Bills Press Conference

Jan 1, 2013|

Bills President & CEO Russ Brandon addresses the media

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- appreciate Scott's preserve order have been on the opportunity tomorrow here on New Year's. I have for smaller wish her body happy new year and I take everybody through. Little bit of what's gone on over the last 44 hours. First and foremost. But what -- mr. Wilson for this incredible opportunity. Obviously I'm honored and humbled and has confidence. In me. To lead this organization into a new era. And provide a clear direction. And a winning pathway into the future. Want to be a little bit about when I don't went over and -- mr. Wilson yesterday. We had a wonderful visit. It was a rather emotional visit. And he told me he was. Passing the torch. To me to run this franchise. In totality. He's grant me full authority. To run this franchise. With zero restrictions. In zero limitations. We certainly understand. And appreciate. The frustration. Of our great fans and supporters. With -- supporters here today from the business community. C -- -- -- mail from BC MC. President -- knew where appeal Augustine. And obviously some are other friends will get to later Thurman Rubin and such. We acknowledge it. We don't get. -- we will never run from. This is an organization with a proud proud tradition. But I will tell you. That this brand has been tarnished. It's relevancy. Has been tarnished. And it's unacceptable. Because we just haven't won enough games. In his body says all the time it's a production business. And that's what we're in this for is to win games. But it's time to start. In to create. In -- this franchise. In the future with a new legacy. -- make three promises. To our fans. Number one. I can promise you that this will be a forward thinking. Progressive. Attacking organization. Heading into the future. One of the items that I'm gonna spend a lot of time on with buddy. -- dog well -- would -- over door. Is we're going to create an establish it. A very robust football analytics operation. That we later into our. Entire operation. Moving forward. That's something that is very important to me in very important to the future of this franchise. I also promised that anyone who knows me. And it's worked remaining. Knows that I will leave. No stone unturned. In taking this organization. -- world class level. My college coaches to say I think Thomas Edison said this. My college coaches say all the time. He -- You find me a satisfied man and I was sure you'll failure. In the one thing about me. In how we approach things is that I am probably a little bit of a little bit of a curse to and bless him but I'm rarely satisfied. And we will not. Sit on our hands until we take this to another level. That is it is certainly a promise that provide reference. And I will. Identify. And how -- higher. World class people. To bring in this organization. While most importantly. I will empower people. To do their jobs. It is well documented. The success of disorganization -- head off the field. For the past fifteen years. I get a lot of credit for that. Where the credit comes in where it should go. -- to the people. That run this operation on that side of the house. The Dave suites. The Bruce pop goes -- -- -- in their staffs. I empower those people to do their job. And I won't power the football people to do their job. -- would be real clear about one thing. Because I know you're gonna ask. I will not be drafting people. I would not be bringing I will not be making final decision I'm are free agent. I -- power the general manager. Buddy nix. To do that do I have final authority and say. Yes. But that's what buddy nix the general manager. Does. He identify is personnel he runs as side of our operation. Okay. I can't be any clearer than that. I think the -- my track record. On that side of the house when you look at how we run an organization. We've had great the overused word continuity. Within our organization we've been enormously successful. My goal. -- buddy. Is to continue that legacy. To bring in. A top -- head coach. And keep developing our football side of the house. And hopefully we don't have to sit here. Many more more times in the future. I'm -- addressed with buddy's situation real quick because there's been a lot of incredibly false information. That has been reported for some reason. Buddy -- is our general manager. Buddy -- will run the football operation. Much like he has run it for the last three years. When you look at where we are today. Compared to where we were three years ago. It is on questions. That our personnel. In our roster is in a much better position than it was three years ago which makes this a very attractive opportunity. And body will come up here and he'll address some things -- assume we go through that now but I'll I'll take your questions. And again I appreciate everybody being here. -- Our organization. Move in four days. Is the structure that I mentioned mr. Wilson is all fan mourner. This of this organization. In this community is blessed to have him. For us moving forward. And that will go through me. And we need to me alone. And I welcome that opportunity. -- It stops and -- who made it. So. How much. -- -- -- -- You know so it. He was over on Friday at our holiday party. It's he hasn't been traveling over as much darkened buddies talks to him every day I talk from all the time. Mr. Wilson is certainly. Then kept up to speed we're what we're doing here. As I mentioned yesterday. Yes there was mr. Wilson is. Is been a mentor to me. He is -- -- of a father figure to me quite frankly. He's a dear friend of mine. I've had the pleasure to work for him for sixteen years and and I love the man dearly. Yesterday when he provided me the opportunity. And told me that he was passing the torch. To need to run the operation. -- no restrictions or limitations. It was. It was a very daunting. Emotional. Day. And it's like I said it in now stops and starts those final decisions with me. And moving forward I will continue to run the operation like I have by empowering great people underneath -- Long. What you can. AD policy that -- and me being caught. Already. At war what you. I think when you look at our roster and you look at our personnel -- its much better than it was three years ago. You know a lot of people. And I came this organization I was blessed. To. Worked very closely were John Butler. Who again was. John was a mentor. He was like a second dad to -- I learned so much from John. And the guy who. I spent growing more time -- is next to John. Was buddy -- There isn't a better. A better way to curtail my opinion. When it comes to. Pierce guarding them buddy nix he's done it he's a pure football man. He's played he's coached. He's scout. He knows football he knows talent. And he sort of raise me in this business along with job. I've great admiration for buddy. And I believe in him 100%. And we also have identified -- a good young man and dog Whaley -- dart which party will talk about -- we've brought in are -- three years ago I was assistant general manager. From Pittsburgh Steelers. Dog is a very. For a thinking. Progressive young man who has. Got a lot in this business at a young age and really has been on a protege of bodies for the last three years. As soon as we get off this podium we go to work I can't wait to get off the podium. And -- buddy -- Doug -- Jim Colbert or myself. All. Had out here and start that process. And we will go through way of thorough. And an exhaustive search. And we will make the right decision. We're not focused on the quick decision. It was reported that we're looking to make a big splash. You know you know it. I'm -- -- speak to that John and I'm glad -- -- question I get tired of listening to there were now willing to spend money. OK you can and that right now. If there is a coach that we identify or an individual that they we identified they can help this organization. Take it to another level. We will do that. When you look at what we've done. Over the past couple years and trying to improve this roster. We stayed with our philosophy. Of draft. And develop. And sign your core players. We it's well document we don't need to get in -- today all of the -- signs that we made. Over the past few years we brought in Mario Williams we've brought in Mark Anderson. I believe we -- probably third in the league last year committed cash. This organization. Is willing. To do anything it takes. To take it to and to the next level the fact of the matter is simple we have won enough games. And that's on us. And we're gonna change. We need to change. And I will go to the end of the -- to make sure that we change. I was I was vendrell well. Yeah. Here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- answer the first one -- you know it's. You know mr. Wilson isn't traveling as much. I'm. And number weekly basis over here as he has in the past I think when you look there from the day to day operation. It's difficult. Have to manage from a far. And he. -- very clear to me yesterday. That it is now are your responsibility. Movement forward. Jeff -- is a a very close advisor. Obviously to mr. Wilson but also to the organization Jeff is one of the brightest men I've ever been around in my life. He is then involved in every aspect of our business from the -- To. Salary cap -- everything that involves our organization. Jeff will continue to be -- trusted advisor of mine. Moving forward and I will utilize his talents. In the in the optimal way because he is -- a brilliant brilliant man. -- Now what Jeff Whitman wants to win two buck. In and I I can promise you that. That is you know I. Jeff Jeff is you want things in our organization I think does a pretty good job of it we are not self promoters. OK you know I'm not in every sports business journal. Forum that you see every week in in the league and and but he's not a self promoter and I can promise you Jeff what Jeff -- isn't. -- commitment. Is to be UCF for this franchise and we all know what's your followers do I know beaten Jody could tell there was -- goes to further organizations. Jeff is never given me any other direction but to get it done. And I can tell you in my conversations yesterday. That. We had the exact same conversation he said -- whenever you need me to do to assist you in the process I'm here for area. And he has been for sixteen years. -- -- Well it's it's -- sit down we're body and in JO and and Doug and talk about that my. I was fortunate to be around some great people on baseball's well. When I was playing in but also when I was in the in the administrative side. And Dave Dombrowski. Is someone that. Was -- -- is when -- was first starting out of a big time mentor to me and Dave was all about scouting. He was also about layering in the analytics. To what the game presented. And we've seen in the NBA we've seen it more baseball. It's starting to. -- has had a little bit in football. And I feel that were. Were missing the target. If we don't invest in that area of our operation. And we will. Jim -- or those are great job as our lead negotiator. And managing the salary cap and we will sit down and and really focus on Larry that that option into our full cooperation. Is that -- -- is it important to find your head coach who. Buy into the analytics that it. It's where it's important find the right head coach for the bills organization Murphy we'll talk about everything that were looking format head coach. And in nobody will speak to that as well. -- trust you you talked about to spend money. -- but you also used the term relevance of franchise that is getting just today's move in terms of the head coaching search. Do you believe. Forward thinking makes you more relevant to anybody who's out there is potential head coach maybe that you didn't have three years ago or six years ago. I think we have the best opportunity in the National Football League Mike. And I'm not saying that for newspaper clippings. We have. A very robust roster. Young core talent. We have a brand new lease. We have a renovation package going into the stadium. We have a new stadium on the horizon. We have. World class great people in this organization. That will be very focused. On one goal and have one clear direction. This is a plum opportunity. Word of all of our borders because that. When body comes up will both speak to them -- -- -- stand right now. He's right there. In my office -- -- Everybody. Well you. It. I'm not prepared -- have specific examples about them but I am prepared to do away. Top to bottom full of bell who fit before valuation. Of everything that we do in this organization. Organizations win championships and people win championships. And you know personal Marv Levy saying but it's the truth. Everything you do. In this organization. Has a part. Of how this organization is viewed how people accept it and we're gonna look at everything. In -- and I will do that collectively. On the football side of the house. But. As I mentioned I'll leave no stone unturned we -- gonna get better however we -- we do it we're gonna get better and you know I've. I am had a lot time and I've been spent a lot of time with this guy. And we've talked about a lot of things over last 24 hours and and as well as the rest my staff so. Some in the number one focus right now summit coach. -- This vital it is okay. While mr. Wilson was president. And mr. Wilson. Obviously handed me. The opportunity. To accept the presidency -- yesterday. That is a big thing in this organization. And I do not take it lightly. And from that standpoint. Yeah. Having that opportunity that keeps present in me is is commissioner -- is a daunting responsibility one that I take. Great. I look every great pleasure and I I would do everything I'm on his behalf to make this right. Okay is it. He's great talk from all the time I -- at Christmas party on Friday. Figures are longer than I was. And over is their long and embody it. But after he. The guy's incredible incredible leader. Incredible man. Yet Thomas team president. And Tom ran everything relative to the organization but Tom also was general manager. OK and there's one. Clear difference. -- this role for me. Then when Thomas here. He's a general manager. He's in charge of football operation but in taxes -- What you'll have the autonomy to run the football operation. More important as he has for -- readers there's really no difference your differences. He reports -- -- that's really going to. It's. Runs on -- that. Years ago so mannerisms change or. So it's. Jack of all trades he's a threat to -- -- who felt it would have been quick drink and they torture -- four years ago I was I was in the batter's box -- I'm not. This is -- in emotional 24 hours I've you have to be under a lot of things are gone through my mind. Number one has been my parents. And the support I am. Formal working class. Neighborhood in Easter accused New York -- climb telephone poles for thirty years. And I've really the definition of regional because and I went to school in Rochester and and lived in buffalo this my dream job. The -- for the Buffalo Bills and have the opportunity. To do this is. Is incredible. But it's been about people. It's been about the people on the way that -- help me. From yeah I I could sit here all day. And talk about people had an enormous impact in my life from my college football coach to my College Baseball coaches. To the athletic directors saint John Fisher Bob Ward. To -- a belly. Who I learn more about. Life from -- -- Then maybe I've learned anything. He saw me play wants ecology said no wonder you can't you can't consistently that occur also that's why you better get -- administrative side. And then you to do is you guys are mentioned from them and edited John Butler to body. To TD so many people have had such a big impact I mean an enormous and people. I'm. Point three toward four years ago Georgia and no I would have never dreamed I'd be sitting -- buffalo my goal was to be team president. That was my goal when I got into this I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to do and my -- -- Football -- -- -- that -- Hokies are fitting today that it be different animal like him afterwards right. It -- and particularly. Give -- a team effort. And be a team effort but it will lead the team. -- -- prepared my whole life for this state. Yes it was as I mentioned it was it was emotional because. Of my relationship and our relationship we have mr. Wilson. It was like almost like a father passing the torch to a son in in that type of environment. And it was. It it was -- a great day. I'm not gonna get too -- in Africa. It. I was I was Jessica -- currency and then. And I went over there with an open mind. -- -- That's mr. Wilson's decision when it's done. I consider appear. And talk about it you know that. We've got to prove it. And that's. That's the bottom line. You know I remember we're sitting here in training camp and everyone talked about a culture change. And we talked about it then. We had high expectations for the year we can meet those expectations. And we did before you we -- evaluate we will -- full valuation of why. And it all comes down to there's been too many unfulfilled promises. As I mentioned -- there. -- we've spent the last decade. It's completely unacceptable. To everyone. In this room associated with the Buffalo Bills. Starting -- me. Obviously everybody. Thurman Thomas back here to Ruben Brown to Steve tasker. Every single person -- here it is not acceptable. We have a global Bryant. Mr. Wilson when he bought this team in 1960. Mr. Wilson was it and -- an old term the definition of the word sports. He bought it for his love of competition. In his lot of camaraderie. It is you guys all know in 1960 that he was a member of the foolish club. And we give head. Success sometimes great success as the winningest team in the ninety's. In the AFC. And we need to get back to where we're we've been since 199596. His shoes. It's. I just keep music -- on sept. People look at that. The greatest -- -- for here and not. What. -- -- But I hope -- well diplomatic. I I agree we've. We've got great fans sometimes I'm amazed. At the level of support. That we've received from fans and you know I could sit up here with me as I mentioned when all sorts of different cliches and BS. But I'm not gonna do. And in Norway we're gonna. Shore fans. That were serious is to prove that were suitors in win more games that's that's the reality of -- But I as I promised earlier to our fans. We will not stop we will not stop until we get it right. Now I'm in a position where I get to evaluate the event -- orders. I'm a position where I get to evaluate. Every single thing that we do in this organization. And if I don't like it. We're gonna change. If we're going to do every single thing. Weekend to build this organization. To go to a championship club but also. A franchise that has sustained success. -- As you can tires and national -- minutes. You know it's hard. Did you did you scrap. -- yesterday lives you know you don't you. Everybody fans talk about aren't -- You know it's easy to cite just aren't -- You don't like about families you don't think about kids not to I don't both sat. And it. Packing -- how hard it is is bad a day he had. It's ours. That's been back to square when I think the big thing in and you as. When we decided we'd go build this thing in the draft so our own gas. And in the small player for the most part in free agency. That takes time and I think that thing keeps us beat him from being back at square one is -- players we would get. Good day up we got quality and I operative in defense of and we got young players. Which started six. First or second you're absolutely physical makes mistakes and but it won't get better and they're good players so we just got to keep and -- -- Absolutely amazing that one up or support that's what it was that we were three and three -- attack. When we go society. Wood off our coast in the year. He might go the boy else she might wind up all that. If things change and it changed some -- us and when we. What are. Kind of collapsed at the end that made a difference. There. Wash your little boyfriend actor. It. You know a lot first a lot can gamely if we now that was a class act and he worked its artists and could work. Anybody we brought in probably at that time with that with the roster we have the last we purge that roster for here. It been difficult -- -- It would need at nineteen and indeed it was a matter circumstances. That whole thing is we didn't Clinton afghanis we can't appoint him or me and just -- impersonating. A transition -- -- my hope was we could win enough games but three or four years it be somebody knows -- successful team. Q could move up and you wouldn't and down everything the same way and our personnel in the park. Wouldn't it all that place so we could make it transition. Didn't work out just in enough games and not -- dying. Medium protectorate. You know our planet and things would since they would art mass said the same thing when our name. We bring in an -- That is. Very experienced he's done some really good things good things. He's a Smart guy. He's a Cadillac character we will and he's gotten better every day. That the plans as many we won't somebody. It to transitions don't basement he can make an -- and -- in leaking. Well I'll let you know when we -- at me. You know I don't remember that perceive it that way maybe so. I think what you would -- coming -- -- -- years old. You don't expect twenty Euro. Are up. That whole playing when -- started this thing are we. Did it on solid ground both in the personnel department and I rushed. And we going continue to do that but again you're not talking about another fifteen years. It. Hours. It. You know it was an organizational decision but ultimately it was much. Now. The first time when we went out looking for coach I had ups we we hadn't been able to score many points we cannot. Got our sales in a position where we were talking about getting an offensive minded coach somebody column plays we got all that. This am I think we're addressing had. It's opened with won't try to get the best -- for The Beatles. That we in fact. -- -- -- Yeah you know of course it's a long time that the draft and you know -- Al like this time a year ally getting ready for the draft and and and scouting. I've said we go trying to draft a quarterback. And and we are we going to get you know we may even get one in free agency -- going we're going drafting young quarterback. At some point. You know then did that new coach Mike a lot of that determination by looking at tape neck and the thing in. And if it is and we'll let him be an owner obviously on the decision. We'll all. Not me but I'm going get familiar -- it sounds. Well you know -- Obviously is I guess. GA pointed -- I'm oh screw. In more ways in more and so. It database somehow have to get used to -- -- go a lot of the field and what -- The best time. General manager oh and -- place. Are you. Stay here now. Well I'm I'm kind of are confident because he's turned him before it I would Brasilia mansion and if you -- You know I -- on him. You know mark I think did percentages of the end successfully use is higher it's done. Would not go limit. We're going reopened might be a college. Might be a coordinator. We're going to try to make sure we get to this yet. I'm not send it. I mean now he infield they hear it will be up to that the new coach -- -- -- of this sad as we evaluate. It the end of the year here. And I'm not I'm not going predicted. Urging the clerk -- telling -- your friends are saying that reports of a transition mr. -- were correct in it so it. -- That is it. Obviously at some point to go the -- how many got a chance I have a transition and something I am. And the males only got so much of this in seven days a week that fifteen hours that he's so. It. Well if -- as I would let you know when that -- I usually do. How do you go well so we'll we'll. Things he or she. We've got to prove it show I mean that's one of the things that I -- yes very similar question. You're not gonna. You're you're not we've got to go out and win more games regretted we have to have planned a clear direction vision. Like I mentioned earlier we've. We have some stability moving forward. With the lease. We have exciting plans -- on the facility this facility along with the facility at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We have. A lot to offer here but when it comes down. Q where this franchise is headed to stops and starts with a roster. And -- and held a job over the last three years. In building the roster I -- address a couple of things are mentioned that but that but he spoke to number one he is no loss of power. OK I know that the perception. That if I think -- you might ask their question. There's no loss of power but he runs a football operation instead of his report is now to me. And that is no loss of -- -- football operations so that's number one. Number two when I talk about football analytics. Football analytics are. All layer. That we are going to. Continue to build into our salary cap management to proficiency. Of how we. Handle that area of the business okay that's not. -- that that's part of the entire. Organizational process when you do valuation. A player's. That's not going to impact body whatsoever when it comes in his scouting X-Men because its unmatched. So. Mover forward -- a minute we're gonna continue to. Bill disorganization. I'm not gonna stand up here after 24 hours on the job and lay out fifteen different. Versions. Of what I plan to implement because quite frankly. My sole focus has been in getting ready to get off this podium and go to work.