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The NFLs Greatest Comeback Ever

Jan 3, 2013|

Highlights of the Bills-Oilers Game Jan 3, 1993

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Second and go beyond away. Davis and Carla Gardner on the practice now they over -- they. Well here. Now it's Davis running left trying to get. The bills they get a 3510 game -- member frank Reich is this senior in Maryland at. Engineer one of the greatest comebacks in the history of college football Merrill was trailing by 31 to nothing to Miami. He's the terps ended up beat the hurricanes forty to forty maybe could do with 32 point comeback off well. And I -- isn't possible. -- a little onside kick off. -- that's a good. It's there by. The. Like waiting for a man runs dropped back. Sales of -- all. Extra points coming. 429 left in the third here is right what kind of thrown rolls out throws down their list. -- -- -- -- I'm really the -- -- that's good. Backyard. Uncle Paul Paul and -- -- tidal wave here at -- stadium appears wounded so. -- -- I've -- stadium. It got something here right is going to the shotgun more than. There's -- snap he backed up he looks he throws. Really -- -- a little. Want to throw it. Yeah. Reception. Did as good. -- reds stadium wall yeah -- above our 32 yard field goal try. And then with the rain and it. Del -- -- was spotted a. They still penny dropped off handed if that happens. At this point that. But the quality tablet -- 353. Colleague David -- what -- -- the good thing about. But it looked like kept the that was -- fifty cents but bring it back until you get the ball hey there's that 653 to pay my bills are getting all the elements right now momentum. And the weather. Waiting for the snapped three wide receivers do the right back the throw he looks they throw. And yeah. The but we don't like the play and again Andre reed please break it down. Really went 308. And young -- as. Let's send this crowd can we get a new. -- -- -- Makes the snap dropped back -- Look in the room close the -- -- Is it not been around -- try to run back doing what happened down at the 35 yard line flag on the. Why why can't handle it pretty -- -- have a basement has clearly got that we are markets mountain eagle and after -- alert we might have unnecessary roughness. 32 yards from the center of the field. Handling her readiness but back it's 38 all bills can win it here Reich puts it down the -- on the last. Yeah. OK okay.

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