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Bauerle on Protecting home

Jan 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As you know I believe that the only people who should have guns in America. Are the military and police. I feel very safe. When only the military. And the police have guns. Because that's the way it ought to be. We need to keep guns off the street. In the same way if we've done such a great job keeping drugs off the street. Because we know what you make something illegal people will Obey the law. So we have a story here. About. We have a story here about yet another gun wielding maniac. Who shot -- -- armed man and I'm sorry but I have to say an unarmed black man. Clearly a racist attack. And an unarmed black man. Now here's the story. A Georgia mother. Hid her 29. Year old twins and shot an intruder. Several times during a home invasion over the weekend according to multiple media reports. Logan -- Georgia. The mother said she initially didn't answer. When somebody knocked on her door the visitor began repeatedly ringing the doorbell so this woman called her husband at work. Which by the way it's pretty stupid thing to do you call 911. Don't waste your time call your husband. Anyway she calls the husband the husband. Obviously did not panic the husband called 911. The 37 year old wife and all witness. Person at the door. Gathered the kids and herself. And they all went into work for all space inside the home. A closet if you will. When the scum bag Holman -- Opened the closet door. This maniac. Gun toting mama. Fired at 638. Slugs. At the unarmed black man. Hitting him five times in the face and neck area. According to the Walton county sheriff Joseph Chapman he opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of -- 38 revolver. After unloading. On the suspect. Clearly firing more shots in the situation -- The woman fled to a neighbor's home with her children they were not hurt. The home invader Strauss. Struggled and staggered out of the house eventually passed out he was arrested at the scene. And is expected to survive the victim's husband said he's proud of his wife. He says my wife is a hero she protected her kids she did which she was supposed to do as they responsible prepared gun owner. Clearly these are the words of a paranoid maniac. What this woman should have done I think everybody knows there's. This woman made this situation worse. We all -- This woman should have called 911. She should have stayed in plain view. Or when she was in the closet. When the door swung open. And the home invader was standing there she should have begged for her life and beg for the lives of her children. The fact that she chose to unload six shots. On an unarmed black man in her whole represents not only an excessive use of force. But -- uncalled for use of force there was no attempt to kill her that I can see here she escalated the situation. With a firearm with a gun. And shot and struck him five times out of six. You know it's situations like this. Which make me realize. How dangerous the gunners. This situation could have been resolved. Through negotiation. Through a quiet exchange of ideas with the home invader. Maybe a cup of coffee. To discuss the woeful existence the all the greater Atlantic prior to invading the home with the well mom and her kids inside. This is yet another argument ladies and gentlemen in favor of the banning of private ownership of guns. This man was on our. She chose to use lethal physical force against the unarmed black man. Let's not underestimate the possible racial component here on lecturer I'm not sure what this woman looks like. But. I think clearly we need to look into that. Because if she happens to be why. I think we need to take that and the careful consideration. I hope you realize I'm being sarcastic here with almost everything I'm saying. But one of the things I mean I hope you guys it was going to be enough to realize is -- but one of the things it drives me crazy. Is hearing. For example. And this comes up all the time of the -- -- markets and I'm so sick -- he was all armed. She acts. All -- our people get beaten to death all Todd. Our -- simply means the person. Can use the fast to kill you as well as a gun or a club or a golf club. -- -- How would you feel about Chuck Norris coming into your house. He might have absolutely no weapons whatsoever he'd be unarmed. But if he comes after you. You -- think twice about shoot -- Elmo. You don't have a chance against Chuck Norris. Don't have a chance against Chuck Norris. I don't have. A chance against most fourteen year -- --

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