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Bauerle Opening Hour 1-8-13

Jan 8, 2013|

Guns to be topic of Gov. Cuomo's State of the State Address

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Governor huge bag is gonna deliver his in his state of the state speech tomorrow in Albany. Call with perfectly good reason because Governor Cuomo. Is in fact what I just called him he is a knit -- he is -- Idiot he knows absolutely nothing about -- in back. If he wants to impress me you know -- -- He should have his New York State Police bodyguard do it with their guns. And protect the governor and his live in mistress with a crucifix. And garlic. That's I think if you or -- state police trooper and your job is to body guard the governor of New York State surrendered your gun. Surrender because. Think you have to trooper or Governor Cuomo should have any more protection than I. Have or my family has against bad guys. What's good for the goose is good for the gander secondly. Those -- for real well what part of this do liberals not understand. What part of the bought a gun banning moron crowd doesn't get this. You can't buy a machine gun legally. Asterisk. On less in very very very rare circumstances. You cannot go to the guns that are or DX net. And body a machine gun. They don't sell them they have all since 1930. War. Well Tom we're talking about machine guns work we're talking. About Obama up by definition. By it all up and end up while the federal government's definition. And by the why I think you should be allowed to have a machine gun. So are huge and why wouldn't you be allowed them machine that makes no sense. First of all anybody with a minimum of mechanical skill and guns -- -- ability can convert a weapon. With some work into a machine gun or automatically firing weapons. It can be done. People have done it before they'll do it again just like anybody can make us I would answer he just after an orchard. Now they're not. Legal in New York State in other states they are. -- -- What is happening right now is we have governor moron who knows absolutely nothing about firearms. Is gonna try to legislate for everybody in this state against so called. Assault weapons are assault weapons but what what accepting an assault weapon. But the biggest component is it would be a machine -- it's automatically Byron. Now it amazes me about. This before I don't wanna turn this gun show. -- -- not -- -- appearance on an expert I'm not. I'm good with what I all but I'm not gonna claim knowledge I don't have about weapons I don't all. The only weapon you need to know everything about is the one you Kerry. Where the ones you all I don't need to worry about an -- fifteen because I don't have one yet. But that's gonna change just on general principal. But we've got the Governor Cuomo is gonna announce that he wants two after assault weapons. Well you know this morning it's interesting because I was able to get up. And walk into my assault bathroom I don't know if you know there's. Every year people die in falls in the shower every year people break bones. In falls in the shower and that of some Howell. I was able to manage getting into and out -- item that is ingress and egress from my assault bathroom and bathtub. I was then able to walk down my assault stairs. Well every year how many people fall downstairs break bones people in my family. Have done this it up with a lot of stretches they've fallen out assault stairs. These stairs -- that. Then I walked into my kitchen. In my kitchen. I have eight. In public view. Not even a safe not even locked up. I have assault lives. Yes their assault steak knives. I guess I don't need to tell you how many people die every year because of stab wounds and I had the -- clothes out of the dryer this morning. And I was able to walk somehow passed by shall have in the basement ladies and gentlemen according to the FBI statistics. Eleven. The last year for which we have data. More people were murdered in the United States by hammers and clubs that were murdered by right balls. Let me say this again you tell me if or if it all ball. Is overreacting Davis. More people in 2011. Died from hammer and club blows. Then died at the end of rifles. True -- Your Obama holder justice department of which -- FBI is great tool. A tool like they were it's always good for a few laughs then you know what. If if it wasn't enough that I was able to make it past the assault ever. I have a baseball bat in my basement. -- not used for self defense purposes but it is an assault weapon. So between the hammer and the baseball that both of which are assault weapons by the way. I was able to evade them. When I got my shirt out of the -- all. My assault Dreier I'm sorry. You know how many fires are started every year by dryers. Lots because what happens is a lot of times the global clean up their live traps and people don't feel that little. Hold because from the back you're -- outside and it's all end up with lit. And the heat generated by -- is so great that sometimes that can cause a fire and fires. Well. We have assault dryers and our basement we even had washing machine fighters. Because like anything else the parts of washing machine can be effective and they can start fires. It's amazing how it works that I walked back up the assault stairs in my basement. I picked -- my key and I got into my castle Jeep. Not to be confused with my assault sports car. It doesn't -- to twenty by the way that one night I misspoke after awhile since I drove. So I got in the white castle Jeep. Every year 121000 people died in drunk driving accidents I know that. I don't -- thousands were killed by assault jeeps or -- Suvs. Hall. But. Hundreds thousands I feel comfortable saying that somehow. All that I got to the assault elevator. I can just go on and on and on and folks. The old -- in the nursing home who was beaten to death. What was beaten what was it a paper why exactly was that I've beaten the -- -- her or beaten up where. I'm trying to think what that was. That I know it wasn't. This weapon. One sorry it wasn't an assault. On. Folks argue that still pick. And I'm asking you guys in my audience. Because I think most of the people listen to me in sandy beach did it. I say folks I mean the residents of New York State. Argue stupid enough to fall. For this bandwagon. But. This this visceral emotional reaction. To tragedy. Letter hits the opinion writer who is syndicated. Whose pieces are often featured in the local elite liberal newspaper. He compares. Putting armed guards in schools. With putting armed guards with fire trucks for example. The idea is ludicrous. First of all firefighters. Are fully capable of defending themselves. They're capable if they choose. Up carrying weapons. They don't need guards are fully grown men and women. They can fight back. -- seven year old is not gonna carry a weapon. What an idiotic column that was today made a lot of bang my head against the wall. The extent to which the anti gun people. Will go to besmirched NBC mirror those of us who value our Second Amendment right. Is alarming. And I've said this before. This isn't about guns ladies and gentlemen this is about encroaching. Tyranny. Encroaching. Tyranny. That's what this is about. -- how many of you. Have asked the question of yourself. In recent weeks. If they came for your guns. What would you do. I have an I know what I will do. I'm not gonna tell you what I will do and so many words but let me just say -- a general principle. I would rather be dead then obviously. I would rather be dead dubious way. Over my dead body. Know that's the law. That is the line. -- start crossing that line all bets are off. I've made that decision in my life. I can tell you what was what it is what it is what it is. Live as a slave. -- -- gonna live and Schindler's List cut straight we're the only people with guns are cops in the military. -- that. As a violation of the constitution which this country was founded. Our founding fathers believed in firearms you know why because renewal of the tendency of governments to become tyrannical over time. And they wanted the people you'll. To be able to defend yourself against the government and its agents when they started encroaching you're right and they knew it was gonna happen. They saw bricks they were students of history they knew what governments do. They become all consuming all power hungry all regulatory backed elements out of control without. -- are pretty individual or private property. That's what they do. All of sorry private property except for the elites they're okay it's like the Soviet Union folks. I get into this all the time. Our listener Natalie in Canada grew up in Stalin's Soviet Union. You you're really buy that egalitarian trap of communism. You're an idiot. If you believe. That communism. Everybody's people. -- Soviet leaders never did without. They tend to -- -- wrote that well fed corn fed a well and it. Elitists. Because they didn't practice what they preached for the sharks. It is -- twenty minutes after nine I've got a lot of stuff here today. Including this this assault weapons stuff folks. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. There is no such thing as this as an assault weapon you can buy right now. And with it again help put an asterisk with special exceptions. They -- this already 1934. Bright. Stay with us under -- united thirty. 107 point seven FM WB Ian. And that we are we're talking about. Something that is just I'll play it is alarmingly more and more and more every single day. The ignorance in our society. And how leaders like governor wall ball exploit that ignorance and stupidity. And take away rights. And it is going to be expanded at the national level please don't under estimate this. It will be it because you know damn well that President Obama will say well look what Andrew Cuomo is doing in New York so leaders the president produced in America and in the United States in California. They're talking about well let's go after the ammunition now. Folks this is an all out assault. On your Second Amendment right. There is no other way to put this slaves are not allowed guns free citizens are allowed guns. And I have been. A relatively. Law abiding. Citizen of the United States. Since I've been born. The only crimes I've committed. Are crimes against myself. I've not them violence or damage to anybody else in my life except myself. And the story. And the story and it would like to consider and -- I've never broken a law about a vehicle rolled through a stop sign you broke little vehicle and traffic law. If you down 56 instead of 55 you've broken the law so I can't cigarettes have never broken a law. Because I know I am just that I've been caught. I haven't committed murder. And I have not abused my firearms and the star. Most Americans I think are -- like that. Yet we are being asked -- -- -- flat. That -- guns are bad in kind guns are bad. Never. I keep on saying this never. Never ever ever has eight firearm grow legs walked outside and opened fire on people. Ever happened. Going after guns. Because some people -- with them. Is like going after cars because doctor chorus on the kill Alex writes. Or any other drunk driver. We hear about -- shall BMW. BMW. Or I shot it can kill somebody just as much as an assault -- Which by the way. Assault weapons don't even exist in the marketplace. In the legitimate marketplace. There are a number. But bogus gun quotes that circulate on the Internet. OK on number of bogus -- quotes that circulate on the Internet. Now. Are also a number quotes attributed to the founding fathers which of float around on the Internet of this. This is one actually posted this on my FaceBook page this morning. Democracy is to -- and lamb voting on what to have for lunch liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the ball. And thanks to the listeners had a dude that is well actually he said do your homework and I concede he's right that is a that's a false quote however. The authenticity of this quote from Benjamin Franklin is beyond question. -- who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. So that absolutely positively is a true Benjamin Franklin quote. I wanna share with few. A piece this from a blog apps are written by guy. Written by a guy named -- dean garrison. And I'm gonna skip over some of the quotes he uses in this article. Because. They are mythical quotes. Mythical quotes but he does ask in this piece a very interesting question what is the right what is the duties. The people of the United States win big government. Starts to trample on your rights like the right to bear arms a guaranteed Second Amendment right. Which has been backed up at various times by the United States Supreme Court. What is your right what is your duties what is your obligation. And I wanna go to again something else which is. Which is. Beyond reproach as a source -- crap. I said -- reproach as a source I click on it and it vanished act. On. The declaration of independence. All right somebody eight Chris somebody's messed with the computer and here because for some reason some of the stuff but it really really wanna get that is. Com -- try one more here and here are all all yes we we have a problem. Well let -- get back to that. I don't know what's one with the computer and everything all set I was gonna quote from the declaration of independence you know what I guess I don't even need to go there let me just that legacy -- Thomas Jefferson wrote. In the declaration of independence I try to go through this a couple of times a year. And this will be the first time in 2013 and had a chance to mention this. And you can read this for yourself in the declaration of independence. As written by Thomas Jefferson -- kind of copied the Mecklenburg declaration. Very similar document that Thomas Jefferson's. This was even before the Internet. And he didn't exactly copy and paste from Wikipedia back then but Thomas Jefferson basically said this. People do not throw out their governments easily nor should there. But when the government time after time after time tramples on your rights. You have -- rights in fact you had a duty. To set up a new government. As TU at that time will best at best provide for your liberty and your safety that's what Thomas Jefferson's. Now there are many of us in America right now like 49% perhaps who believed that our government is out of control. Obamacare. This recent anti gun hysteria. That is going up. The government is becoming out of control. Police checkpoints. All law here -- regulation there -- another -- year. It's becoming absurd. The call this nation anymore the land of the free and folks this is gonna anger some -- I can't say those words anymore without a smirk. Because it's a -- like say a lie. We are not the land of the free. We're not. We're no freer right now than they are in Canada or Netherlands or Germany or France. Sorry. We lost that specialty. That's no longer on the menu here where Europe like now. I know that's gonna really pissed somebody off but I like about it. Applauding her driveway. Yep what your seatbelt on and make you free citizen elevation was slighted don't put your seat call on you get a ticket. You get on your motorcycle in the springtime. Offering Daria in New York State. Got which -- home and that's a freedom. And of course you know the typical -- line is -- -- to enforce the law and not here to make Milwaukee got a problem I take it up Albany. Well you know what that's -- fine. If all but he was truly a representation of New York State it is not Albany is a representation of New York City the rest of us are simply pawns of New York City. And in other states the rest of us are simply the pawns of whichever power brokers have been in office longer. We're long guest in -- -- best in a position to manipulate the system to keep a revenue stream going. One of the land of the free. Really. Stop believing that several years ago and again I'm sorry if that angers you I'm sorry -- -- upset but proved me wrong. -- -- -- Hate to break interior but at the fable it's a fairy -- Now. This leads to the question. And I wanna what should keep Thomas Jefferson's declaration of independence. In the back of your mind. We're Thomas Jefferson and -- you can there are a lot of erroneous -- out there on the Internet I know that. Lot of erroneous quote attributed to the founding fathers about a lot of things including democracy -- to go out of my FaceBook page. I think Franklin. Made -- bought that but there's no documentation that he actually said that and as far as the word lunch I don't even think they were using it in Franklin's time. OK but one item is beyond reproach it is -- -- documented that is the declaration of independence. And Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and by the way the British considered Thomas Jefferson -- trader. The British would have Hank Thomas Jefferson from the nearest tree. They would have and Benjamin Franklin from the nearest tree Samuel Adams from the nearest tree. George Washington from the nearest tree John Adams James Madison from the nearest tree Alexander Hamilton from the nearest tree. They regarded these men as -- orders to their government. Traders. We regard -- freedom fighters we regard them as the fathers of our country. According to the British. It was simply rabble. Miss guided cousins. Who would have been -- And the founding fathers understood the risks they were taking by saying to the world we are no longer part of Britain. We are our own country and here's why we are declaring our independence. By the way those who do -- historical bent if you're so inclined. You can go to the South Carolina declaration of independence from 1861. And with the exception of the word slavery. The final a lot of very interesting parallels. Between what happened with the south Carolinians and 1861. At what might be going in your mind right now. It all these to the question now. When the government. Starts to regard you. As a bowl to be picked. When the government regards your ability and your right. To defend yourself and your family with firearms. As extraneous. Or unnecessary. What is your obligation to say. No. And how you react. In this state. And guns are all registered. -- where you are all the newspaper outside of New York City knows where you are. They want to pay a bit like a bigger. But we are hearing that Governor Cuomo is not ruling out confiscation. I wanna share with you end up by the way if you're just joining us our Governor Cuomo governor huge bag is odds are very nice but I try to get the word huge bag and four times in every show. He tomorrow's gonna talk about guns gonna talk about assault weapons. Somebody needs to tell this guy that assault weapons the main component of which is that they are automatic in other words you squeeze the trigger may keep firing its larger fingers on the trigger and there -- rounds to be fire. Somebody needs to tell -- that. Unless and except in very rare instances you can't get them anymore you can't own them anymore not since 1934. And you know why that was right. Well because we all vote rousing success the war on drugs has been right. I mean it has been seriously I just love the way police and the government are able to arrest you. And sell all your stuff with asset seizure and forfeiture before -- even convicted of a crime. You work punished before conviction in the name of the war on drugs that it's all bull late. -- on American by the way it is so blatantly shirt. It's evil there's no other way to put it it's evil. I believe drugs ought to be legal. At top -- -- -- -- murders. Already seen them go after. Soft drinks I guess I'll get into that in another show that your body you have control over that what you have control. How can your pro life because in your body anymore then you're sharing it with somebody else. Anyway. But he feel about siamese twins -- my god and were thought that went through but anyway. Actress -- in the -- the the article. Guys wrote an article. He's a blogger. Just a blogger. And he's talking about what you do if they start coming for your guns. His name is dean garrison. And he says I feel a tremendous responsibility. To write this article but I'm a little apprehensive thinking about the possibility of rising up against our own government is a frightening thing for many of us I'm not John Rambo I'll be the first to admit that I do not -- die but I feel compelled to write this because I simply don't think the average American is equipped with the facts. I feel that a lot of American citizens feel like they have no choice but to surrender their guns if the government comes for them. I blame traditional media sources for this man's brain washed. And I carry the responsibility of all small independent bloggers to tell the truth. So my focus today is to lay out your constitutional rights as an American and let you decide what to do with those rights. And then he goes on here to talk about -- democracy. And as I've told you over and over again where not a democracy. We are a republic representatives. Vote for us we are a -- public so. If 90% of Americans want something that goes against what we believe our founding principles. They have no right to tell us we have to do -- If you're not a reliable constitution major rock that you might as well might even have one basically. Now those of you who are religious. And incite a local example others those of you who are religious and I'm not. Say that members of your congregation let's say they decide that masks fornication. Is a good thing. First of all be joining -- secondly do you have the right. To change the teachings of your god that truth is that true. We've seen in this within the local episcopal diocese in the past ten years or so because. There was one church saint -- all of -- episcopal church and Wanda bat. Deferred. Exceedingly. From the episcopal church in North America and the and the idea that openly homosexual men should be ordained as bishops the people it's part all of these basically said to the to the people running the episcopal church in America. And they set up their own church in the old synagogue on Edgar wrote. Our fathers did not want a democracy. Because they feared a true democracy was just as dangerous as a monarch. Now the writer of this. The writer of this goes on. To talk about some -- court cases involving of the United States Supreme Court and the right to bear arms. And he makes a great statement here. I don't care if 99%. Of people are in support of gun bans. It is a violation of our constitutional rights. Plain and simple. So what do we do now. What way do if they comfort your guns this guy cents. It is not my right at that point. But my responsibility. To respond. In the name of liberty. What I am trying to tell you. Right mr. garrison. That many. Or trying the soft sell many others have tried to avoid putting in the -- but he says that the time for speaking in code is over. And mr. garrison and lead you to we come back after the news with this thought. He says if they come for our guns then it is our constitutional. Right. To put them Six Feet Under. That's a pretty strong statement. I can't say that I disagree.

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