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More On Bills New Head Coach - Joe Buscaglia

Jan 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph discounted as the Buffalo Bills beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 515 and is on the WB -- line line to help us sort through this. Apparent hiring of a new head coach for the Buffalo Bills say Joseph the morning the bills haven't said anything about this since the news broke more than 24 hours ago what does that tell you what's the story. Well I think it's just it's telling that the contract has revitalized at that point but debate fully expected -- be and be done at some point today I would assume means. And and there's eight and expected press -- at some point today so it looks like it's staying at going to be done it just does not matter if but we're at at this point. Jillian a lot of people are coming knocking the choice saying look at -- mediocre 2525 record or they're saying it's a cheap higher for the bills. But you know I've read your blog on that WG or Sports Radio 550 -- comment and your really saying this is a big change and something that's kind of off the formula that the bills have been using for the last several years. Well certainly haven't -- gone the route previous head coach who have failed elsewhere. But it doesn't for the past seven years you know Dick Jauron was a failure in Chicago and and then came to buffalo and got foresees no doubt that. It is pushed them further and mediocrity and Chan Gailey got a couple of years and Dallas and he was fired by Jerry Jones there. And and the built it in a chance sector. He felt that at all Georgia Tech and ended -- -- -- court Circuit City -- well. And and that we know how that ended up so the fact that there are trying something fresh and new. Especially with. You know -- Brandon being the guy that's that's calling the shots now I think you know you know he can't really. Sit here and that whether or not it's a great -- just yet because there's way too many variables at this point of where the coaches don't have a quarterback in place there's not a there's a system. And complacent. To be quite frankly haven't seen him. Go through being date decision making so. While it's not one can't. Determine whether or not it's a great -- bad -- can still point the fact that OK this is something that -- haven't done before because their previous formula over the past. Seven years certainly and maybe even perhaps thirteen has now worked so -- For me I think that that's a little bit -- -- earning money in a Syracuse a Doug moron might wanna drive over here with him. Well you know that he didn't have someone on his staff Donny Hendricks and I believe is their defensive backs coach. He has experience in the NFL and -- that are now I don't know that. That's someone that the bills where would be would be on -- -- Just yet because what I told the bills are going to be. Approaching this search or present supporting her now because the world has an offensive guy. And they're going to be approaching the defensive coordinator -- very aggressive. So. Whether or not that means a big named -- -- you or someone that's kind of been up and coming. Assistant coach around the league it would and that's been part of protecting. -- -- or have to find that -- but. Well I'm told they they want we wanna get disguised that's going to be able -- Well the defense and allow. -- -- out of focus and on the offense and overseeing the program entirely. What are some things that you like about -- -- around. Well I think I think like the fact that he. He's been described as innovative. Motivating me you know that the term change its culture has been thrown around with an -- because that's exactly what -- -- mean they've had. A loser locker roomful of perhaps thirteen seasons and they need a change of attitude at that place sorely. So it. When you have Doug wrote coming in here. And on paper that you like the -- I think need with the with -- the -- governance. And say OK if you're not buying it and we're you know we we can go out without chip and does so that's the type of mentality I think they need. And if he can provide that that that's what the biggest thing that. In terms of innovation he worked under our patent for three seasons as New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator and Peyton. For my body is one of the most innovative offensive mind. Edit and edit in an NFL a coach that. Been around for -- for the past you know decade or so so I think -- if you can draw on some things from. That you -- and it's time patent that is that I think this could be a good player. And then even load his record at Syracuse doesn't look impressive he did turn the football team around. -- completely you know before your prior under Greg Robinson. Here to what ten of 37. And rode in his fourth season. Have them go 25 and 25 with a pair -- five seasons that culminated with. Awaited me in -- up all okay so there is that there is something to be set up out. Butler road turning the program around it's not as though he turned them around into it and national prominent national team. But you know taking them from the -- The piece yet properly of the big east and bring them back up to respectability. And maybe even more so that. I think is in crisis. But now he's just got to do with the built the same story but there are a whole lot more pressure -- money on the line -- -- with an NFL team. And yet to prove that he can do it at a higher level. Joseph thanks for your time this morning were very grateful. Joseph the Scania Buffalo Bills beat reporter for our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550.

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