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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Remembering the "Comeback Game" - Mark Kelso

Remembering the "Comeback Game" - Mark Kelso

Jan 3, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bill's fans are remembering twenty years ago today the greatest comeback scheme ever in the NFL still is. It was a wild card game between buffalo and Houston at halftime the bills were down. 28 to three. And then in the third quarter the comeback began. Here's a little bit of a reminder this is an entry -- touched down the spratt they have the score. 23531. It got something you are right it's going to the shotgun Portland. There's the snap he backs up he looks he throws -- Yeah. How big time want to throw Don Ryan Reid he wanted to. Yards and the thing. Reception. Here this Brando movie -- mirrored reds stadium while. -- -- -- Boy talk about excitement let's talk more about it now on the WB and live line as a member of the bills broadcasting in the John Murphy and mark Kelso. It's mark -- was safety for the bills during that memorable game twenty years ago today. Mark is it true that -- didn't realize today it was a twentieth anniversary of that big game. I don't wake up big about those things that are short I mean I guess now I recall I think people thought that the last couple weeks but. But no I didn't wake up thinking about it that's for sure we know. You know you have to some kind of advice for somebody during that game about. A defensive lineup didn't you when you guys were really getting pounded. Well you know I think happened in the first they just seem like we we we're you know perhaps a step late on everything and and during the attack but the game ventures and they're a bunch of plays when we got an opportunity to make a play -- first -- and you senator up against a Boston and we get it we got a couple medical errors and and does it that we head in the game and you know it -- I was they're the leaders secondary so that starts drilling. -- on Meehan and we have some young guys Kirk Schulz was plainly see I think he was a rookie that year and -- -- a really good player for us and and you know so. We had openings right now I just said it would make up. Mistakes and that again that was on me because I was the leader secondary so. I think it didn't go like the first and then you know out conversely a second that it just seemed like we couldn't do anything wrong and it was you know that it was fun to be a part of it was under. Experience for the advancement and it was it was memorable for sure -- -- -- in my career it's certainly one of the games did you think about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It in the NFL. What what you remember about Marv Levy at that time. Talking to you guys about that game. Yet -- think what you know and helped and again thinker well escort and a populist on the eight it was three. -- -- street and they scored against BP or return the beginning of the third quarter. And I think there weren't there were wanting one point scored before that the NC even -- the field because as Europe through interception and scored a couple times. Before we put it that particular aspect but think that -- that was its most impressive about marvelous is we we really didn't panic -- I mean there was no panic there -- not screaming -- Because -- -- into the meeting room what do we need to do with Iraq by this problem and in your socialist does -- simplify things go back to basics and and -- -- execute better -- I think you know I think you're quote certainly from its. Competence and end the attitude here seen them and when they reflect on this and and you know it doesn't have to beat. They can get -- energy which which are always but that was when they're on the up and elected. Translates into the thirteen men and I think that's exactly what happened -- we cop routine that -- that we we will. -- you ain't all over the course of those those years -- what was there and -- -- -- building and you know we started playing better bit. Just one -- time and end what it would happen does the second half and on all it and think you're start ago well that didn't feel real comparable to it'll. Because they're so would be that -- would -- on -- -- that stop what -- On third -- she hasn't returned the ball to actually. Electric -- stop and beat sensibly and and that happened. -- this -- just kept snowballing and they're right in Houston as they have different Hampshire are different recollection of how things went but. You know what was he was all those things wrapped in -- it was it was -- used in the week before the plate GM. The players Carter because he gets hurt what happened. When that happened you put up chances and then you know frank came in that situation that there. Steps that you couldn't audience and we a couple of guys that dedicated to and and it just a remarkable. Been. And a full team effort but it was a it was a -- Hillary went for sure at that point we won that game. We kind of felt like we couldn't be stopped and that we are headed for another opportunity inseparable. You know I know Marv Levy has written -- -- and one of those books but what did you say do you guys after the game. I don't look a Chemical Ali you look at a contender reachable and today so I think you know. I don't really ever recall all -- what happened a lot group that I use at the end game but I just. What is expected but it's our resiliency. And inspected you know we elect cup since you notre. Spirit situationally. Or looked looked pretty -- But you know I just remember focus on the next in that you know we we've kind of felt like at that point. We repeat the Palestinian and it would barely get a lot of road to Pittsburgh where very good Stewart Spain. And I just remember -- about their locker room talking about the opportunity grandparent. And we we hadn't been in that situation before because they'll play out it's a moment. And understood that particular fuel we are a lot card payment. And that -- skeptical at golden wind's almost playoff game so I mean I remember the focus on that but that -- -- great cup when in the in the guys it was -- everybody and that scene played a part. I think. If you preached that a lot a lot -- every player is as important as every other player. And that but I don't go to practice -- a whole lot but in that particular instance I don't really think that we the guys and that seemed. Everybody everybody played a role in some capacity or another and then you know that extremists. Which is evidence of that. While bills fans certainly will never forget -- we haven't been right now -- clock run out mark thanks for joining us. That's. Mark Kelso who as a safety for the bills twenty years ago during that incredible. Come from behind victory over the Houston -- over Houston the greatest comeback twenty years later still NFL history. It and still an amazing game. Today for today's standards and room probably reason why a lot of people are still bills fans around here because of -- hope that that we -- for that that day.

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