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Regret your ink?

Jan 4, 2013|

Sandy talks tattoos on today's show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nobody wants to believe that we judge other people judge other people all the time. And it's not you know if you if you talk con. Being nonjudgmental. -- you would you would take big -- the high road and say. Well. We shouldn't judge people by what we see it's superficial. We should judge people by their inner core what's in their heart what's in their mind. Where where what your values statements I mean things like that what makes a quality person over -- you know some some trash dog. That's the way we would say it but that isn't the way we far as soon as we see somebody we make an instant judgment. To -- too short too fat too wide. You know it too much hair not enough fair -- that shouldn't have a mustache. Blah blah blah blah -- as soon -- -- we we we scam them with our eyes and make an instant decision on them and we may not know him at all -- -- -- walking on the street you're walking the other way okay well. And you that in your mind. What they're like that is not right it's not fair but it's human that's what we go okay so I'm asking how do you judge someone. Who has -- tool. Or multiple tattoos multi that okay as an article. That to me it -- hot now but what about in ten years. Karen line throb in the USA today has that they got me thinking about it and the the gist of it is. I I think we've changed our attitude toward people with tattoos. From before before. In my early life the only people -- tattoos were military people my uncle brought all had a tattoo on his arm. He's the only one on our family -- -- that to my father never haven't had too. My other uncles and haven't had to nobody had a -- but my uncle yet one he's the rebel okay. And that was about it then later we found a policeman and and some pretty heavy duty guys. Who would have tattoos and idea bikers courts big time tattoos were bikers. But it started getting into women started getting to -- And when you see a woman with a I remember seeing. A story that says when you get a tattoo. It's the last chance you have to be taken seriously. And them -- I guess that was true I don't know if it's true now. If you were sitting there trying. To interview for the job of CEO of the bank. And and you had cats had -- -- wise I think you'd be hard pressed to get the job you know as will be no matter how your bank and steals the stack up. But now I'll tell you Tony how I -- -- -- and you can tell me how you judge him and we're gonna. Give some information as visual first of all if a woman if it's a discreet -- too. Okay. -- something small. No problem. And that's what my sister Beverly. Who is scheduled to report is -- its greatest person in the EU -- None seem like swingers compared. I mean really that's the way as she taught me years ago I just got a tattoo -- I would have bet you and I mean every cent I've ever earned them my sister Beverly would never at that as a -- one it's a little. Thing -- front ankles were. It's in inspect usual NC you know. Much you knew it was there but as you just never know but if if it's a small discreet. Cat to a woman. It what I don't like is when they're covered with -- when there is tattoos or there's no real skin showing it's just that to -- ink. Head to toe link on that is to me a big turn. There's only one thing worse than that as far as I'm concerned. Is that metal stake him out your no leisure a year yours you'd -- lifts your lips your knees. And in all man give me a break. So that's how I judge women with that it was. Small discrete. Takes a problem covered head to toe problem -- with guys it's a little different. -- guys guys sometimes put the names of their girlfriends. Or their wives or their kids or whatever and you know you can understand that and gang guys put gang tattoos on whatever. But generally I think. A smattering of -- is okay but they are again like the quarterback for the niners. Young guy -- is I -- -- -- now he's I mean he's with cats. And when I watch him play he's good player -- -- -- in the playoffs all I can think of is is -- that is not a stats not his passing style nothing. And it's I don't know I think I think less is better with tattoos. But they've become much more mainstream commonly used Libya mean. You know your minister probably as a -- -- see -- Sunday there's something like that. I'd give me your thought you see somebody walk -- a street with a -- I know the only -- I'm really gonna pass judgment. And this happened and causes last year in the summer before -- and I were at ransom though watch in the racism PC guy walked by. With his face covered in tattoos we -- onto each other and the first thing we both said was unemployed. Yeah Mike Tyson when he put that that tattoo on his race. It's their -- too I mean. In less sure tattoo artist. I eat or your daughter piercing thing yeah I can understand that part. There's no way you're gonna have a career. Of any kind of you know. Ability to make. Reasonable money -- -- -- -- face just take it supersedes. Oh -- it becomes the focus of attention once -- was target as a matter what you're saying they're not -- called it thinking about it. While morons guy's gonna effect to Oliver's face about women. Women I don't like completely covered I don't mind a few tattoos here and there. I don't wanna see it the whole arm you know more back covered in tattoos -- -- you know especially when you see somebody in the in the you had a wedding in there and has some sort of look like -- seen a tired and nice clothes on an attack to hit a few select it opened back in -- old war eagle or something. I told you my sister has a friend these guys is gonna since college okay. Who has the largest tattoo I have ever seen and it what it is it's a -- -- You know it's a black panther -- of their beautiful animals. And it's it's the largest to ever seen. I don't know where it starts. But it ends with the panther. From the from the shoulders up so -- all sides and there. She. A right thing and pulled. Color with a piercing eyes from between her breasts. And it comes up to over her shoulder. OK so she's got -- panther. As a senator how long the Panthers but I can tell you the -- large and -- -- the year like this right here okay. And his -- alike over the shoulder. Now. I've seen her dressed up. Because they go to weddings that go solo strange to me. And so I -- too much. I think that you should be able to cover up if you're going somewhere like you just said -- awaiting word confirmation errors you know something like that there's something very nice and and -- does. -- where the jungle animal coming up from between your boobs I'd just under that now it's different that that doesn't work dollars a beautiful tattoo -- -- on the right circumstances would be fabulous but ideas and -- this doesn't mean she's a very nice woman. But very unusual they should have proper placement and size I don't think he should be allowed to keep animals between your breasts. I'd I think that should be is -- -- responsibility yet when you play the political. -- comeback. Your body may be perfect for that to -- to right now but what about ten years from now have you thought about that because there aren't many people. Whose body looks the same after ten years or better except for Robbie -- okay she's the only one. Her body is fabulous that will be forever and ever never so -- if she wanted to division but it had to anywhere look exactly the same in ten years as it does now but my -- all. Well. It changed -- -- here there and everywhere you know it's like -- oh. And attack to changes shape with the body gotta think how it's gonna look like that I think they should do via. They should have software on a computer at the tattoo artist's. Studio where they can -- the tattoo. As you get older and sag year long birchard give you an idea what it's Google and threw beer. This article in 2015. -- little -- in 2000 and why I think I've -- article you make me wanna get another -- to all Waller you have to have a baby. Don't you have Samantha put on YouTube yes Samantha has them and nobody got to your tattoo collection now look at what Rebecca activists.

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