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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Guns and the mentally ill.

Guns and the mentally ill.

Jan 8, 2013|

Sandy gives his take on gun ownership restrictions for the mentally ill.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've. What you are today is a very serious issue because we're about to be assaulted. By a a lot of people who think that they have the right answers and I think they are woefully. And informed regarding a firearms. By any time there's an opportunity to drag out. There issues regarding firearms they do it they drag him out and especially after the tragic shootings in Connecticut. They waited one day one day impact. Or -- the present was asked the day the shooting. Regarding firearms after the connect assurance. Farm legislation said this is not the time however the next day was the time and and they've been doing it ever since. And I Gabby Giffords has a an op Ed piece in the USA today which we haven't from a and as she talks about him. Preventing or cutting down on. Gun violence and first of all I think we can all agree that we're in favor of that. I don't know anyone who suggests that you know we should have more gun violence in the country everybody wants less gun violence -- you get to that point. Is another story. When. Governor Cuomo does his state of the state address -- he's going to look for more and more draconian. Rules and regulations and New York is one of the toughest states would be we've gun laws now. Annual CO we'll see where that goes meanwhile the president appointed of all people. Joseph Biden. Two -- put together some information regarding possible future legislation. If you're going to assault the Second Amendment would you send Joseph Biden now to try and put the team together. You know who he's going to speak to a ball that's you know celebrity's yes you are Hollywood left exactly maybe they fired guns in -- in the -- last movie. But they're also going to talk to the IRA in the Ross agreements are the video game makers. And the mental health professionals and I think that part of it could be helpful. Because the focus on the gun is really. That's. That's a false path. -- sound like a cliche by the blue that you have to find out what motivates somebody to do -- that's the clear. And a poignant issues that we have to we have to isolate why would somebody do this I mean if -- like this. Well we you know if if you came across became -- upon your wife in bed with them -- man and then suddenly -- couldn't deal with a -- -- -- -- I'd be tragic to be awful you go to jail. But at least should have some semblance of understanding. Of it by means but you have some semblance of why it happened. Nobody can come up with a legitimate insane reason why someone would go in school and slaughter children. Or someone we're going to -- movie theater and slaughter innocent people who were there to see Batman movie no one can understand that because it's not understandable. By a scene and clear thinking mind. So even though we don't know what -- health care professionals we don't know. Whether these shooters where are clinically insane. A lot of it legally insane and -- and he is really. Radio legal term I don't think there I don't think there's a definition a medical definition of insanity. But for the sake of today's discussion will just use aren't so don't call me and ten minutes and say there's no such thing -- Insanity as they as a problem. As -- yeah medical term so because of that. It seems like. That should be the root issue why would somebody do something as horrific as this. Or as horrific as that -- itself but the fact that what motivates somebody years ago and to do that. Now in this country and forever never never were very open about there are two kinds of illnesses can have illness of the body. In illness of the mind. The body people are very open to talking about especially now that it's not about anything. And bills that we seminars will be a lectures on everything from rent out this functions -- kidney cancer to thing. You can talk about anything medically. Which you don't hear many people. Talk about mental. It seems like here is if your son or your husband or your wife suffered any kind of of a physical. Illness and somebody asked you about it you'd probably describe in detail. But nobody will -- ask you about mental notes they just won't do. There there's a stigma there which shouldn't Betty I mean yes you can become ill of the body and can become real money you may have been even born that way I don't know. I was a Somalia a doctor. But the bottom line is nobody talks about it. And because of that. And nobody wants to assign that. As a primary reason for some of these horrific shootings they'd rather go after the -- on the -- safer. You know it looks dangerous it makes a noise it can kill a lot of people. The gun as a safe target to go after the pardon the expression but no pun intended. But talk about mental illness that's a different story that's a different story. And out of the of the advocates for the -- Leo we should probably advocates for the mentally -- actually but the ones that work with a -- Leo on a regular basis. Are very very sensitive about not. Labeling. All people the same way who have different degrees of mental -- And I agree that I totally agree with -- and they are there obviously very very interested. In them in trying to make sure the public opinion doesn't sway against. People who already have problems and I agree I agree with that. But I don't agree. I think that there comes a time week in this country we want to assume that no matter what's going on with the U. You can and do something. And you can bet there are times when you can't there are times in their physical limitations and no matter how. -- rage issue are no matter how strong you are no matter how dedicated no matter how revenue are you don't just can't. Okay. Nobody ever wants to hear that but it's true and justice it's true on the physical side it's true the mental side. If you aren't clear thinking person let's face that we have little buyouts of Bob. Of anger or maybe what we're not thinking clearly or you make a bad decision. But if you would ever translate. Your worst. Mental moment. To slaughtering children in the class. None of you absolutely none of you aren't. So all the mental health professionals people who do away with the -- of people mental health issues. Wanna make sure that they're not demonize and they shouldn't be wanna make sure that there at their programs or responded as they can be. But they also are are very protective. And become a man and maybe it should be but because that often that people will not call it the way it is. There are times if you are in an unstable condition and I clinically I can't describe these various things that yeah. But if you are you shouldn't. Have access to and plain and simply it doesn't get any easier than that the figure that one now. You should not have access to Oregon and how many times have you heard people say. Well as long as those so and so bill is on his -- he's fine. Or when some horrific thing happens -- well. He refused to take his man look at this horrific things just happen is that we heard that. So by a by giving that kind of wiggle room. Two way dramatic situations such as one person shooting and other well he was off of his men had he stayed on his dad's. Then that maybe wouldn't of happened weld is no guarantee. That he or she would stay on the -- we have no guarantee that. We have to have some amount of common sense and maybe somebody is overseeing about let's face somebody wants to demands are going to and the last thing they should do is have access to ago. I know nobody wants to hear this because it's the same thing as I said earlier. Well no matter to your mental state may be with the right treatment of right medication you should be able to own a firearm. Poll. You shouldn't. Sell it because there was no guarantees in life and -- thing. But there's no guarantees that if -- being treated force -- violence or. Low or you know mood swings things like that things that could possibly. Be very harmful to yourself and this society. I say that when it comes to. Privacy vs public safety we have to go to public safety first. The reason I say this is that we have a reporting. But it works is when you buy a gun. There's a background check it's done. In order for them to do background check and do it efficiently. There are different agencies that have to report. Your various conditions and some states still don't report. The people being treated for a for mental health issues so that if it did that person walks in the get a gun. And it's not been reported. And they clear the rest of that the and -- And that's not just a gas. Because the Virginia Tech killer. Was suffering from mental illness. -- here is a situation was not reported to -- agencies and 32 people died. So he went and got a gun because according to the information they had. That he could ever done legally. But they didn't have all the information.

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