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Bauerle on Guns and Tyranny

Jan 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So I did say that we have many things to get into this morning in Switzerland you know you thought that psychotic guns were only a problem in the United States of America. That's not true you know what happened in Switzerland or they call it these strikes. That's German health -- Such a romance language speech rights. But Ireland but the Germans call -- fish dish it's. And it led. It's a sad story and I am really should be using your silly voice but. In Switzerland. An old military rifle. Became angry. An old military rifle -- legs. An old military rifle walked out of a chalet. In Switzerland. An old military rifle decided to open fire on innocent victims three are dead. Now the guy who happen to be holding the angry old military rifle at the time. Had been under psychiatric care for several years. But it is the gun's fault. The gun is totally responsible for what happened yesterday in Switzerland. Because I know that the newspaper reports in the media reports in the mass media call it. Switzerland today. God loving culture eight gun loving country. Well. Now you know the rest of the story the gun -- legs and of its own volition walked through the door. Popped up in this guy's arms and he was presently holding it as it opened fire. Yeah well all this crap. About guns I gotta play I'm so sick of I'm feeling very terroristic. I'm sorry I'm feeling very revolutionary right now in the fine tradition of George Washington Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin James Madison. -- Alexander Hamilton before he was killed. And that many of the other great founder of our founders of our country I'm getting sick and tired of the constant trampling of our rights by government and the desire of government to continue to trample on our rights whether it is police checks. Whether it is all this talk about. Banning certain kinds of about magazines are banning certain kinds of of weapons were banning ammunition I'll get pretty damn sick of it I'm pretty -- stuff that up the only countries that want you to not to have guns are countries that have sinister designs on new. In your lifetime folks I don't know how old you guys are listening but. In your lifetime. What what did you do to hop -- -- time machine. Go back to Warsaw Poland. Warsaw Poland. Nazis. Decided that you were sub human. Nazis decided -- the few words used the -- let's kill these -- And the Nazis round them up altogether so they've been nice and compliant. And of course the Nazis were pretty Smart. They made other Jews select those who would go first to the death camp's true story by the way. And those who had to make that call. Don't envy their position either. Eventually the Jews in the Warsaw Poland -- said you know what. We know what's happening to other Jews in Europe we've heard the stories. They said -- climbed past we are not going down a lot of fight. Well the problem is they didn't have a lot of does of doron they had to improvise. And even with improvisation. Of -- weapons. Big -- hold off the Nazis for a considerable period of time. The Nazis with considerably more firepower. Of the Jews in the Warsaw got well. Now if the Jones had been equipped like the average American block. They could've sold their lives much more dearly. Then they ended up doing. And frankly for those of -- -- guns away from people. At all. -- you know we afflicting history. Would you read about the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto who should be an inspiration all Obama's. There are some of my heroes. Because those Jews it's up. To -- her radical government that was gonna fully execute them. The shot with cyanide. And haven't passions. And the Jews in Warsaw Poland said screw this. We might we -- -- doing this but you know what we're gonna -- if we don't do it -- we're gonna kill some of these bastards along with us. God bless those Jews. And god bless those of you know who understand. What tyranny is all about. And how the only thing that stopped bad people with weapons is good people with weapons. When will you idiots. Who don't understand that get it. And you morons who think it's that guns doing the damage. That guns. She -- your logic. Every time we have a drunk driving accident we should talk about banning cars. -- about it. -- killings are the only killings I can pick up where we talk about banning it. The tool. And not the -- Arbitrator. I didn't hear anybody. During the course not the case for example. Talk about banning cars because -- doctor got drunk and kill Alex writes. Nobody because we understand it was actually -- the guy. Doctor James course ironic that killed Alex rice. And he did get the maximum on the charge for which he was convicted. Remember he's innocent of the other charges. Jury said so we have to respect well we have to acknowledge that I don't think however respect. But I got somebody picks up a gun. And the idiots ours just you know what maybe maybe idiot is too strong -- -- The wannabe stallings and knowledge and Castro's in our society. They talk about taking away the tool. And not going after the perpetrators. This situation in Switzerland for example or as the media is calling it a gun loving country Switzerland. They've done. Was a mentally ill individual. Who had been under psychiatric. Here for some time. I'm not talking about occasional therapy like ever have a kind of a midlife crisis -- about some ideas -- you know. Mean this is borderline at the border lines that to me that's his normal routine stop. You know -- paid for and if you want to but. I think therapists are good idea for everybody because sometimes it's good get a second opinion from somebody who isn't try to -- but will be your body. The question is you know that's just me. We're talking about severely mentally. Ill people. Guess what they have in Switzerland just like we have the in the United States. And by the way let me just point out something. To state the obvious here. Because. All I'm just I'm getting sick of idiots by my patients for morons is just growing incredibly thin lately. When you consider the number of guns in America. And when you consider the number of seriously. Mentally. Ill people in America. I think it's amazing we have as few mass murders as we know. The ratio. Folks. Please understand something. Severely mentally ill people are more of a danger to themselves generally than they are other people. We have millions of severely mentally ill people in America. -- compared to those millions. The shootings we do have mathematically and statistically. We ought to have more on the outlook I'm not saying morally we should have more obviously and what an idiot that some might disagree but I just say bet. Even the severely mentally ill are going out every day and pull off these crimes. And when you consider the number the raw data the wrong number of severely mentally ill people to -- we don't have more of these things. I'm glad we don't I should put that in there too. Know your history folks. Unfortunately many of you who attend the public school system I'm not sure about. A private school system. -- my daughter went to private school that I have nothing but respect for that private school but at a time. Her knowledge of American history. Mainly is for me. Same thing with my son. My son is much smarter with that stuff in many ways. And am alive. He he's brilliant analyst to brilliant result good actually. Sorry dude but in any event. Know your history. And so many -- you do you think World War II. Just happen. Do you think that Hitler just happened that miraculously this guy off Hitler. It's. Got and I don't -- -- KM from the German people. He served honorably by the way and with great bravery in World War I I give him that. He was a brilliant speaker. He now to reach people in his target audience all give him that. I have often wondered. -- -- had applied his power to good and evil where would be in the world today but naturally it -- question will never know. Because maybe Germany was ready for good then. But in any event that the German people folks voted off Hitler in office you don't know that right. Please tell me you know that. -- didn't seize power. He was voted in office and gradually. And incrementally. Piece by piece by piece the right shot fired decree. The enabling act which followed it. The army swearing allegiance not to German republic but -- at all personally. He's highly. -- -- try to make this holy -- To Culpepper. Folks this stuff happens it's freaking. -- And it could happen any time any damn way higher even the United States.

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