment Rights. And I think -- shameful to be honest with you I truly do. So things that they -- they've been talking about. Are are not necessarily things that would help that much. -- in most of the instances of mass shootings. Ended. Cuomo's a state of the state address was going on as we as we took to the Airways so I don't have a copy of it. But among the things that -- news apartment I had shed where the busses that their of their looking. To abandon those the sale of assault -- quote unquote guns rifles. And I keep the magazine's two was seven rounds. In the in the rifles. In the rifles usually see attend one in thirty. I'm now I don't know if I've ever seen a seven round magazine but is it what you have to do what you have to remember is this. If they goal at it head on chances are it's going to be much more difficult and chip away chip away chip away. You've heard the expression of throw a ton of you know what -- against the wall and see what sticks. And I think that's what they're they're doing they're going to do in both new York and in Washington. And I don't think. All the things you hear of course we don't have it in concrete to reform yet but all the things you hear they don't expect to get but if they get a little here. And then next time the next time there's something horrific. Get a little bit more and keep chipping away until finally got a -- it's it's much like the lions attacking the long buffalo. A little bit at a time little bit and it's time and finally the -- down and that's it. And so the talk about the seven. Seven round magazine as I said I've a remote -- -- one of those four rifle. They're also talking about some other things which. Couple of other things I don't really have much of a problem with but I'm always. Curious as to why they propose certain things when they're already on the books. They talk about enhance the prosecution. Obama of of crimes committed with a gun. Well why don't we -- now what do we do it now. A -- that we simply have we've had an opportunity all along to make sure with a lot of these things that if you commit a crime. Live Leo with a firearm it should be automatic. Jail time if they're found guilty it. You go into a story go into a house for home invasion or something with a firearm. It should be if you're convicted it should be automatic. Jail time would no excuses. So we have those kinds of things. And go we'll see what what Washington's gonna come up with. Because. Joseph Biden was flapping his lips today and among the things he said is that. That he Barack Obama are considering some executive orders. While I don't think you can executive order the Second Amendment of the US. Constitutional way. A -- will see -- you know what's funny is they haven't really been called out on much in Washington in the first four years. There's a ton of executive orders all the time it seems like this president. His main goal is to bypass congress I don't think he believes in the a form of government that we have so between his czar is. Which don't need approval by you know by the senate between desire is his recess appointments by appointing of people. When these senators and technical recess. And by his executive orders I think he thinks of himself as. A branch number one and two of the government. And if he could take over the -- your judicial side he would do that too. So we don't know what's coming out of out of Washington but they'll we know that Biden now is talking to. To various groups including the NRA and have you noticed this. The IRA has always made out to be the bad guys when when something doesn't get passed well there are afraid of the NRA. Last time you heard a network news person say well. The -- politician is afraid of the teacher's union. Or the politicians. Afraid of 1199 SE IU. RB politicians afraid of the of foreign lobbies know the only time they mention it is with the NRA. The NRA is made up of those citizens like you and I. Who have a mutual interest in protecting the constitution and enjoying via the shooting sports that's basically yet but -- an NRA is always the bad guys. But what I'm saying now is I'd like to know some of these things -- with. -- -- The buzz was before even started the speech. Was that that there might be a deal near by the time we got to the speech that would change part of a speech so there again the backroom deals. Have you heard anything about any good deals being proposed -- better known all this is the way they operate in Albany. Usually if something tick you off about Albany it was done at 3 o'clock in the morning. In in this case it was done without us even knowing what their battering back and forth and one thing I would hope. Is that the Republicans in the state grow a set of balls we put them in office for a reason. All right and not to go there and lie down or to change it for something exchange something important. That one of the important reasons we sent him there in exchange for something that they would like personally. -- doubled tired of that. So we don't know everything I don't have everything in front -- me that -- Cuomo is doing it but. Is promote is is proposing but let's here is is this the CBS guy. Our justice this is some bite from Andrew Cuomo. I'm gonna seven point agenda number one in fact that -- assault weapon ban in the nation very. Number two closed the private -- loophole by requiring federal background checks. Number three -- high capacity magazines. -- before enact tougher penalties for illegal gun used guns on school grounds and violent gangs. Number five keep guns from people more mentally -- Numbers six banned direct Internet sales of ammunition in New York. Number -- seven created state -- check on all ammunition purchases. So there you have -- and obviously will have to examine them point by point when we fleshing out a little bit more. Some of the things obviously sound like common sense things they have no problem went. And their will take it one at a time in Washington we don't know we don't know yet what though Obama's gonna come up with. But did you notice that the tip off right at the beginning. He wants. -- and you can -- I mean it's easy to read a house here are easy to -- his cards -- -- what we want the toughest laws in the land. Why do you think it what you think he said that. Because he wants to use it in the campaign when he runs for president aren't if he gets it done he wants to be able to say we have the toughest state laws in the country. Now he didn't I mean he may have said later in the speech what exactly. While -- everything was flushed out to be all right but that's that's the title of this we want the toughest. We've of the -- assault -- laws in the country that's -- campaign. And that's a that's a bumper sticker. I mean that's what it is it's not really about solving the problem some of those things I've -- Ronald limited mentioned by the way I think anybody that has an illegal guns should be prosecuted. I think any I also think that anybody who's hearing legally should be prosecuted they don't seem to be too worried about that. Aren't so I'm saying is governor squabble because I don't have ball every every nuts and bolts of -- speech today. Is Governor Cuomo trying to upstage president Barack Obama regarding don't -- legislation. I think that answers pretty easy. That is is pretty easy when you ought to be the first. Gee imagine if California beaches to it there governor that would be awful -- that. None of this is about saving lives those and it's about being first and getting the headline. And being the headline of tomorrow morning's newscast New York proposes toughest laws in the nation not. -- for your scrapbook governor when you're running for president.

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