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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fiscal Cliff Avoided? - Congressman Brian Higgins

Fiscal Cliff Avoided? - Congressman Brian Higgins

Jan 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB -- -- congressman Brian Higgins last night the senate passing legislation to ward off. Falling off the fiscal cliff buying 89 to 8 vote congressman good morning to you happy new year as well. Think -- for having two big questions off the top lender will house be taking a vote and will this thing passed. I suspect he'll be sometime this afternoon didn't. I suspect that there will be. You know unanimous support for this on the democratic side in question and that's can speaker John Boehner. -- the troops two to support this as well. Have you had any kind of inclination any kind of -- leanings from the Republican side as to where they might go with this today. I think probably after a lot of new ways you'll see this past with good bipartisan support Democrats and Republicans yes. And it should be the case you know who I mean people this is a math problem. And this problem was eminently solvable a year and a half ago and they dragged on this long it's unfortunate because. This uncertainty in this instability to Israel and permanent damage the American economy by its. Creating volatility and the in the stock market world -- -- the growth of the economy is very very important. -- you know app on the downside to I think Americans. In western New Yorkers support a plan that has a balanced approach -- approachable revenues and -- spending cuts but. The one that's also inspirational one minute to one mister gross the American economy by investing in America. And in America and that's what we need in order to be. I competitive increasingly. Globalized. Economy. As far as -- taking this thing out piece by piece and I won't the labor every single part of it but. Right off the top this as passed again in the senate the fiscal cliff aversion measure if you will. Prevents a rise in middle class taxes and raises the rates and higher income such tax cuts extended two incomes of up to 400000 dollars. Estate and capital gains taxes increase payroll taxes will go up two percentage points what are your thoughts on those things. Well -- -- you keep in mind these -- at the bush era tax cuts that were enacted in 20012003. And we're set to expire. At midnight -- last night so what it says they came to an agreement on list. Extending those tax rates which were basically. Tax that being calm up to 450000. Dollars for joint filers at 35%. Is supposed to. 39 point 6% which was the case prior to the bush tax cuts. So everything over 450000. Dollars again -- joint filers. Won't go back to the rates of 39 point six. Everything up to it and keep in mind that this applies to everybody everybody 100% of the of the population and the top rate will be 35% for income up to 450000. Dollars. Now a couple things and up from a local perspective when you congressman live on the line by the way congressman Brian Higgins here WPE and at this will I guess prevent a spike in milk prices if this does go through the house the same way it did come through the senate. And does so and for one respect that's very good for that the people in your district your in Western New York but talk about that and then the overall how good this is for Western New York well. I think that it it's not perfect and never -- you know where we live in a democracy it's it's sloppy it's inefficient. And by now that the most important thing is that there's a way forward impact in the agricultural. Economy will benefit from the deal on on the issue returning. Prices. And I think that this sends -- that the stock market -- and the rumor not produce I think that's what the president has stoked the nation yesterday. That there was you know there was any any deal in sight. So it has to have birds you know and he and the extreme volatility in the financial markets and you'll see what happens when they open. But -- I think it's it's it's a way forward it's it's typical Washington this is by people of -- sting. For the institution of congress. But is now Winston Churchill once said that. You know democracy is the worst form of government in the world but it's the best when compared to everything else felt. It is the way forward and I think that you can look for unfortunately more drama in the coming months. Over issues spending cuts and also read in the debt ceiling and people need to to understand raising the debt ceiling. Randy hit it it doesn't authorize congress to spend more money it authorizes congress to pay back the money that he spent. And congress has the authority -- -- appropriations bills to two to spend money and the people that to all the yelling. Here in Washington about standing. Ironically that wanted to overspend now -- toward the two trillion dollars at the American economy to tax cut that didn't produce. Economic growth as evidenced by the fact -- that that the worst period of job growth in the past sixty years. And the drug prescription program that what can -- force so Democrats Republicans need to come together. To invest in America to nation build right here at home and to grow this economy. Well that was the one question to follow up on something you just mentioned. Our do you have any concerns this is mainly a stopgap measure windows spending cuts due to expire in a few weeks. Well I I think it could indeed be spending cuts to criticizing cute to fail it's. Because they were so extreme so I think that that will provide enough incentives. 22. Two by virtue those automatic spending cuts. But that's still going to be subject to negotiation is well that's fine but we just need to have an honest discussion here. About the American economy and again what is necessary to grow the economy now. Since 9/11 you know we've been chasing the economic losers of globalization. Al-Qaeda in the end. And bin Laden we should've been doing what the winners of globalization to China and India. We're investing in their own economy in an education and scientific researching. In infrastructure our infrastructure in Western Europe the roads -- -- are -- And there are throughout the state and throughout the nation that need to be addressed because. That holds back the economy from growing as well we should have the best infrastructure and we historically have. And now -- 23 when measured with every other country that's unacceptable -- on American. Congressman thank you for your time on this than I understand that before you know you had something else on your mind to. Yet jammed Arab Randi thank you very much five years ago -- we heard the news and westamerica charmed Grant Hill have been killed in in these Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Jam with the local -- he he was the diplomat with the United States Agency for International Development indeed extraordinary work extraordinary work. In Southern Sudan about that at -- eighteen. And -- literate population Marion. Helping choose to bring peace and independents to the world's newest nation and. John -- an extraordinary individual from an extraordinary family. And his story needs to live. And -- every kid in our community advocate in Western New York. There's a great lesson in in in finding out and learning more about John Graham don't extraordinary life that he lived with only 33 years old but what he taught us supplies that. It's not the time that you -- -- what you do with the time that you had happened in -- Brought peace. Two a remote part of the East Africa and that from a local kid who dedicated his life. Two developing. The under developed world so it's at -- great great story that's five years since he'd but. His is like if he's enduring legacy in his courageous diplomacy still lives. And in millions of people were benefiting from his vision church. Very well said congressman again very much appreciate the time and hopefully we'll hear more good news from my UN the rest of the house -- later this afternoon perhaps as early gas. Thank -- for having me appreciate very much. Sure thank you and that's congressman Brian Higgins.

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