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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dr. Matthew Antalek MD- Cold, Flu & Norovirus

Dr. Matthew Antalek MD- Cold, Flu & Norovirus

Jan 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actor Matthew intellect is an infectious disease specialist with Catholic health system camera mercy hospital and he joins us on the WBM -- doctor intellect thanks for the time. Good morning seems like there's a lot of illness around Western New York lately colds flu stomach bugs those have a -- like you stay healthy in your job. Well win the Norwalk virus that is being reported around the county the most important thing to do was so wash your hands up early after. Either preparing -- we're going to the bathroom I usually that virus in particular spread through. Contaminated food or water so. That's the most important thing you can do regarding this particular virus. So -- washing your hands with soap and water. It's also something really there's no effective medication to deal with this it's just better to keep -- right. That that's correct this is a a virus that there's no known treatment for as far as medications. Usually. The support of this is. Controlling the aches and pains and a drinking plenty of forwards. That the real danger with resources is. Tends to be in the elderly or children or dehydration can occur or rather quickly so if you can maintain good hydration most people. Or recover from her sentence and their -- Doctor let me expand on the question of -- -- minute ago how do doctors and their staffs. Deal with all the sick people that they see -- -- what do they do to avoid catching whatever is going around is that -- -- -- Constantly washing their hands. That is very important. If there's there ever any kind of exposure to. Body secretions such as you know vomit or saliva. Obviously we we try and -- protect ourselves we're wearing gloves in this in the case so. Viruses that are spread through our droplet contamination from people sneezing or coughing. Sometimes we -- we will Wear masks but usually that that is that's an unusual. Our of our very specific circumstance when we when we take those precautions but mostly it's washing hands because. Most your viruses are spread from you know a contact with foods or or secretions and then hand to mouth is. Is the most -- spread. It is touching your face right. Touching your face. So touching your eyes so American can lead to -- transmission some of these viruses. If here rundown if your immunity is low or used automatically more susceptible. Well it that it you know. Immune suppression order or being run down as a very broad kind of added depth kind of term that that's often used its. Usually higher risk as is with specific. Kind of immune suppression people who were on chemotherapy York's high dose steroids or more risk for. Having more severe illness when they're exposed these types of viruses. We'll show that children or older people are more susceptible to get stuff like this. And why is that. It's because the the effects of dehydration that the most important. Thing that occurs with with this particular type of viruses. Is diarrhea nausea and vomiting and if there's decreased intake of -- people can get dehydrated rather quickly. So the elderly are more prone to that along with the along which children many times they can't. They don't -- can't express the they're feeling of of illness so those symptoms can catch up to them quicker. We'll doctor intellect stay healthy and thank you for joining us thank you very much new here aren't happy new year to YouTube director Matthew intellect is an infectious disease specialist. With Catholic health system it can more mercy hospital.

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