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Bauerle with Stephen Aldstadt

Jan 9, 2013|

Tom talks with President of S.C.O.P.E Stephen Aldstadt

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This man was taken. Very very special person you can -- news radio 930 WD EA. I love mr. Smith. Will be able through. Election and -- -- bound for the guitarist vocalist -- that's the first thing Nadal I have no response -- Man I'm telling we got to get to a radio. People are gonna go nuts then winning the whole story from beginning to let you finish your favorite. Things are just helping -- police all right these -- it's local needs Tom Bauerle -- where I was out. Breaking news radio 93. Good morning yeah I had a special request could you please walk back to whatever it. It is you all along they all why are. Arms huge legs to walk off -- street. Up the steps into the hole into the apartment. Back into the closet or preferably the locked gun safe and put yourself away because I know how dangerous you guns are especially. Harsh all weapons. Wash all. Weapons. All of my god all -- -- effigy would actually be what I really want to say that the FCC will really stop me from saying that in its inquiry it's -- hourly and Chris Johnson his master control Joseph -- major call -- and sometimes I think between yours truly sandy beach and David Sylvia who's going to be sitting in for me and my guest this morning a lot of my callers were the last people left in America with any degree of common sense. With a left people alive in America who actually get it and some of us feel like voices in the wilderness saying. Folks this is really happening in the United States of America at the same time as the government is stocking up on. Millions of rounds of ammunition. They're trying to keep you from buying. The weapons to which they have access to some degree and there it is a big difference between. Military grade it. Fully automatic weapons and what you can buy your local Dix or what you can buy local. A bunch. I -- -- on Harlem road. -- -- -- What of what the people like FaceBook this morning all by god. Ladies and gentlemen. I know I'm sorry to be blasphemous about this but I just I can't help myself all rot in hell at them by sold like yours says. And I don't think people should be allowed to all of these weapons that can kill so many people all the ones I'm paraphrasing. Ladies I've got a 22. Ruger rifle. I may eighth at 830 around a banana magazine or as I always thought my banana clip I know it's not the correct nomenclature but it's just what I call it because it does look like a banana and -- -- right in technically it's a magazine. Ladies and gentlemen there is not one military in the world that is gonna use a Ruger 1022 rifle in any kind of armed combat but I. I assure you. Bet with a thirty round magazine. And a 22 rifle I could do lots of damage. I was easily disposed to do it but I won't because I'm not easily disposed with a six shot of all over. I can unload and re load these six shot revolver in under three seconds believe it or not there are people who can do it faster than that. -- -- semi automatic I can re load in a second all have to do is drop the magazine that is that put new magazines in that is full and I -- good ago. The anti -- hysteria is at fever pitch right now. And the old and Shiite leftist socialist. Communist. Scum bags in America. Are using. The bodies -- even cold yet in Newtown. And they were starting to use this as a crisis that could not be that could not be wasted. Are right. And a -- -- get a different spin on this with more detailed information for you guys because. I talked about this extensively. Over the past several days I want to get somebody who. No it was more than -- because this is what he does and I wanted to prevail upon a gentleman by the name of Steven. Stopped. Obviously that in my best German should follow -- touch -- It was a German always is the yelling language and he is the president of -- Not the mouthwash. But the shooters committee on political education and those are you listening right now we're friends all over the Internet do if they -- tweaked them. Send them FaceBook messages tell them to listen to us on line because the at all. I am getting sick and tired of the misinformation. The left wing media is putting out there about firearms about the Second Amendment about your right to keep and bear arms and about this emotional. Rush to solve a problem that doesn't exist guns are not the problem people are of the problem. And joining us right now is that mister mister Welch. And I will say your name India and -- -- way -- all -- thanks very much for being with us I really appreciate your time. I am I appreciate your immune you know you get to know right -- that this is the result hysteria. That's all about political opportunist. You know -- at least. Intraday. Gun rights people have been pushing these same. I actually kings -- years in and now that they share any tragedy that they can sensationalize. Them and it on the news that they're just using it to try to pursue political agenda. Well not only -- to they have a tragedy but the left is on the ascendant in America we sought reelection of Barack Obama we saw the landslide election of governor ball ball. The conservatives. Are are basically on the retreat in America the Republican Party no longer exists it is a sham it is dead it is rotting it is decomposing it needs to be replaced by a new political party with some ball Stewart. And well and I I mean that would every grain in in my body -- first of all can you tell us exactly. -- -- what is an assault weapon because according to the federal government's definition don't already bent. -- Particularly assault weapon is -- made up term. Make a scare people. Say that it's it's not technical term so much cold air and do. Rifles are rifles -- more of a political term that they they come up to. What to scare people at the end being evil assault weapons to -- talk about how to prepare legacy you know these. Go to we're talking about our common modern sporting rifles. In the -- normal. Legacy of these vessels it is your turn their order which you won here or thirty round magazine Susan I can't see what it means -- normal. Estimates. It is in certain normal. Every day. Robert sport where there are sentence of millions of people in this country so long rifles and they don't do any harm to anyone. Well yeah. Obviously an excellent point I -- dwell on that for just a minute because if I hear one more person in the media refer to. Assault weapons I think I'm personally going to bitch slap each and every one of them because they don't know what they're talking about as you have sensor there is no such thing as an assault. Weapon that you as a member of the gun buying public can actually purchased legally. Well that's correct and it. The army had eighty. This nation has an assault rifle it's. For a select a player like selected fire automatic. Where the switched to player summit on actual sort of player basically a machine got breakfast sandwich. The with a sort of stretched. -- -- -- -- The types so. I'm so we're talking. Honestly want to watch -- think that -- -- think that you know -- the talk about he's currently it is great books all over the place and and dirt. Really deceiving people. You know even on my FaceBook wall which is in which absolutely amazes me I have people who think when they hear the term semi automatic. That all you have to do is squeezed the trigger once and a stream. Of rounds pours out of that evil firearm. Not and now we hear one of the governor's proposals is she wants to reduce. You must eliminate. Any. -- into anything more than seven round Agassi. Which is even more strictly on and occur in York state and I don't know what many times that. We'll take only a seventh round magazine and one of the most. Pamela Lee it's. Used. And bounce. Were licensed carriers and workers as a boxer. They don't make it in and -- Agassi posters. Yeah this is Alitalia I am this the first time in my sweater I have ever fully understood the southern position in 1861. Relative to secession from the United States answer I -- I need to say this I don't know what you're hearing out there. But I'm in contact with a lot of people who have clean police record they've never even been convicted of a traffic violation. Who are. Absolutely. Fed up with the direction of the federal government and are now increasingly fed up with the direction of New York State government especially with this backdoor gun grab technique. By Governor Cuomo. And I don't know if the government is even aware of the kind of powder keg atmosphere they are creating. You would have thought they would -- learned the lesson from Tim McVeigh but apparently. They have forgotten recent history because this kind of stuff all of that though is create more and more Tim McVeigh's. Eat eat you know you're right in the cast. Oh lead hurt. People's opinions about to let you know out of -- Michael that can do before they give -- their guns and can -- -- I think that you know we look at these people say yeah they're they're extremist they're gone now but. It all jump start here more and more people who you know -- will reconsider just leaped -- normal people. That. These kind of comments from far more and more every gay people. On optimism. I am glad that it's not just me because I I really don't think Albany or Washington. Gets it I don't think they understand the degree to which they are alienating. And frankly largely members of the productive class in America as opposed to the recipient class in America. Who are absolutely sick and tired of being -- humiliated any -- escalated and vilified. By this administration in Washington. And now going after guns in a back doorway by Governor Cuomo in Albany. And how I wanna pick up -- is Steve you've got a lot more information then delighted as this is what you'd do this is your field of expertise. -- the all stock is whether he is the president. Of the shooters committee on political education AKA scope. And we're gonna take some phone calls as we move along. Because I'm sure you've got questions for him that I can't answer but he can't. 8030930. Is -- number 8030930. Start on thirty on the cellphone. And 180616. WB Ian is free on choice one and one of the things I wanna talk about I heard this on a report today from CBS. Really you know I think was from CBS or -- our Albany. From the daily news who said. Well you know there seems to be a growing split between gun owners and the IRA. According to -- exactly. Now we did have a phone call from a guy who said you know I'm a member via our area level hunter and I don't see how -- beat these kinds are rifles. My responses. I've got a car that does 190 Oliver drive 190 but they still sell the car -- lol. Portion by the way. I know what you think it's. -- -- -- only. They threw the only thing I kind of lost track myself. -- -- -- 44 Magnum the most. Powerful handgun in the room and would. Head clean off you've got kids yourself one question do it what we'll. Do you talk. Yeah. You know I I had a 44 Magnum I couldn't hit anything with my ex wife took one shot and hit dead center X seriously. Shortly after that we got divorced for some strange reason. Okay joining us we have Stephen Auld stopped with the shooters committee on political education -- a lot of talk about specifically what Governor Cuomo is gonna talk about today what you're hearing in the state it is that you mentioned earlier. He is expected to call for a seven round maximum. I'm magazines. And you know if you just think this through logically Steven and I know your logical guy I try to be. But OK so you fires seven shots -- dropped the and the magazine you put another seven rounds in a picture a second or less what. What are you really -- and. -- not really gaining anything you're doing what you're doing is your -- gain more control over people. And you know what is the variables -- still -- two -- Explore the Arab errands stated that being the Arabs. Things like perhaps. You know people are. Have been buying guns in but these -- magazines like crazy and in addition because you're ready to. You can get it you know what you're going to be there. These people and I can turn around and go back and think it will mark. When the slowness if they guess that these slots. I am not gonna give up Stephen Stephen I don't mean to sound crazy bomb but I'll -- -- -- I've -- mile I've done everything I wanted to do in my life and then some. And I I'm gonna say right now I am not going to give up my firearms. I may die fighting but I am not giving up my firearms and I don't care which uniform whoever wants to take him he's wearing. I will not peaceably give them up. And that it's. Getting to be quite a -- Charlotte legacy than it actually would hear people say things like that -- -- -- -- kind of keynote streamer. There but it would come out but. It's getting to be a pretty Cameron said the right up there. Now we have. I believe what Thomas Jefferson said still rings true that when government becomes a tyranny you have eight you know not only have a right. You have a duty to go against it. And that's that's where I stand on that so. What about this permitting system or be changed in the permanent system that that the governor is expected call for -- does this mean that we now have. Eight firearms license in New York State for let's say a a pistol. That every few years we're gonna have to re register and send more money to Albany and go through another background check. Essentially yes. They're built -- -- and so part of -- talked about five year renewable elections. But you know on the serious there is that. In New York State you cannot even says that he can go on without sanctions. So. Every. I'm the renewal that's over two years two years or five years. Go get our troops I -- again. To be able to -- you know if you're correct and accusing an opportunity opportunity that we have guns and more restrictions get more money out of you. You know it in terms of keys and and -- You know what what would have. And if we all said screw you we're not gonna -- gonna put us all in prison. Well that's likely what really happened -- -- a lot of these Serbian star Kaka and about people will -- screw -- and people will not comply. Even I apologize I apologize for chopping up the show but I've got a lot of -- are and we got a more expanded their version or expanded time -- coming up don't go anywhere -- -- also out as witnessed from scope shooters committee on political education here Rush Limbaugh live online weekdays noon until three on WB and dot com. We are up about the Brothers and it was thought. Probably retain but Honda's most. -- -- -- but viral video involved but thought more about the market move like a fire -- -- -- -- wrong. We're gonna -- the everything goes far. I'm 37 birdie at 9:30 AM what -- seven point seven FM WBZ. And -- my great great grandfather had man he would block for the confederacy and not the union but to investors may. Anyway sorry that I can't resist. Anyway I'm wearing his -- conflict in my area pinky finger right now by the way. Steve and all spot is -- this he's the president of scope the shooters committee on political education. And that we're talking about the latest attempt by government this time your state government. Two in my opinion violate the Second Amendment of the United States constitution. And at the -- acts. Asked in the early part dignity of the twentieth century which I hope we'll get into in -- -- just a few minutes that some of the proposals. Governor Cuomo will make chief among them is because guns are bad. Governor Cuomo's state police guard will do away with their guns and they will now protect Governor Cuomo. With prayer crucifix and garlic. Oh wait I'm sorry they're not gonna give up their guns because they recognize. That the only thing that protects a bad guy and really think that protects. I think it stops a bad guy with a gun is well you know arrested. Even if I do know the beginning of a clearly. But the proposals we've talked about so far that. Our governor is are going to make and I voted for Carl Paladino folks. A seventh round maximum on magazines. And having to go again. To have your pistol permit renewed. And you know what. Mr. -- out -- going to be people out there who say well. Miffed about hourly these are this is what every leftist sounds like. Mr. hourly you have to renew your vehicle registration. You have to renew your snowmobile registration your motorcycle and your ball registration why shouldn't you have to renew. Your registration for your firearm -- actually your pistol mr. Bali. You wanna comment on that. Well yeah. And a number six football. You don't have a constitutional right to drive the car. Also when you -- or your -- your car. Throughout the application in you. You know give them. Crew -- taking your training course whatever they -- equivalents. You don't have to argue to permission. From a government official to be given a drivers like. It really kids and frankly these judges it really is arbitrary and capricious is it not to whom they won't -- For example and on restricted carry permit hey if bypass some judge off -- supplements and the year there's nothing that says that some. Vindictive judge isn't gonna say. -- -- -- We don't think you have a need for firearms like we don't think you have a need for -- restricted carry permit we are revoking of the feather your permit good until revoked. Yeah exactly like you know. The people who want to excuse can't control things generally. Don't wanna be confused special action figures but certain blows your audience and an open mind at a district to get a couple of -- -- actually yeah uniform crime reports. They issue their statistics. Are any argument that states. And 2011 the number of murders committed with rifles stopped all types -- -- rule. Quote assault weapons. Total number of murders by all. Rifles 323. Now if you compare that number of murders committed with personal weapons and instincts kicking punching. -- about. 728. So. Clearly other unrestricted possession at hand and he is our more than twice the problem is that stripped. It yes exactly and up by the way that's one of the things I can't stand about media in this country because you present its effects these are 2011. Data points from the FB IMRS Obama and holder's Justice Department by the way even they admit. That by a margin of about two to one hands and feet. Kill more band two rifles in the United States of America. And and yet. They they just. Trying to help people. Try try to explain this to people. You might as well be talking in to a brick wall you you might as well -- -- speaking dispel ones. Yeah because Sully their -- so many people here is you know sensationalized stories of what they hear. On the news and -- and that's one sided view and they they don't really understand the issue. We just see you know this sensational stories about you know a school shooting innocent. And everybody says well we and so you know. But what they're talking about doing what caused more. Problems. Then it will salt. We are talking with Stephen Auld stopped and he is the president of scope -- shooters committee on political education and that we get a chance actually -- -- put a link up to your organization on my FaceBook page or because I've talked about these statistics you just quoted before the day I found out about the -- put them up on my FaceBook page relative to attacks with hammers and and clubs because just like feet and hand as more people buy from hammers and clubs then died from a long -- from rifles in the United States. In 2011 M I can presume -- that was changed in 2012 work will change in the 2013. It up to me the analogy is. Going after guns because some people with mental issues have caused Havoc with those guns would be like going after cars because doctor -- Saudi killed Alex -- it doesn't make sense you -- -- why are guns that thing where you go after the instrument of crime as opposed to the perpetrators of crime. The victory here and they actually more people are killed. By automobiles in this country every day. For every year. Than are killed by armed and very -- even when he even when you -- in all the Merck and gangland murders have been most most of the shootings which. That's receipts. Come to receive. -- world rivalries and wars and pretty much from the illegal. Drug addicts and that's where most -- -- the murder statistics console but. He wouldn't -- in all of those statistics. That the world by the number of people who died and rose much. Some parents. Drunk drivers. They're dwarfed by the number of people were killed by their own positions you medical malpractice. And according to the latest numbers I have and I'll I'll bounce these off the use a double checked and by the way no disrespect to moderate positions because my physicians have been. Absolutely marvelous. But my statistics show me that every year in the United States 180. Thousand people are killed through medical malpractice this is not a bad result this is bad medicine. Yeah I don't elicit certain to let that that that sounds so. About what I remember reading recently yes so that sells you know this area a much much bigger problem. It's got a lot -- -- -- reduction in in entry in this country then us civilians are of course. All right mr. Alston out I -- -- break because then we come back I want to talk to some folks on the phone with questions for you because. And I hope people asked for more specifics about what the governor is going to do more is gonna proposed. And that what your response would be. You know what before -- -- the break ago. This is very important wanna get prison. The constitution of the United States I think we're all aware of the Second Amendment which of course is an anachronism but the First Amendment that's that's fine. Can you talk about Dick can you talk about the Dick acts and what it means relative to this. Com. You know -- I've read some about it but I can't. And talk about systems to. To get. Right now purportedly saluting those nineteen little six. And it was a military -- and basically said that. I was cannot. You're economics and then and the -- to -- to -- after this is a violation of enact such. I can't are about specifics. Particular act that I don't want that about it but fortunately. Well you know the bottom line is -- and I hope I hope that you use that because the bottom line news is that today it. It defines. What one of the biggest things it does is it defines. The militia. Because people. People always -- well. The Second Amendment of the constitution. Says with a well regulated militia well that Dick act of nineteen note to. Basically says the militia. Includes every able bodied male between the ages of eighteen. And 45. That is the militia. All right according to the -- act of nineteen note to. I would be in favor of expanding the -- act by the way obviously to include women. Because women fight just as well as men do women can shoot just as well as man. And I would also expand the age range Robert. Yeah it also does our government says that well regulated militia being in the situation the security at least three state. As -- the senate to give up but the idea that we want to live in a police state America. I guess steps. That's the decision that's yet people seem to let him make two to live of the Second Amendment. All right stay with us because -- we're gonna get more on this because we have some very very. Serious times ahead ladies and gentlemen. And I've said this every time we've done the show this is not a show about guns. This is a show about your fundamental rights as an American. And what you think about everything you know the entire constellation. Seems to be coming at the greater focus now big government forcing you. To go with old bomb like clear the government buying millions of rounds of ammunition can -- with the government trying to remove certain firearms from the hands of the law abiding American citizen. There are so many things that are coming in the clearer focus drones. You know and I'm sorry but you know I'll support our troops but I ain't gonna support -- if their flight and drones over Western New York I'm not -- bet. Tom -- what do we have drones in Niagara Falls. What are illegal aliens sneaking across the rapids. And by the way the problem is with Mexico not with Canada but you see they -- after the Mexican border is hard. For very simple reason Hispanic voters vote Democrat 70% of the time. So there's no reason to keep them out of the country and the Republicans deluded themselves like idiots -- the idea that somehow amnesty or talking amnesty would win the Hispanic vote guess what it doesn't. We found that out big time in 2012. Anyway folks it's all politics it's all about control it's all about. It's all about your freedom and the fact that they don't want you to be free citizen they want you to be a -- They want it to be a cog in the -- just another brick in the wall. 8030930. Your calls were Steve and all stuff I can tell -- right now we're gonna keep Steve adults that are. I don't care -- the -- -- -- and fifteen were keeping him I will send people to his house to keep him on the phone with us. Which he could shoot back but I'll try to sweet talk we are with that Steve and all stuff which scope shooters committee on political education. And ladies and gentlemen the Governor Cuomo later on today in his state of the state address is going to. He is going to propose wide sweeping it and regressive. Not progressive regressive. Gun net -- is gun restrictions in New York State. Which frankly our absolute crap. Because law abiding gun owners the percentage of gun crimes committed by law abiding gun owners is infinitesimal. Most of the violent crime in America caused by people with guns is caused by people with illegal guns by definition there are already criminals. Let's -- take some phone calls and guys to acquire the calls and there thanks Chris operative double duty to back. Line one here's Mike has been holding Mike say hello to -- alt dot. Morning guys sorry -- on -- I'm a normal. Artwork that guy -- business owner. And that's probably what a lot of people would consider gun not probably guests. Thirty rifles and pistols and a member of at about different local and national organizations -- competitively all one week. They push any further legislation and it and the restrictions on -- firearms. You're gonna -- it will all over not because. Like the idea they've become a criminal on the panel don't have a count criminal record at all. But because I believe its second man in his Second Amendment that fundamental foundational principle. Of this country and the way it is I mean. Your term -- book albeit silent I mean any any attempt. That's our army is will be met -- And with a little what they're gonna get -- other people. Well look I I'm willing to die for the Second Amendment as it would be willing to dive for the First Amendment for the Fourth Amendment and every other. Amendment of the constitution of the United States it's important I do not want to leave my children a legacy of despotic tyranny. I love my -- check how your organization. Right thank you like protocol Steve you wanna respond. Like it's a perfect example of the that type of back -- -- -- proposed legislation will. It's not going to -- that. People who were in gangs committing murders not -- -- people who are. In saying who. You know quote lynchings like -- -- and schools -- -- Love writing. Should listen to dozens voters. Like market and that the trouble that's what they call reasonable restriction dongle or ships that they only restrict reasonable people. -- gonna do with testing all these incidents. Magazine parents and registration scheme and all the stuff it's you're going to be making fun out of good. Two members of our community like -- -- if you guys thought about organizing. Like an armed march on Albany. Of of law abiding gun owners because I don't -- my email -- says the problem is our government no longer fears us. Well obviously. Scope and are -- thing. Any thing like that at this point. What what we're trying to do right now is get people active and involved contacting their legislators and tell -- that. There's this picture up stop. We don't want to sort through.

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