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To publish, or not to publish?

Jan 3, 2013|

A segment from today's show in which Sandy discusses newspapers publishing the names and addresses of New York state pistol permit holders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is -- the right thing to do the published in the newspaper the names and addresses of the New York State pistol permit holders first of all I have no problem with transparency. I have no problem would open government. And if those that are available at City Hall to town hall or county hall and you wanted to down there we'll come up that's fine. But there's a big difference between that and publishing the names. Publishing the names in the newspaper as to how he's dead a gay handed them over to that newspaper outside of a New York for Putnam county says that I going to do and those for open government say you have to it's it's the law. And so they're gonna persona will see word goes but I'm thinking that's a whole different motivation publishing personal argues the insinuation that. You have something to fear from your next door neighbor or somebody who lives on your street who has a pistol permit when indeed. That person and everybody else with a pistol permit have one thing in common they obeyed the law they did what you're supposed to do. The ones I'd be afraid of -- in the it in the wrong neighborhoods those who stolen guns. And have guns and are not registered anywhere they're not on anybody's permit their serial numbers are filed off. And I'm thinking that I don't think it's a good idea I think -- much information should be available book published is a whole different ball game. I don't think they should be secret but I don't think they should be published either. And the pluses and minuses of armed security and our around schools Wayne Lapierre suggests that this from the National Rifle Association. And then of course the obvious reactionary people who don't know a -- from a can opener. Overreacted. But I think it is a good idea first of all we have armed security. In in the school. Children around. Police all the time there around security all the time they go to Alamo they don't know whether that security guard is armed or not. And they see a policeman they know they are armed I mean it's nothing bad -- like you just fell out of the sky. Secondly you good if you train the force properly -- -- to be very effective who's available about former military about former retired police people who -- in the law enforcement business. People who are familiar with firearms have the temperament to be able to do. The I have a handle a firearm under stressful conditions are mean there'd -- no shortage of I think qualified people to do it. It's just those who overreact. That there are about make it seem like it's some. Just a foolish act when indeed I think it's a sensible thing to do and I'd like your opinion through and as I said if for my daughter were in school and it was an option. Believe me I would do vote for any school budget that would include. The ability to have it and armed security person on the grounds. Eyes are gonna be perfect every time probably not but just remember this when the -- all of these nut jobs that come on the campuses and their colleges and schools and and movie theaters or whatever. When they come on. They want to have their name known. Some of them Wear vests. And why they Wear vests when they probably know intellectually if they have that capability. That they're going to take their own life or somebody's gonna shoot them they know that the -- are getting away are really really remote. Well I think that they going there and they do though what is called a pray in spray. Where they just spray as many bullets is they can't. And hit as many people as they can but the reason they Wear the -- in my mind is they wanna make sure that they don't get shot before they finished the job they wish they they wanna do. And there again former law enforcement. And our military would be more equipped to handle somebody. That was wearing a vest then. The malls because that's basically the kind of club background they have. So I don't know about you. But if I had a kid -- the end I'll pay the extra I would like to think there's there's an armed security guard on on you know in the school. Is it going to be full -- no of course you could have won and each Roman wouldn't be foolproof but it's better than just hoping it's better than just. Having the teacher have to tell the children run and hide. Get in the closet. Shut off the lights in for -- and hope that the gunman doesn't come into our. Would you rather have that. -- would you rather have a former military or former policeman. Defending those kids and those features to me it's that it is a no brainer. Let's go to -- Sam would be next salmon Rochester on WB yeah. -- -- -- You know. Publishing the names. Gun owners wanting publishing maps. You know there's a sinister reason why you would -- -- public -- you want people to go out there to protest since being. Lawful gun owners property and maybe even take a -- may. Against the buffalo does donors. It's very sinister. It also promotes class warfare you'll probably be able to say look most of them are in this area of town this area of town is a little more well to do -- that area of town. That's elitism -- -- you know -- they they use that and every possible argument. There today there's no real good reason to publish those names. And imminent I think something bit. Well people they. Would agree with me but it won't do it but right now especially those in the public. There's no doubt in my mind. People don't have picked up not an accurate. North expects it is that anti gun groups. -- -- -- that the -- that took place. As a topic important. There. Anti gun. Lot of but don't be here. I don't. Let let's take toward glad and delete the -- glad I think they see it as an opera. I think in their mind they think their right and they see this as an opportunity. To present their case again. In the backdrop of the great national grief over this tragedy I don't think they're glad but they are opportunistic and they are certainly willing to take advantage. But remember me up. -- guy is now the go mayor everybody. Rahm Emanuel never let a good crisis go to waste. That's exactly what it says they don't that's what Bill Clinton did -- to weigh in and does so is this president. That's right and they were predator preying on the on the sensibility and a decent. A way Americans think about fellow love fellow men and especially about children they know how how difficult it was for us to deal with this. If we could deal with -- also now is a chance to get us to make hay in irrational decision thank you. Now's the chance to get us to make -- emotional decision. I'm not in another one of born from intellect but one born from great tragedy sorrow and sadness. And that tells me. That you don't have a really good argument because if you did you'd want you rational. Intelligent reaction. You don't want that you just wanna get what you want and you figure the best way to get what you want is to hit people when they're down emotionally as we are now.

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