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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>A new coach for the Bills.

A new coach for the Bills.

Jan 7, 2013|

Sandy and the crew discuss the hiring of Doug Marrone as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills and the end of the NHL lockout.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Bohannon -- lives week nights until one news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WBE hand. I had some opportunities. To make that choice. And I've chosen to be here. I can't tell you how excited I am. The new head football coach I can't tell you how excited I am. For my family and -- move up here. Now he's set twice I can't tell you how excited I am to be the head coach and I can't tell you how excited I am. To be here. And yet during the entire press conference he's told us consistently. And constantly how excited he was he said I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited and think this is boring we know he's excited it's -- it's a National Football League head coaching job is only a handful of them. You should be excited but then I -- I -- the team come together. I saw the generals come out in back of him as he's saying I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm shortsighted and they break us out. Really -- Brandon had a good job in this press conference I'll tell you -- adjustment. If -- prevented. Slimmer ones are this is really call. There the kind of gambling activity microphone because he said I'm so excited to be your new head home. But perhaps that might -- began -- -- Yup we've -- Maroney is a other things but football aside. How excited to be here. Yeah. Now -- Sergio. -- -- -- -- That's appropriate for coach. Playing memorial. Yeah me. I know we have and it. -- band's big bands from day. -- And once it. Very good. We are no other season doesn't depend. Eight months or something but I say it. Don't you are -- cancer on the court. I'm very excited night. This contract -- yeah. -- I'm putting myself. I'd just a good job on that. -- it was just Wednesday -- so adamant that excited. And and it with the usual cliched press conference but. They actually a little choreography in there. And I think -- it was dancing with them that -- twisted his ankle -- not -- and he's done dance reserve. Did -- to take another picture. Triggered a picture of all of them yeah over into Photoshop them. He still hasn't down brought his account that hasn't -- those of you miss that. Apparently there is a photo of his Jersey and inadvertently him back of his Jersey was. Topless -- hoops have a real moment. I would there. Or was it Eric would go a funny it was there would be nice knock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are -- I argue which -- money. Okay. I'm asking you -- a two things happened over the weekend too big buffalo thanks for shore. The National Hockey League you know -- seems to have come to an end. They're looking abbreviated season obviously. Heard I heard this morning -- -- 48 games room there. In -- going to be conference game and understand is that this would be better because. Will be people that we have traditional rivalries. Like Boston's Ronald whatever. Wouldn't you wanna see some of the teams on the West Coast of something every once in awhile just despise -- I would like to see that they I think it was -- saying that this morning. That is going to be good and I've got to get the players back from. Wherever they've been playing Pakistan and you know. Verdicts and then and a stand Roberts. 3. -- -- Aaron out of his nose. But it is of a comeback they gotta do laughingly what's called Leo camp gas. The camp is putting on the uniform and going up way. But -- so so it's big stories because we love our sabers and now they're gonna get the place of its big. And the social and economic impact of the sabres is is considerable. Social because people love hockey here -- the of the sabres and we have an irony and and now that the policies and for -- leases over. It's nice to see that at this time. The Buffalo Bills brought out Doug -- -- one he's he's quote machine just talent. It's tomorrow's. Edition. I'm so excited to be here. Ride I saw the writing down it's just getting about doesn't wanna miss the quote. Wanna get it right I'm have to write a letter in the paper saying how excited I am so I -- I hope -- does a good job it at first blush you look at the record in Syracuse it was 25 and 25 but they said -- took over the program was in a shambles and so he won the first pass and returned around and then things got better that's good where were hoping -- Get some good assistant coaches. A but it kills him sing a lot of our former players and some of our former coaches knowing where burn while wells what were sitting home. Not react and do you look at it does Donte Whitner. Seat on lynch in London Fletcher Marshawn Lynch now bunch -- me out a bunch of them. Malarkey I saw him he was he paid -- -- but he was. Embassy against the rumor is he's probably gonna get fired market you have because the new owners bring in enough I GM. And that is already told the general manager look if you need to start new with a new coach that's not a problem no I'm not start with that Malarkey do you call it. Mike said he got the you get these sabres in -- National Hockey League coming back alive that's a good thing. And we got a new coach and I assume that that will be good thing at least it gives us a renewed vigor and -- via a simple. So I hope and change I like that. Make good political campaign in Japan so I should use and change. And so I'm asking a question. Suppose because the epicenter of all of -- -- though with a new coach and the he's starting them. Late gift of Christmas cash it arrive from your aunt Julie who forgot to mail. A and some extra -- when you can get to pre season tickets. But yet to make a choice you can get them to the sabres. For the rest of this year or get him for the bills for next year and get the money and why. I keep in mind others there is not exactly a level playing field because the sabres spoil more games on the bills. And that the bills would have -- seven seven games next year at home because they don't make the Toronto game part of that package is seven games there in his wept up 4330. To say at least so you'd get more bang for your buck there. But I'm asking if you were going to buy season tickets because you came -- some cash. For good seats good seats for the bills of the sabres. Which one would you have for the money over and why okay Tony answer the question. It's actually a tough question because I thought I would like to of course I like football a lot more than hockey so from the football aspect of it I would want to see. The bills but at same time I don't wanna deal with that with the type of crowd yeah Castro using there's pluses and minuses the hockey crowd is I think a more is a better crowd to be -- it right assured me and me created more. It's it's definitely about the story. But yeah okay I like the game of football batters are probably pick the game. A prime pick fails to consider it. -- bills are sabres suddenly there's an envelope -- -- money but you've got to buy season tickets for one or two local -- myself on the bigger hockey fan football fans I would pick the sabres for. Seoul and leaves it up to me that the break but then okay. OK Tony it's bill of ethics bills and Jordan there -- Item I would donate the money obvious BCA. Now Hawkins he's OK but hockey drives me crazy because hockey is like girls you date high school. You know you get so what's it. And there's no score you know what I mean. Generator is so good. And when it to us about your blogs and on the ice and got a breakaway or whatever and you get so excited music it's. Are well you can catch your breath while. While following hockey difficulties -- -- it's all hockey is hard to follow and when the bills play football many times you don't wanna fall. Wow what do it we in the rainforest. Man that is loud. But anyway no -- I had to choose between hockey and football. I would probably the Jews. Football mainly because I like football better -- that I don't like talking just don't have as much interest in market as -- to a football. Now what you think you'd get more bang for the buck. Now that's a different question them which one would you -- because you came into the money so it doesn't have to be a great value. But you always think OK ma am I spending my money wisely which I get more bang for the buck. We have with hockey are more games. We four boy get a bigger crowd and a national audience. Which are which is a bigger bag for the -- probably hockey. Arctic air Jordan bang for the -- yeah I diggers that IKEA you like you said he -- more games OK I. I agree -- you really do so that you get more enjoyment over a longer period of time in the final question. -- black who is the sabres. President you know any time. Anytime there's a work stoppage whether it's a lockout or strike or whatever in sports there's a lot of a lot of hard feelings from the fans because they see. Millionaire players are fighting billionaire owners. And and people complaining that they're only making eight million dollars a year to you know -- -- -- basketball you know or whatever or catch a football. And and so oftentimes. There are some lump sum resentments. But I think it was I think the sabres are classy organization as far as I'm concerned. And the president -- says that maybe they hold the fans an apology you know for the work stoppage. So I'm mad I'm thinking give you all the fans apology what is what are Buffalo Bills well. Because I'm thinking it's been what thirteen years since we've been in the playoffs -- Thirteen years although he got to get to Ralph let me Ralph signed a hundred million dollar check last year once of course but. So I mean at least they tried let them trying and doing are two different things. It's our thinking if you expected an apology who do you think to be the first one that should apologize -- sabres are the bills. I think in the bills should because of the inferior product they put on the field for a long long time. A HL lockout could have ended a long time ago what you -- battle of egos so I blame him more armed I'm -- that I do. The sabres as an organization. I remember this they represent 101 represents the owners want represents the players they represented right the two entities. So nobody thinks beyond that all of you know is there's no game tonight. There's -- game tonight and you know so -- -- -- who -- the -- Wednesday sorry we're gonna try and get a right now -- that. Neighbors sabres -- -- through which affects so -- Jordan yeah I've leaders that you know because it was the other. The the polls at least have been trying to do something but when there's a lockout in the players and -- in the owners are fighting knocking heads. They're not trying to put an army guys they're trying. Let's be honest they're trying to make a better deal for themselves. And trying to put on a better product for you know. At least the bills. Whether they're having an inept year or Jim Kelly year they're trying to win the game and I only come back on here formulate a tree on 9301061692. Through six and start I'm very well also find out that that what we've posted this question -- it was so intricate that we needed a jeopardy contestants -- -- to figure it out I I can call one -- Meanwhile. So a late Christmas gift of cash has arrived. And -- goodbye to primo seats to season tickets to the sabres or bills will get your money and -- Stanley Cup and the Lombardi trophy which is gonna get here first owning. Which would get here first. Stanley Cup Stanley Cup demagogue George -- -- there are days ago. And if Bob if you get the most bang for your buck from one team or the other tell us about that. And which team deserves to give you an apology will be back after.

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