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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Newtown Kids Back to School - Heather Bosch

Newtown Kids Back to School - Heather Bosch

Jan 3, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- just mentioned to -- some sandy hook elementary school with a shooting carnage happened. We'll go back to class today to a completely different school building and a completely different community in Connecticut. CBS's Heather bosh who covered the Newtown Connecticut shootings joins us now on the WB and live line you know -- had. Have to be a little scary. For some of these kids despite the fact that their moms and dads and teachers have been trying to be as positive as possible. Absolutely ME twenty of their classmates and sick of the staff members including the principal venue where killed attendees of last month. Had a little -- partaking of really big steps today. That the school itself is still a crime scene for the kids that you mentioned are attending classes in the former middle school in nearby and -- -- It's been -- about -- to refurbish their desks and some other familiar things had been moved there. They may still be a little anxious -- but school leaders of psychiatrists say it's very important for that to get back into the routine. It helps them he'll say it's secured. And it lets them build it looked like the lawn even after something terrible happens -- -- -- and. You know -- school officials want a normal day I keep hearing this morning but is it really possible. It is there are a lot of security changes that that there are real police presence now though I didn't have before. Police officers are visible and I getting a lot of details on the bridge scene that they don't lack of blocking access to this school itself but not talking much about. Out what they're doing different security rights but there will certainly be police officers. On staff and the school itself was different and the -- can't forget that it's something happen. You know again and it's the emphasis on trying to make things normal they're not holding an assemblies they're not going to bring up -- itself unless the student. Themselves talk about it and they had little answer questions but trying to get them back into that routine. I have realized that he they're reading this writing. There are classes and classmates this recess and lunch and you can you can continue you can go a lot even after something awful. We understand his kids and their moms and dads and teachers went through a dry run yesterday. Haven't been open house has become thrilling to be -- think a lot of that was for the parents as -- -- the students -- -- -- take a look around then and realize that -- there's Clapton year. Some of the items that hit it left behind during the shooting like backpacks where dare. So they can be a little more familiar and -- today are even being allowed to go to this school. Now the school propelling them protect kids on the bus so that it used to that but if you -- meet up with your kids in class stay here for the rest of the day we totally understand. So believed in me they'll be lot parents thought hands. I'm sure the name of the school. Did they change. They did about this look at old top -- -- middle school that was no longer used because -- the involvement with -- so close. That they actually paint the outside of the school at the excitement is sandy hook elementary that's what they're calling it. It's unclear if they will ever really get a chance to move back to their old building that package of crimes the. -- -- -- -- -- CBS's other bosh who covered the Newtown Connecticut school shootings.

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