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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sandy returns! Oh, and it's 2013!

Sandy returns! Oh, and it's 2013!

Jan 2, 2013|

Sandy discusses the fiscal cliff and whether or not 2013 will be a better year than 2012.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All we're back religion coming up said he did show a lot of things happened though while I was gone so we thought we would kind of bulk them up then the question is. Will 23 team -- well in the second -- of it. Be better then when he twelve and I say no I think war on a downward spiral I I wish wish I could say yes. But I don't believe it 41 thing as I said we've seen the enemy it's us. We know we as the general population -- very comfortable with being given things instead of earning them there are some self starters and -- -- In our midst and thank heaven for that there are some entrepreneurial types thank heaven for them. But there's a lot who are very happy. To get the a debit card to get the check in the mail however they're distributing a government cookies and they just love it and the government loves doing it too. Because the government not only. Distributes -- for cooking they hand out there is a strings attached you know hey got the cocaine from. For me will allow expecting it to support new -- when it comes time for reelection. That's the kind of thing it is and I think we have reached critical mass. Where basically. You very large percentage of our population feels an obligation. To reward those who -- giving them something before that's the best way I can say. So I wish I could have a better outlook I don't think I I don't think that will be too realistic and here's a real problem. The president has tasted blood in the water this chum in the water now because on. -- you're talking about raising taxes and one cutting spending on the other the ratio that I've heard is 4121. For every dollar cut in spending. 41 dollars are going to be raised in taxes. Now if your kid did that with the U. You would make them stand there roam if you suppose you're giving your -- and all violence and you say Johnny you're spending too much money and you gotta cut down. John says yeah I doubt I want I got a great plan here I'll cut down a dollar in spending and candy if you give me 41 dollars and something else. Deal no body heat make at the Vietnamese boy -- to make that the exact villages -- -- And for the -- believe. Well it puts us in a strong position now when we face the clipped the next time which is on the debts are you nuts. You don't -- Fighter ever got stronger -- by being knocked out in the fight before and I give me an example I would like some exam outside a journalism nationally. OK -- like an example of that. So how would would be livid taste of blood in the water I I don't see a way out of this. And when the president of the United States as casually that I am the president for the next four years whether he'll like it or not immunized. DL what kind of person was just elected to the oval office for a second term. He is not going to play nice it's going to be the same hardball and then when she get in their play hardball -- them. It's just gonna get worse and worse and worse and I don't think we've got the players to play hardball with. And nor -- they do they seem to have the inclination some of them held out longer than others. But -- so I don't see a bright future for the country economically. And if there's not bright economically is not going to be bright job wise either so I wish I could say yes. But I I really camp for those of you. Who have been living in a cave here are some of the things in the the for the fiscal. Clip that they did not jump off of Social Security payroll tax. The a two percentage point cut in the payroll tax would lapse. Featuring. A six point 2% now. That was enacted two years ago. Also. The bill would individual income tax rates would extend tax cuts on incomes up to 400000. Dollars and -- arguably. A Jordan and I am Tony we'd like our -- about one. More important and that's still close your. -- and so that's that that's for individuals for. 150000. For couples. There again Tony -- -- -- on the island Jordan. Very long hours at times when I'm attracted to each year or even even if we lived in Vermont just doesn't work for us. He plays guitar. You know -- -- looking into it wouldn't it just wouldn't work is not destined to be we tried flow from a progressive. It Alamos and if they could. Not going to work. 450 for couples. Earnings above that would be -- at the rate. 39 point 6% up from the current 35%. And would expand Clinton Era. Caps on. Itemized deductions. The estate tax will be taxed at a top rate of 40%. -- it's really sick about the estate tax. They're taxing things that have already you've already pay taxes and that's the problem. When you have an estate and your leaving that a state. He's been taxed aren't so -- -- -- for dying it's called death tax for a reason okay they're gonna tax you for dying. My you know if you that was gonna have -- and I just burn the money. Burn it putting the world has to be burned so you know living and anybody see that would be cool. And really but I kinda kind of picky picky picky and kind of small but be fun to do launch event has. Capital gains. Taxes on capital gains and dividend income increased from fifteen to 20%. The Alternative Minimum Tax which they never indexed originally. Of -- inflation the bill would index the the AMT for inflation's so I think that's a good thing. Other taxes. Or in their -- but the bottom line the number to remember is I heard forty and 41 so we'll take 4141. To one. Or out of four cuts in spending. As opposed to increase in rev don't know which is translates to taxes. I don't argue that doesn't sound like a great deal to me and -- and what the president want just so you know. For those of you questioned you know an agency you don't speak while the president most of the time. -- want to think what he wanted in his original proposal he wanted the ability to raise the debt ceiling by himself. He's gonna have to consult congress so he wanted that authority to raise the debt ceiling himself he didn't get that but you know what he did get. He's got the right to decide himself unilaterally -- know. No other votes needed. To reduce our room armed forces nuclear arsenal. So he could sign an executive order soon as this bill -- signed which -- which -- assess it might be done by now even. That if he wanted to he could reduce that to whatever level it like to. I'm not very comfortable -- that at all the kind of things that the scare me either drop in the wings. -- but they're ready to be used that we haven't seen any kind of prudence on his part of having the ability to do something. And not do it I'm gonna get another example is nuts are you ready for this okay. It got vetoed but. There was an -- because of the the bill. He issued an executive -- doing this crisis to give raises the federal employees. So where where were hemorrhaging. Trying to keep our head above water trying to survive. To the next a day and he's handing out raises the federal employees. -- and it is -- you can't make this up you really can't. But that's what's happening. And them that's why my position is 2012. Is gonna look like the good old days compared to 2013. Pretty sent. We come back we'll take -- calls laws differ of anomalous next on the list will be the the assault on the Second Amendment I have no problems at all we have the NRA suggestion Wayne Lapierre suggested. I'm trained. Armed security. In the schools and the they make it seem like the children would be so traumatized. By seeing an armed security person in this school are you kidding me. Everybody -- gold is armed security be able to go to the -- because of security be able they go they go to games there's a security deal they traveled to go to the airport he had patted down they get extra aid. Every place you go oh. There's security so why would suddenly. The the children be so traumatized by armed security. In their schools I think if you asked me I don't know with the money comes on the pay for but. I would do if I had a vote on an advocate and smoke remind Americans will viable run. I'd say that makes some sense to me but others you know hysterical of course that I really looking for answers they're looking to complete their agenda.

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