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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Coach/NHL Lockout Roundtable - WBEN's Chris Johnson

Bills Coach/NHL Lockout Roundtable - WBEN's Chris Johnson

Jan 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's have a roundtable discussion on -- export stories. From Sunday that it stretched over into today Chris Johnson our producer and our sports reporter from Buffalo's early news is with us this morning you know. First follow hockey deal Chris. We -- learn a lot about the deal but what I've heard so far it largely resembles a deal that was on the table for months. Yes is glad as I am that this assault I'm also very annoyed by the whole thing the big 5050. Removed a 5050 was done. I want to say either early November are back late October. Now. As you said we don't know the details of all of what of what went into the 5050 some of the players say while a 5050 was a really 5050 because of what can revenue. I understand that all they understand it's 5050 and that's Laurie -- now. Where they moved didn't seem very great the the owners wanted five year contract limits to the point -- bill Daley said it was Michelle that they would die out not to be over dramatic. And now I think the catcher to limits got extended to seven I believe maybe eight if you -- your own guy might be off. By a year or two there but these seem like very small incremental steps that could have been taking care months ago. You know does that -- After all of us I think -- off on opening bell -- very good either to be honest would be for. -- know in hockey fans eyes looks worse because this is his third works -- -- Donald Fehr and the grand scheme of things to me look bad. Because he already ruined a baseball season but for as far as hockey fans are concerned that that you know baseball doesn't matter to them if you're a baseball fan it does but. We just the players association just hired fear for this. Works out as it was coming up so to me it has to be Batman although feared does not look -- radiator minutes January. And we're talking about cramming a 48 game season in three months. When -- said this could have been taken care of months ago if they negotiated seriously nobody did -- this is the deadline came and went September bitten seriously start talking until October. And didn't really seem to wanna get a deal done and so right now. You know playing only teams in your conference that's how the season is going to. Be put together I mean this is cool I mean this sounds pretty good right now it'll be almost like the original NHL six team -- league -- Yeah why do off. I remember the guy -- our ally Russians Arum or that I know -- -- I know that it existed. But I I think it's a cool idea too. The and you play Western Conference teams generally only once per possibly twice anyway so -- lose a lot of scheduling there the division match ups are still going to be the same. So is virus conference scheduling goes sides dead it's going to be great you're gonna play the teams over and over and over again. You have to worry about. Scheduling from the sensibility played via valley kings get on the west in the -- a quietly don't worry about any of that. It's all fifteen teams in the east and if you wanna make the White House -- is being a topic. You know Chris you follow lots of sports I noticed from your analogy of all of them but. What's a -- security -- that the bills hiring got her -- or the end of this lockout. I would say the end of the lockout only from the standpoint that this is the fifth coaching -- that I can remembers the last ten years. I know it's the second lock up as well and there in the last fifteen years. Where we are right now on the calendar especially the and out of the bills' season is is over and as a buffalo sports fan you're just -- searching for something to grab onto you watch the playoffs. But it's almost like it's a different league with the bills at this point and banner at thirteen years -- Activision route going on right now NFL. And you know I love all that but it's not the same I mean you're used to the sabres played four times a night where really hit me it was just. Around the holidays he got all this time off and you're used to watching hockey games don't know hockey games that the winter classic that NBC was generally do the hockey day in America. And it was completely gone. And it would seem pretty empty. In the next couple months. Went out pocketed the bills are still big to -- -- war worry more about that once minicamp and training camp comes around as opposed right now our it's the medal winner in the Arctic. Okay Don Marron apparently sometime today will be announced as the bills head coach. You think getting a franchise quarterback is going to be -- number two here army last year -- -- had last year this terrific crop of quarterbacks. I guess the crop is a pretty thin this year for the kids right. Yes so they say although you can if you know what you're doing -- -- while you can grab a guy this the perfect example that right now is the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Westbrook. Or are skewed here Russell Wilson Ross was burgers -- -- player. I do that all the time whereas I went names but he was a third round draft pick who got the bills had a shot at and now he is the Seahawks and the divisional playoff run so. If you know what you're doing. You can you can find a guy like that the bills have money it would do so if you look around the legal a lot of guys. Haven't -- top ten picks of Aaron Rodgers for example fell to the twenties in the draft the bill and have a first round pick their because I believe they traded it. For J. P. Losman the reform but I mean now you you take a look at MVP quarterback. Draft than the end of the first round or if you wanna go to Tom Brady and Brady was draft that I believe in like the sixth or seventh round took. If you -- well you can grab a guy. If you want to maybe get a stop gap you can probably. Maybe go for and Alex Smith there's some for year to I don't know if they wanna go in that direction Alex Smith is a franchise quarterbacks are made. You might want to but you'd -- only need at least somebody in here to compete with the -- dispatcher because they don't seem willing to even throw anybody else in the field. And they sure need one somebody now hey Chris -- good stuff Chris Johnson is are more one more question. Ask him about Notre Dame and Alabama all into the big now. College football title game tonight in down in Miami and I think I will pick Alabama I think and I -- that god -- this morning John that prevent that all both teams are pretty I've got this is the classic Alice from one match up. I like Alabama if if we -- just make up stories I'll say 2113. And of course I don't know minutes. We're just throwing darts at the -- we warming gas chorus of let that 2113. They're saying on the range to be huge for this one Ali it'll be enormous Notre Dame is a huge draw -- Alabama's wanted to be it was one of the most or programs account for Opel would be enormous will be a big story tomorrow morning at -- Chris Johnson. He's a producer here on Buffalo's early news and our sports reporter -- well.

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