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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Colorado Shooter Back In Court - CBS Correspondent Lee Frank

Colorado Shooter Back In Court - CBS Correspondent Lee Frank

Jan 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Prosecutors are laying out their case in Colorado theater shootings joining us live from Centennial, Colorado is CBS reporter Lee Frank -- good morning. This hearings being held to determine if there's enough evidence to try to suspect in the Colorado theater shootings will James Holmes. But it seems from yesterday that there's more than enough evidence already to support that right. Well you know most these preliminary -- don't go on -- -- -- -- as it orbits you've been very compressed -- where. They present a little bit of evidence and -- -- and we bind it over for trial. And you moved that direction but in this case. Because of the exceptional circumstances because of the number of people killed. Because so many people wounded -- we have 166. -- They're taking their time with that and laying out their case. At the end of the week there's no question. They'll be enough evidence to have that probable cause standard to move toward trial. But it also may help determine what is this case ever goes to trial it might be -- so many of these victims were workers decide that. They really don't want to go through a link -- trial and maybe the prosecution and defense were good together and say you know what. It's the death penalty case but let's not take it all the way there because the mental help issues maybe it's best. Just to work out a plea agreement life in prison no chance of parole. You know -- although still a graphic could descriptions. About evidence I've ever heard. Came from a police officer who was driving go wounded people with -- hospital he was saying. Am I correct there was so much blood. In his squad car you can hear it sloshing when he was turning the corners. Yes and you know to Greek debt is one thing in the courtroom to hear him say that -- -- -- -- pained expression on -- space. In big demand was near -- at times. And then you look over at the victims' relatives who are sitting here in the courtroom and you see the agony they're going through just hearing these descriptions. How their loved ones died in suckers and it was you know that's not a reason to state. Do we really want to see -- to a full trial if it is very gripping testimony. What was homes demeanor like yesterday. Blank if you look at them and you re not being on its Casey sits there. Looking somewhat interested. Somewhat aware but certainly not involved. You wonder what's going through his mind. If he's thinking anything at times he's looked right at the easel where the evidence displays were a man of the -- and then you look down. But you don't read anything from him and I don't know for sure is that something. There has been coordinated it is not talking with attorneys during the hearing and it's supposed to look this way. Or is this what's really going on inside they had this man who most of us will never understand. -- we and we also read that he bought his movie ticket twelve days before the shooting. Could death count toward intense. He'd you know expose it could -- could also settled fact that he bought the ticket doesn't mean that he was actually prayer taking his guns there. To draw that line between buying -- ticket. And the fact that that's what he intended to do when he got the -- that might be difficult but it's certainly tell you that. He planned ahead of course I suppose if you wanted to get a ticket for the premiere of the Batman movie in July it would have been a bad idea to get online and do better. -- will be listening for your coverage today Lee thanks for joining us this morning. Sure it CBS news reporter -- Frank he's covering the preliminary hearing for Colorado's movie theater suspect James Holmes in Centennial, Colorado.

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